What Are The Kratom Laws And Legality Status Around The Globe in 2020?

The new year often proves to be a fresh start for many people. It comes with new resolutions, latest trends, and of course, some new legislation and some old. Kratom has been making a popular name for the last many years, and it is continuing to do so this year also. People love this miraculous herb for its multiple health benefits like pain resolution, heightened energy levels, enhanced mood, social interaction, and whatnot.

Although people enjoy the effectiveness of Kratom immensely, a common issue is related to its legality across their localities. Many countries and most of the US states are entirely open to the use of this beneficial botanical. However, some have passed the bills pronouncing the use of this herb illegal also -concerning plant’s safety and health concerns associated with it.

Nonetheless, one positive thing is that many states are coming forward to consider Kratom Consumer Protection Act in their areas to allow more freedom in its use.

Kratom Legal Status In The US In 2020

American Kratom laws had been set to change, retraction, reintroduction, and whatnot in the last ten years only. Many states have strictly regulated it also across their borders. In contrast, some have even relaxed many restrictions related to its usage. Would it not have been for the efforts of AKA (American Kratom Association) and other Kratom supporters, there might be much more legal concerns associated with the herbal plant.

Earlier this year, FDA again showed much enthusiasm to push forward the Kratom ban amidst the COVID pandemic. The administration doesn’t seem to approve of many states favoring Kratom Consumer Protection Act. Moreover, they have been successful in convincing some states that this herb is not safe to use in tea or food.

It has all come to AKA to keep up the efforts to advocate for the Kratom user’s rights. This year, they have doubled their struggles to pass the Kratom Consumer Protection Act in over 21 states. This bill entails the proper establishment of product standards, age limitations, and some specific requirements to ease the users’ adequate and safe access to Kratom.

Is Kratom Legal In The USA?

Kratom legality is not easy to understand in the United States. There are federal laws and then state laws. Although federal law is generalized, the state law can still vary and influence the herb’s regulation across the state boundaries.

In this case, federal Kratom law states that Kratom is legal to use in the USA, and the government has placed no ban on its usage or possession. However, some states have completely banned this plant, and in few others, it is in the process of being regulated.

Where Is Kratom Illegal To Use In The USA?

Health authorities in the US have always been on the hunt to ban Kratom. FDA and DEA have categorized Kratom unfit for use and pushed for its ban many times in the last few years. The main reason behind this insistence was many deaths registered between 2005-2015 in poison centers that had the death cause as Kratom substance interaction.

Currently, the herb is entirely illegal to buy, sell, possess, and use in the following states:

  • Arkansas
  • Alabama
  • Vermont
  • Indiana
  • Wisconsin
  • Rhode Island

States Having Local Laws That Affect Kratom Legality

Here is the list of the states that have specific Kratom laws:

Legality Of Kratom in Florida

Kratom is entirely legal to use in Florida, except one county, and, i.e., Sarasota County.

Kratom In California

Like Florida, its usage is legal in California except in a city named San Diego.

Kratom Legality In Illinois

Kratom is legal in Illinois with a restriction that it must not be sold to anyone below 18 years. Furthermore, Jerseyville and Olton city have also banned the herb.

Kratom In New Hampshire

New Hampshire has also regulated it as only users above 18 years of age can buy and use Kratom.

Kratom Law In Maryland

This state entered it in the list of restricted substances only this year. In January 2020, SB 147 was proposed that entailed banning of Kratom Alkaloids Mitragynine and 7- hydroxymitragynine. However, AKA and Kratom advocates were successful in having the ban replaced by only age restriction. Now, anyone below 21 years of age is restricted from buying, possessing, and using this herb.

Kratom Legality In Oregon

On 12th February 2020, Oregon passed HB 4013. This bill is similar to Kratom Consumer Protection Act in a way that it allows state organizations to collaborate with Kratom experts to determine its regulatory laws. One restriction that has been added is that this herbal plant will only be sold to users who are above 21 years of age.

Kratom Legality In Mississippi

With last year having a significant occurrence of Kratom ban across the many cities and counties across the state, 2020, too came with misfortune. Two bills -HB 1284 and HB 2084 were presented earlier this year that proposed its ban across the whole state. However, as of yet, both bill statements are pronounced dead in the committee.

Kratom Law in Colorado

Kratom laws are quite simple here. It is allowed to be used in the whole of the state, except one city, namely Denver. The town has a complete ban on it for human consumption and usage.

