Does Kratom Work Better on an Empty Stomach or Full?

    Kratom has endless benefits for the people who take it properly. By keeping in mind its advantages, many people prefer taking this herb during the daytime or in the morning to get boosted. Whereas, some people develop their habits to take it in the evening.

    There will surely be a question coming to your mind in light of the above discussion, what should you do with your meals? Can you take it without eating some food? Should you eat food with the kratom? These are the two of those questions that consumers are most concerned about.

    Let’s have a deeper look at what should be the best time to take this excellent herb?

    How Does Kratom Behave With Empty Stomach?

    Are you aware of the rule of an empty stomach? Its behavior is a lot different compared to the other medications that can be eaten with the meal or with some other food. If you take it with no food, it will produce its maximum potent effects harmful to the human body, especially for the new users.

    Useful Tips for New Users

    Are you planning to take kratom for the very first time? Let me tell you some essential tips before you start taking this amazing herb. It would be best if you did the proper research to reduce its side effects as much as possible. This way, you will be able to know whether the specific strain of this plant suits you or not.

    The side effects that it produces may be a source of distraction for you and will not allow you to enjoy this journey. Due to the most potent Kratom effects on an empty stomach, senior health professionals always recommend new users not to take it when there is no food in their body.

    Is This Safe?

    If you are in the habit of taking Mitragyna this way, you must know that most of the time medications can be a potential source of gastrointestinal problems. This scenario produces harmful effects to your body depicting a couple of symptoms, as I have listed below.

    • You could have heartburn.
    • You may feel irritation in your stomach.
    • It may cause acid reflux.
    • One can start vomiting.
    • You may have to face nausea most of the time.

    Benefits Of Taking This Plant On An Empty Stomach?

    If you go to any nearby supermarket for shopping purposes in the morning, it will help you do a quick shopping thereby avoiding crowded areas. Similarly, if you take kratom in this way, you will feel its swift and most potent effects. But, new users should not try doing this as it could be harmful to multiple body parts.

    The science involved in taking it on an empty stomach says your body metabolizes this herb in no time when your body has no food. This is the reason it produces quicker effects to enjoy the journey. It has been reported that regular users prefer to consume it without having any food in parallel. Furthermore, foods that are rich in potassium may interfere with the process of how medicines are being absorbed and affected by your body.

    Normally, users take it in the morning somewhere between 06:00 am to 09:00 am, and it is the best time, especially during COVID-19 lockdown when most of the people are working online from home. If you take any strain in the morning, you will have a full day to allow it to pass through various parts of your body to give you a good effect.

    How To Take It?

    If you want to consume kratom on your empty stomach:

    • Take it in the morning.
    • If you have a plan for taking it during the day, you should take it 30 minutes to 2 hours before eating something.
    • Take it around 2 hours after having your food.

    This time frame may vary from person to person because it depends on the specifications of your body. As you know, different persons have different body structures, so that the threshold time can vary accordingly. However, most users recommend waiting at least 30 minutes after taking your kratom before you eat some food.

    What Are The Drawbacks?

    It is not suitable for everyone to take kratom on an empty stomach because it may cause various abnormal activities, e.g., disturbance in your digestion, gastrointestinal problems, nausea, etc. According to recent studies, these kinds of issues usually happen to people taking it for the first time or have a low percentage of body fat.

    What Effects Does Kratom Produce On Full Stomach?

    If you are not getting any significant benefit from the kratom when taken on an empty stomach, you can try taking it with some food. It has been found that there could be more benefits if you are taking this plant with some food.

    How is it Advantageous?

    When you take kratom after having your meal or eating anything else, it will help you avoid various situations where you feel uncomfortable. It will help you prevent nausea, stomach disorder, vomiting, and many other similar conditions. It has a higher concentration of alkaloid; therefore, it isn’t suitable for every person.

    As far as the size of the meal is concerned, it varies from person to person. You have to go through some experiments to find out the perfect meal size that suits you the best when you take Kratom with it. It gives you relief from chronic pain.

    For some people, taking some nuts or fruits like a banana is more than enough before taking this herb. In comparison, many need it in smoothies, yogurt, or similar things. Many users stated that it produces stronger effects when taken with meals.

    It would be best if you focused on taking light foods, and you can easily digest them. Doing this provides you excellent support to your stomach, and hence you can get rid of the unpleasant effects.

    Possible Disadvantages

    I have listed a couple of drawbacks associated with this plant when taken on a full stomach.

    • If you take it on with your meal, there are higher chances of tolerance developing. If you keep on doing the same, you will not experience its effects; instead, you will be expanding its dependence that is a danger for your health.
    • Some studies have reported that the users claim that their dosage gets weak when they consume it with some food.
    • Some of them said that taking its strain with your meal diminishes almost half of its effects.
    • Many people use it in capsules. The reason behind using this is to take Kratom without feeling its bitter effects. But, the casing of it is itself a barrier between your body and kratom. It does not allow your body to metabolize this plant and makes your dose weaker. In this scenario, you will find that it is not working for you.

    I would suggest you avoid developing its tolerance to give yourself a healthier, happier, and meaningful life.

    Can You Take Multiple Doses On The Same Day?

    The consumers’ very commonly asked question is how many times they could take this herb in a day?

    You can find this question on almost all of the kratom forums. Though the online forums are full of different views and opinions, there is no accurate answer to this question. New users get easily confused when this question comes to their minds.

    Many users recommend only a single dose in a day. Some consumers like to take 2 doses on the same day and balance its effects with their meal.

    Important Tips

    I have listed a few important tips below for the people who used to take or planning to take them. Let’s have a look at these tips.

    • Do not take a heavy meal after taking your Kratom because it may cause vomiting.
    • You must be aware of all the facts of how it behaves and its possible side effects. You should know how to deal with these side effects.
    • Wait for some time to get its potent effects. Do not go for another dose if it took longer for this herb to produce its results. Take a gap of four hours between two consecutive doses.
    • Try to take a break for some days. When you come back, you will find that it is giving you an improved journey.

    Final Thoughts

    Are you searching for the best time to take your Kratom? There is not a single-line answer to this question. It depends on your body and digestive systems that how do they behave with this plant. If your body metabolizes it quickly, you will start enjoying its journey in no time. But, if there comes a herbal between its strain and your body that is not allowing you to metabolize it instantly, you will feel tolerance rather than feeling its original effects.

    For some people, taking it on without food is quite comfortable due to its most potent effects. Some others like to take this amazing herb after eating some food.

    This article has focused on the performance of this plant both with and without food. I have focused on almost all the facts associated with what time should you take it? I hope you are well aware of these facts now, and I hope you are now in a position to find the best time for you to take this strain after experimenting with it a few times.

    Here is all from the article on “does kratom work better on an empty stomach or full?“. I hope you guys have enjoyed today’s content. Please do not forget to provide us your feedback.

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