5 Best Kratom Strains for Pain Relief- Say Goodbye to Pain

    Did you know around one in five, or 1.5 billion people, suffer from some chronic pain around the globe? According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, an estimated 50.0 million adults suffer from, Chronic pain in the U.S. alone.

    Get this: More people are suffering from chronic pain than heart diseases, diabetes, and even cancer. Astonishing, isn’t it?

    Unfortunately, major pharmaceutical companies are well informed of these stats and have profited from billions’ misery. In an article by PRNewswire, the global analgesic market was valued at around $30.26 billion in 2018 and has continued to grow at an alarming rate of 4.4% annually.

    And what’s worse?

    While these synthetic painkillers have proved useful in managing chronic pain, they come with quite a few side effects. And quite frankly, it just isn’t worth it.

    So what can you do about it?

    Instead of opting for dangerous synthetic painkillers with many adverse effects, why not go for a natural pain relief alternative that is all the rage now on social media, i.e., Kratom. And for good reasons too. This alkaloids- rich, magical herb is imported from deep jungles in Southeast Asia. Best of all, it comes with little or no side effects whatsoever.

    Here we will take a look at how effective Kratom is against pain and the best kratom strains for pain out there.

    What is Kratom?

    Now for those of you who aren’t familiar with this herb, here is a little background info; Kratom (Mitragyna speciosa) is a herb derived from the leaves of a tropical tree native to Southeast Asia.

    While It was traditionally used as a stimulant, mood-booster, sleeping-aid, and analgesic (pain reliever) by the locals, Kratom has gained immense popularity as a safe alternative to the conventional painkillers.

    How Effective Is Kratom For Pain?

    Keep in mind that Kratom might not be the most potent analgesic out there. But for people looking to ease their discomfort through an all-natural, safe means, it is definitely worth your consideration.

    Kratom is useful for almost all sorts of pain. You’ll be glad to know that It can help alleviate the suffering regardless of the intensity or severity of pain.

    Types of pain that Kratom is used to treat are chronic pain associated with conditions like arthritis and fibromyalgia, muscle aches, cancer, gout, osteoporosis, osteoarthritis, stress headaches, migraines, etc. Impressive, right?

    How Does Kratom Work To Suppress Pain?

    Currently, 20 different chemical compounds have been identified in kratom leaves with their unique effects. Out of all its chemical constituents, the most prominent indole alkaloids are mitragynine and 7-hydroxy mitragynine.

    Mitragynine attaches to the proteins called my, sigma, and kappa receptors in the brain (these are the same receptors to which synthetic stimulant drugs bind). Thus, it acts on the central nervous system to block the perception of pain. It also acts on the descending tracts in the spinal cord to further potentiate the analgesic effect.

    As for the7-hydroxy mitragynine, it is 13 times more potent than morphine. Plus, it is fast-acting and produces significant antinociceptive effects in a dose-dependent manner. It is the chief regulator of Kratom’s pain-relieving properties in the body as it is more potent, has greater bioavailability in the body, and crosses the blood-brain barrier more easily.

    It is fair to say that while Kratom has a mechanism of action that is similar to synthetic stimulant drugs, it appears to be much safer. How can it get any better than this?

    Top 5 Strains Of Kratom For Pain:

    1) White Meng Da

    Anyone who has taken Kratom in the past or is considering using it will be familiar with this strain. Meng Da is arguably the most popular kratom strain out there. It is famous for its analgesic and stimulant properties.

    It is unique in the sense that it boosts energy levels without causing overstimulation. Users of Meng Da praise its soothing effects for ailments, including backaches, arthritis, and cancer. Its pain-relieving effects are brought out in high doses.

    2) Green Malay Kratom

    Malay is a relatively well-known strain of Kratom. It is particularly useful for soothing pain. Malay kratoms are low in alkaloid mitragynine and thus less sedating. They are mostly preferred for aged people.

    If you are looking for pain relief without a stimulating energy boost, this might be your best option. Whatever sort of mild pain is hindering your productivity, green Malay kratom can solve it for you.

    3) Red Sunda Island kratom

    Red Sunda Kratom originates from the Java Isle of Indonesia. Consumers who have tested this strain are amazed by its consistent and long-lasting pain-relieving results. It is one of the most sedative strains in the kratom market.

    Consumers cite that it deeply relaxes and subsequently brings improvement in mood. Due to this, it might be your perfect choice if you are also combating insomnia and want to regulate sleep.

    It is an ideal nightcap. Using it in the daytime may not be the right choice, but the user experience can differ for each individual.

    4) White Lombok Kratom

    It originates from Bali’s sister island – Lombok. This strain is known for its energy-boosting and mood-brightening effects.

    Thus, it helps to combat pain and get through a stressful day successfully. It is a relatively new strain and thus not readily available in all parts of the world. But if you can find it in your vendor’s inventory, you should give it a shot.

    5) Green Borneo Kratom

    This is as effective as Meng Da and Indo kratom. This strain is suitable for use in the daytime as it increases alertness, enhances mental function, and the ability to focus.

    It is the right pick for workaholics who don’t want to take the day off work despite suffering from pain. It also uplifts the mood making it an excellent option for patients with depression.