Legality Of Kratom In Tennessee

For many years, there was a complete ban on this herbal plant. Howbeit, it is now completely legal to use with an exception the user must be equal to or above 21 years old.

Kratom Legality Around The World In 2020

Although most of the countries look up to US and WHO laws for Kratom legislation, there are still various groups of opinion about its legality around the world.

Even though Kratom is native to Southeast Asia, The Association of Southeast Asian Nations has banned the usage and possession of the herb on a large scale. Many other countries are still in the grey area of Kratom legality due to the lack of any proper laws concerning its consumption.

Is Kratom Legal In Europe?

Europe seems to have strict regulation of Kratom. Most of the European countries have labeled it illegal or have placed it under some restrictions.

Following are the countries that according to the Kratom laws have banned the usage, possession, and trade of the herb ultimately:

  • Denmark
  • Romania
  • Poland
  • United Kingdom
  • Latvia
  • Russia
  • Sweden
  • Lithuania
  • Finland
  • Belarus
  • Bulgaria
  • Croatia
  • Estonia
  • Italy
  • Moldova
  • Switzerland
  • Turkey

Although a large number of countries have banned Kratom, many European countries still enjoy the freedom to use it.
Austria, Albania, Belgium, Bosnia, Cyprus, Germany, Greece, Kosovo, Malta, Netherlands, and Spain are the countries that allow full freedom in this herb consumption.

In France, Kratom was legal until last year. In 2020, the herb was labeled as a psychotropic substance.

This herbal plant can be easily found in Hungary at local shops. Howbeit, it is traded for non-human consumption only.
In Iceland, Kratom comes under the list of controlled substances.

Norway has also classified this druv as a prescription herb only. It means that you can’t sell or buy Kratom, but its usage as a medicinal herb, when prescribed by a doctor, is allowed.

It is considered illegal in Sweden when we consider local Kratom laws. Nevertheless, people still indulge in online trade on a large scale.

Is Kratom Legal In Thailand And Indonesia?

Thailand and Indonesia are the two countries that play a significant role in the international trade of Kratom. Kratom legality was much discussed all over both countries last year. In 2019, we witnessed some severe legislative changes within these two countries.

Since 1979, Thailand has placed Kratom in a list of narcotics, and the Kratom laws here severely punishes its possession by anyone within the country borders. Howbeit, at the end of last year, Justice Minister of Thailand, Somsak Thapsutin, decided to propose new rules relating to narcotics.

According to him, these herbal leaves must not be included in the list of controlled substances as they have multiple health benefits and do not match the proposed characteristics of medicines. Currently, although the law authorizes its usage as a medicinal herb, its cultivation is prohibited within the country borders.

Similarly, Indonesia also tried new Kratom legislation that shocked a large population of the country. Being the largest cultivator and exporter of this herb, it was a huge blow to push forward a ban on Kratom regulation within Indonesia in mid-2019.

This ban will be effective from 2022 now. Previously, Indonesian Anti-Narcotics Agency declared 2024, the year when this herbal plant will be illegal to grow, sell, and use within the country.

Is Kratom Legal In Malaysia?

Under section 30 (3), Poison act 1952, it is widely considered illegal in Malaysia.

Is Kratom Legal In New Zealand?

New Zealand has categorized this substance as a schedule 1 substance. It means that the doctors can prescribe kratom as a medicinal herb. However, its trade in terms of import and export is strictly prohibited and punished severely by the law.

Is Kratom Legal In Australia?

In 2005, Australia placed Kratom in the list of schedule 9 substances. Its purchase, sale, possession, and usage is completely prohibited. However, you can use it for research purposes here.

Is Kratom Legal In Germany?

Kratom was legal in Germany without any regulation for many years. Howbeit, in 2011, a ban was put forward, labeling the herb as an “unapproved pharmaceutical herb.” It is now illegal to cultivate, buy, sell, possess, or even import any of the Kratom products in every form. If found breaking the law, you can risk a fine or penalty as decided by the governing authority.


Kratom is continually rising to popularity all around the world and is a herb that can manage not only medical conditions but also substance dependency. People love this miraculous plant for various reasons.

The legislation surrounding it is getting subjected to changes all the time. Many health organizations and government authorities think that this herb is an unsafe substance that must be regulated.

However, Kratom advocates are trying to overcome this difference of opinion by conducting several research studies. Hopefully, their efforts will bear fruit shortly, and general advice about this amazing herbal plant will slide towards its benefits and high effectiveness.

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