Kratom Kombucha- All The Secrets To This Rare Brew

    You might see people experimenting and mixing different types of teas and brewing a unique combination all over the world. Some brands are even making CBD infused kombucha tea.

    However, have you heard about Kratom kombucha?
    Does it sound a weird combination?
    Well, it isn’t.

    Although it is a rare brew that people are only recently delving into, Kratom kombucha might be the right choice for you.
    It just enhances the effects of Kombucha tea with the added benefits of Kratom.

    Kratom alone can solve many of the health conditions like pain, inflammation, depression, insomnia, and many other diseases. Just think about what it will do when combined with the fantastic fermented tea kombucha.

    What Is Kombucha?

    Kombucha tea is quite popular amongst the health and well-being fanatics. It is a sugared tea fermented with the help of SCOBY, i.e., a symbiotic culture of bacteria and yeast. The symbiont grows on the sugar content of the drink and produces several chemical components like acetic acid, gluconic acid, lactic acid, and others.

    There is also about 0.5 percent of alcohol content in this tea. Vitamin B and C have also been found in the drink. Moreover, Kombucha tea is filled with probiotics and antioxidants that make it super useful for a healthy life.

    This hundred of years old fermented brew was first originated in Manchuria, China. However, now people all over the globe consume it by either buying it from some name brands or by home-brewing to save some bucks.

    Health Benefits Of Kombucha

    Many health benefits are found to be associated with Kombucha tea. Here are some:

    1) Contains Antioxidants

    Kombucha tea seems to be a blessing in this regard that it contains many useful antioxidants. Antioxidants are compounds that kill free radicals that are known to cause harm in human cells. For regular kombucha tea users, liver toxicity has been known to reduce by even 70% -as proved by experiments and studies conducted on rats.

    2) Source Of Probiotics

    We know already that kombucha tea is made by adding SCOBY that ferments the sugared tea. This mixture also allows many bacteria and microbes to grow in it that are lactic acid-based. These microbes are very much beneficial for us and are termed as probiotics.

    These probiotics provide a healthy environment in the human gut and have been witnessed to resolve the inflammatory digestive tract, health issues related to digestion, and weight loss.

    3) Acts As Antibacterial

    The antibacterial and antimicrobial function of kombucha is not much clear yet. However, we know that the fermentation process in kombucha tea forms chemical compounds like acetic acid – that has been found to have antimicrobial properties.

    The green or black tea used to make kombucha also acts against harmful bacteria and yeast that are known to cause painful infections in the human body.

    4) Diabetes Type 2 Management

    Kombucha has been found effective in reducing blood sugar levels by slowing down the metabolism of carbohydrates. Furthermore, this fermented tea also helps in the proper regulation of many other systems in the human body like liver and kidney function.

    5) Have Anti-Cancer Properties

    Although it is not very clear yet, kombucha tea has found to be effective in stopping mutated and uncontrolled growth of cancerous cells. The prevention of gene mutation and cell growth can be induced by antioxidants and tea polyphenols found in this fermented tea.

    Furthermore, these tea polyphenols also promote the death of cancerous cells -hence, efficiently stopping cancer spread.

    6) Reduces Cholesterol

    Two types of cholesterol play a significant part in the progression of heart disease; good HDL cholesterol and bad LDL cholesterol. According to the studies conducted on kombucha’s effect on rat species, it has been proved that in only 30 days, this tea can induce the improvement of both of these markers.

    Moreover, kombucha is made with the help of Green tea mostly, and it can prevent the oxidation of LDL cholesterol. It, in turn, decreases the chances of users developing any kind of heart disease.

    Is Kratom Kombucha Good For You?

    We all know the many benefits of Kratom. It has been proved to be a beneficial herb that can treat many health conditions like inflammation, pain, anxiety, depression, cough, and many more. The good thing is that many of the benefits of Kratom and kombucha match. For instance, a potent strain of Kratom called Maeng Da has therapeutic use of weight loss, just like Kombucha.

    Additionally, Kratom and kombucha both are also effective in the management of diabetes and many heart conditions. Many users are also attracted to this mixture because Kratom alone can cause a little stomach upset, and kombucha when mixed with it can cancel out this side effect by boosting the digestive system.

    Kombucha, when brewed with Kratom tea or powdered Kratom added in the kombucha tea, shows enhanced effects on the users.

    Some users have even claimed to feel boosted effects by consuming Kombucha tea right after their daily Kratom dosage.
    Kratom users on Reddit have also liked this combination because of the added benefit of long-lasting as Kombucha Kratom stays fresh for a much longer time than the regular Kratom tea.

    Some of the users have even experimented with a 3-way mixture by adding Kratom, matè, and black tea and then fermenting the mix with the help of SCOBY. Citrus- Ginger blend of Kombucha, when consumed with Kratom, has increased the overall potency of the herb.

    You can even toss and wash Kratom powder with kombucha tea to avoid stomach upset and enjoy all the added benefits of Kratom Kombucha.

    How To Make Kratom Kombucha At Home?

    Getting ready-made Kombucha from the markets might prove to be a lot more expensive than brewing it home. You can try making a healthy Kombucha Kratom at home and save quite a few bucks while at it.

    Here are the steps to make a good batch of Kratom Kombucha:

    1) Make Scoby

    To make SCOBY at home, you have to collect the ingredients like clean water, white sugar, black or green tea, and a small amount of a branded unpasteurized and unflavoured kombucha bought from the store.

    Firstly, you have to boil the water and add sugar to it. Remove the pot from the heat and add tea as it cools down. When the sweetened tea is at room temperature, change the pan with one or more jars. Now, add the ready-made kombucha in the tea and cover it tightly with a piece of cloth and rubber band.

    Keep the jar in a secured place that is dark and have an average room temperature for 1 to 4 weeks. The SCOBY is usable for a long time spanning over months to years. However, the tea in which SCOBY has grown should not be drunk and tossed out immediately.

    2) Start Fermenting Your Tea

    Interestingly to make a perfect batch of kombucha tea, you have to ferment it twice.

    For first fermentation, you have to follow the same steps as you did for making SCOBY -except, now you have to add SCOBY in it also. After following all the steps, you have to cover the jars tightly with a cloth and keep it in the dark and secure place for 6-10 days.

    You can keep one or two cups of this kombucha as a starter for the other batches. This way, you won’t have to use the store bought kombucha anymore.

    Now, the rest of the kombucha tea will go through the second fermentation process. To do this, you have to strain the kombucha tea first and then add some sweetener like orange juice or honey. Keep the drink in a tightly packed jar in a dark place again for 3-10 days.

    To slow the carbonation, you can put the jars in the fridge.

    3) Adding Kratom

    Now coming to the most crucial part and that is making the ultimate Kratom Kombucha. To make this rare but effective combination, you can either add Kratom in parts with black/ green tea in the first fermentation, or you can just add some Kratom in the Kombucha tea before consuming it.

    Either way, you will enjoy the maximized benefits for sure.


    Kratom kombucha is a rare brew that people are only now experimenting with to enjoy more wellness and wellbeing.

    Although brewing this tea mixture at home is a long process, you will enjoy every bit of it. The accomplishment you will feel when drinking the first batch of it will surely pay for all the wait and hard work -and of course, the money you will be saving will surely bring more joy.

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