Toss and Wash Method| How It Helps Kratom Users

    Wait, what am I hearing? People toss and wash Kratom? The medicinal herb loaded with bitterness that has no end?
    I am sure this must be your reaction when you read the title for this article and got to know that many people ACTUALLY toss and wash Kratom powder.

    You must have herb about that proverb, which says, “Practice makes the man perfect”. When you practice certain things, you get your hold on them, and with time, you perform them effortlessly. Similar is the case with the toss and wash method for ingesting Kratom. You may think of it as risky and might have puked too, but trust me, it’s simple and let you experience the miraculous effects relatively quickly.

    Want to know how you can experience the refreshing effects of Kratom with the help of the toss and wash method? I am here to explain every teeny-tiny detail you would like to know, So let’s unfold what is toss and wash approach and the ultimate guide that will lead you to be successful at it!

    Explaining the Toss and Wash Method for Taking Kratom

    When you toss and wash anything, it means you “toss” it right in your mouth, have a gulp of water, swish the mixture in your mouth, and land it into your stomach. Simple, no?

    You must be thinking how one can directly put Kratom powder in mouth, that’s a bit challenging, but did not you ever take a bitter pill to kill your pain? You must have, and later you got pain-free and could run the errands you had to!
    That’s the game of the mind. Once you make your mind that it is going to be okay, no hassles, it will be FINE!

    The toss and wash method for Kratom follows the similar steps, have a look at the step-by-step guide that will assist you in knowing the mini details.

    A Step-By-Step Guide To Toss and Wash Kratom

    Follow this guide to perform the toss and wash method for Kratom:

    Step # 1: Measure Your Kratom Dose

    The foremost step is to measure the dose. Newbies usually take 2 grams of Kratom powder, a moderate dose is till 5 grams, and any quantity ranging from 5-10gram is a higher dosage.

    Step # 2: Where is Your Water Glass?

    If you do things in a hurry just like me, you must be cautious about this step. Once you have measured your dose, fill your water glass before putting the Kratom in your mouth. That way, you won’t have to experience the bitterness for so long.

    Step # 3: Toss Your Kratom

    That’s the most challenging step. You put your dose right over the tip of your tongue to avoid any gagging and nausea-like feelings. Otherwise, you will end up throwing it.

    Step # 4 Wash it With Water or Any Other Beverage

    Be quick with this step!

    Take water or your go-to beverage like orange juice, honey water, or any other juice you would love to use to potentiate your Kratom. Swish it around in your mouth for some time and then let it meet your stomach.

    Step # 5 Some More Water, please?

    To make sure that you have ingested whole of the Kratom powder and none of the little granules are sticking around in your mouth, take another shot of water, swish, and swallow!

    The Four Best Tips and Tricks For a Successful Toss And Wash for Kratom

    Many people find the toss and wash method tricky and complicated, but you can make it easy and pleasing by following these three simple tips!

    Tip # 1 Are You Taking a Massive Amount of Kratom Powder?

    A secret to a perfect toss and wash is to take an adequate amount of Kratom powder. Instead of making your mouth full with Kratom powder, take 1 gram for every shot. It will help you to avoid gaging, coughing, spitting, and maybe vomiting too.

    Tip # 2 Don’t Inhale Your Kratom Powder

    When you take a scoop of your dosage and have it in your mouth, you have to be vigilant that you do not inhale it. Try to control your breath just like you would do while swimming underwater.

    Or maybe take a long breath and hold it before taking Kratom powder? Whatever way suits you, the critical point is to avoid breathing when the Kratom powder in your mouth. Otherwise, you may end up throwing it.

    Tip # 3 Dealing with Higher Doses

    If you want to take massive doses following the toss and wash technique, divide them into small quantities that you can easily consume. If you stuff your mouth, you may lose the precious Kratom powder onto the floor.

    Tip # 4 Orange Juice to the Rescue

    You can use orange juice instead of water too, according to many reviews; orange juice may conceal the bitter taste of Kratom.