    Its revitalizing and analgesic benefits can be reaped from doses as low as 2-3 grams. A higher dosage potentiates the results obtained, but do not go over 6 – 10 grams.

    These strains have been picked after considering extensive user reviews on various forums, the vein colors, and their specific effects, and after talking to different vendors. Be rest assured that these are the best Kratom strains that have proved most effective in managing pain.

    What Is The Correct Kratom For Pain?

    Kratom’s effects are dependent on several factors like the dosage, percentage of the alkaloid content, body weight, severity of the pain you are experiencing, and your body metabolism.

    On a specific dose, a kratom strain has different effects. Follow the recommended dosage to get the optimum results. For example, red vein kratom acts as a stimulant when taken in low amounts. And its analgesic properties are better appreciated when taken in high amounts.

    A Pro Tip: If you want the Kratom to kick in as soon as possible, put it under your tongue. Kratom is not palatable per see, and this method is not an easy one, but it indeed has the fastest onset of action.

    One of the best methods of the administration of Kratom for pain is by using it as powder. Take the required amount, toss it in your mouth, and take a gulp of water or any other liquid.

    If you find Kratom to be bitter, add it to food or flavored drinks. Capsules are a convenient (but a little more costly) method. They are free of the hassle of measuring the required dose, as each of them is packed with a metered amount.

    Want To Make Your Kratom Dose More Effective- Here’s How: By Kratom Potentiation:

    Potentiation is a process through which consumers can maximize their Kratom by adding other spices or fruits. This not only helps them in saving money but also provides that extra kick when required.

    Some of the best and all-natural potentiators include grapefruit, turmeric, ginger chamomile tea, watercress, and akuamma seed.

    Did you know that your everyday Kitchen Spice, Turmeric, is especially helpful for pain? Turmeric is a spice that has been traditionally used as a herbal medicine due to its immense health benefits. It contains vitamins, antioxidants, and anti-inflammatory components, which all help to soothe pain and discomfort. You can add it to your Kratom tea for an extra pain-relieving boost.

    These potentiators certainly offer their own set of benefits in addition to amplifying the effects of Kratom. But it would be best if you tried different potentiators to see what is best for you.

    What Does The Research Say About The Pain-relieving Benefits Of Kratom?

    Many kratom advocates suggest that it can offer an alternative for people who have chronic pain and rely on medications, such as opioids, that can be habit-forming and cause more side effects.

    Furthermore, it also seems to help those struggling with opioid dependence. Published reports on Kratom as a potential solution for pain are scarce and more research is needed to explore its analgesic properties.

    One of the studies available is a paper released in the 2010 International Journal on Drug Policy, for which scientists surveyed 136 regular consumers of Kratom and reported that the herb was “identified as inexpensive, readily accessible, and having no significant side effects following extended usage.” This report did not provide any monitoring of the health effects or possible dangers of Kratom.

    How Safe Is Kratom As A Treatment For Pain?

    While Kratom is legal in most of the USA’s states and provinces today, the battle of Kratom legality is very much on-going. In the U.S., you can buy Kratom in stores that sell supplements and alternative medicines, or online.

    Kratom is not a drug and, therefore, not regulated by the FDA for purity or dosage. Therefore, you must look for a vendor who ensures that you get safe Kratom by third-party lab testing for microbiological and chemical contamination.

    Another point to be mindful of is never not to mix Kratom with prescription medicines. This could potentially cause some dangerous drug interactions.

    What Are The Users Saying About Using Kratom For Pain?

    People who have used Kratom swear by its efficacy. You can see the Testimonials on a pain news network or American Kratom Association.

    Kimberly Flink, a guest columnist at the pain news network, says, ” a friend recommended kratom. And from the first day of taking it I was literally in tears, thanking God for a respite.

    I can’t imagine life without kratom”. Crystal Lindell, another columnist at PNN, says that it helps ease her pain within three minutes of taking it.

    What Are The Possible Kratom Side Effects?

    It is unclear how much of the adverse effects can be attributed to Kratom since most of the case reports involve administering multiple substances. But here are some of the possible Kratom side effects;

    Short Term Side Effects:

    • Talkativeness
    • Photosensitivity (increased sensitivity to sunburn)
    • Loss of appetite
    • Nausea

    Long Term Side Effects:

    • Constipation
    • Urinary frequency
    • Anorexia
    • Psychotic symptoms (hallucinations, confusion)

    Talk To Your Doctor

    It’s not convenient to live while suffering from pain. If you live in pain, you might be acquainted with the devastating impact on the quality of life.

    Talk to your health-care provider if you are considering trying Kratom. Some pain centers develop alternative strategies to control or deal with discomfort, in tandem with pain management. For starters, mindfulness (and other mind-body practices) may help specific individuals keep pain under control.

    If you have been using Kratom and are noticing any of the side effects, get professional help. Talking to a trusted health care provider will help you to manage your pain. as an alternative to conventional medicines.

    Final Words

    Consumers have reported Kratom to be beneficial in managing pain. Whether it is physical pain and inflammation caused by an illness or psychological pain leading to stress, anxiety, and depression, if you want to take a holistic approach in lessening your suffering, you should give Kratom a try.

    What have you got to lose, right?

    Share with a loved one who might be battling pain and is looking for an alternative approach. Good luck!

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