    Toss and Wash Vs. Mix and Wash Method to Ingest Kratom

    If you are still not an expert yet at this method, and you are tired of failing at this technique, again and again, I have yet another easy and straightforward solution for you, that is – MIX AND WASH APPROACH!

    The two techniques are not poles apart; the critical difference is, instead of putting Kratom straight in your mouth, you take some liquid first, either water or some juice that you would prefer to have!

    Once you take the liquid, next, you have to measure the Kratom powder accurately, and then mix it up with fluid by swirling as you do after brushing your teeth. Later, drink the solution and enjoy the effects that you have been longing for!

    Failing at Toss and Wash and MIX and WASH? Hack these Other Options to Take Kratom

    I won’t let you give up! If you fail to take Kratom with the two methods mentioned earlier, go for these alternatives that are somewhat appealing too!

    Toss AND Wash Vs. Kratom Tea

    Kratom tea is yet another easy way to take Kratom. It is a bit time-consuming if you compare it with the Toss and Wash technique but worth a try. Kratom tea also tastes bitter, but not that bitter like powder.

    All You Need To Do is Follow These Five Steps to Have a Perfect Cup of Kratom Tea:

    • Put two cups of water in a container and light a flame to boil it.
    • Once it starts to boil, add Kratom powder (your potential dosage)
    • Now let it simmer on a light flame until one cup of the tea is left.
    • Strain your tea, and say goodbye to your stress by having hot refreshing sips!

    Toss and Wash VS. Kratom Capsules

    If you are not a fan of Kratom tea, you can go for Kratom capsules. These capsules do not let you taste the Kratom. The pills are although expensive, but it is an accessible way to take Kratom if you have time constraints.

    The effects won’t come up that fast because the capsule covering will melt first in your stomach, and then the Kratom powder will get a chance to bring the effects.

    Final Thoughts

    People take Kratom in different forms, but the toss and wash technique is the simplest one and lets you take a raw and fresh Kratom straight away! Just uplift your willpower and patience to adapt this technique and be an expert to perform it without much trouble. With time, you will hardly take a few seconds to get done with it.

    Be cautious while having Kratom in any form, and if you are facing any health conditions, don’t forget to consult your doctor before taking Kratom because we won’t like you to be in trouble and risk your health.

    Let’s Head Over to the FAQs!

    What should I do if I fail at the toss and wash method for ingesting Kratom?

    Many people fail to toss and wash. No worries, you can always make use of Kratom tea and Kratom capsules as an alternative option.

    Is it safe to toss and wash kratom?

    If you perform the technique rightly, it is quite safe. Try to divide your dosage in small quantities and do not take the powder right deep inside your mouth, the tip of the tongue works the best.

    What are the essential things to consider before starting up with the toss and wash method?

    The few essentials you must perform before toss and wash are as follows:
    Do not breathe when you have Kratom powder right inside your mouth.
    Try to have enough water to dissolve the Kratom powder.
    Do not panic with the unpleasantness; think about the pleasing affects you will experience.
    If water is not your preferred solvent for dissolving Kratom, go for your favorite juice.

    Why does the Kratom taste so bitter when I toss and wash it?

    Kratom naturally has a bitter taste, and you cannot do anything about it. What you can do is to embrace the bitterness. With frequent consumption, in the long run, you will get used to it and won’t dislike it anymore.

    Kratom toss and wash versus mix and wash, which one is a better way?

    If you can’t handle the bitter taste of Kratom, mix and wash technique is a better option.

    What beverage should I prefer for the toss and wash of Kratom?

    You can go for any drink like water, orange juice, apple juice, or any other juice you like but beware of using carbonated beverages. They might contain such ingredients that interact with Kratom powder to bring harmful effects.

    What are the Reddit reviews for the toss and wash method for Kratom?

    At Reddit, you will see mixed reviews for the toss and wash technique. Some users had a worse experience, and a can’t even think about repeating this method, while other users claim that they have become used to it and find it a quick and speedy way to take Kratom.

    I hope this article helped you know the toss and wash method for our favorite Kratom, and don’t forget to apply the tips!

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