KRX Mitragyna Pro Review -Why You Should & Shouldn’t Buy From Them

    Mitragyna speciosa (known as kratom), which belongs to the Rubiaceae family, is used to treat many health conditions. However, the effectiveness of a product significantly depends on from where you have purchased it.

    Before starting, we would like to say that when you look for a kratom supplier, consider three essential things that will prove its quality – a good business reputation, third-party lab testing, and a product with no harmful additives.

    The Purpose Of This Review

    You want to buy organic MitragynaPro capsules but don’t know where to shop from? Google search results lead to uncountable websites, but finding the authentic one is a daunting task. You need to consume some Kratom to calm you down from this tiring searching process.

    Fortunately for you, we have tested many Kratom vendors online and finally found ‘KRX Solutions’ committed to delivering 100% Pure Mitragyna Speciosa at your doorstep. Even though it is a young and small startup, its capsules are highly valued in the market and are one of the best you can search for.

    Before making a purchase, read this review till the end.

    About KRX Solutions

    The KRX Solutions gets its supplies straight from sustainable farms in Southeast Asia. The brand offers a good variety of red, green, and white kratom in capsules that act as a stimulant, pain-killer, and energy booster while also inducing well-being feelings.

    KRx is an all-natural supplement company dedicated to improving its user’s lives. The capsules that they deliver receive high praise from people. The supply of premium quality kratom and customer satisfaction is among the top reasons they are well-reputed in the business.

    What Makes The Brand Different From Others?

    1) Supply Of The Highest Standard Products

    Your health and safety are KRx greatest concerns. All the supplements are manufactured following FDA’s strict guidelines and tested through strenuous lab testing.

    The FDA enforces CGMA regulations, so they take extra steps to ensure Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) that other suppliers ignore. The guidelines are followed not because it is a requirement but because it is best for your overall health.

    Quality Indicators To Detect Unwanted Substances

    KRx lab testing protocols utilize quality indicators for purity. The samples are tested under specific comparative criterion; to accurately pinpoint toxic substances. The quality indicators allow them to detect each of the unwanted substances as given below, preventing them from being present in their supplements:

    • Alicyclobacillus
    • Coliforms
    • Lactobacillus
    • Yeast & Molds
    • APC (Standard Plate Count)

    Chemical Testing & Pathogens

    KRx products are tested to ensure they are 100% pure and no impurities are left; Salmonella, E.coli, or other pathogens. Likewise, they ensure there are no chemical properties left; pesticides or heavy metals – the Mitragyna leaf is 100% free of impurities. Below you will find microbiology analyses:

    • Clostridium perfringens
    • Staphylococcus aureus
    • Bacillus Cereus
    • Listeria monocytogenes
    • E. coli, O157: H7
    • Enterobacter
    • Salmonella
    • Shigella
    • Pseudomonas
    • Heavy Metals

    2) Selling At Low Prices

    The brand offers MitragynaPro capsules at lower prices starting from $44.99 for 60 capsules (1 gram per capsule), $62.99 for 120 capsules, and $80.99 for 180 capsules. If you opt for a monthly subscription, you can get those products at discounted prices.

    3) Monthly Subscription Box

    You can get your products delivered automatically to your doorstep each month once you applied for a monthly subscription. This offer is valid with Free Shipping & a 10% discount on purchases.

    4) Money-Back Guarantee

    KRx offers its customers a 100% money-back guarantee if they are unsatisfied with their purchase for any valid reason. Customers are required to file a complaint within 14 days after placing their online order.

    Once complaints are received within the given time frame, the brand will either send the product again or refund the amount, depending on the customer’s needs.

    5) Shipping Policy

    The brand only ship to U.S states, cities, and counties where Kratom is legal. It means, if you’re a resident of Alabama, Arkansas, Island, Vermont, Indiana, Rhode, Sarasota County, Wisconsin, Denver, San Diego, and Union County, you cannot order from KRx due to the fact Kratom is banned in these places.

    Furthermore, Kratom is also banned in Australia, Finland, Burma, Denmark, Malaysia, Myanmar, Israel, Lithuania, South Korea, Sweden, Poland, Romania, Thailand, Vietnam, and United Kingdom so shipment cannot be executed.

    To sum up, we would again like to highlight its positive and negative points.


    • 100% chemical and addictive – free.
    • Kratom capsules are available to you in three sizes: 60 counts, 120 counts, and 180 counts.
    • Automatic delivery at a discounted price after signing up for a monthly subscription.
    • Shipped in airtight packaging.
    • Full refund policy; however, conditions applied.
    • E-mail periodic reminders of changes in policies and conditions.
    • A user-friendly website makes navigation easy.


    As the name suggests, “MitragynaPro,” the product quality is ‘Pro,’ and there are no negative points noted as yet. However, there’s a flaw in their shipping policy (as discussed above), and other weaknesses are noticed in the system, such as:

    • Lab test results aren’t available on the website, which makes users reluctant to purchase.
    • No delivery details are available.
    • No details are mentioned regarding payment methods.


    We recognize you are spending enough time to buy the highest quality Mitragyna products from an authentic supplier, and so our review will help you make your buying decision easy.

    KRx Solutions stand for its customer’s health and safety and guarantee only the purest Mitragyna Speciosa Leaf product at all times.

    You’ll be amazed to know that many suppliers have strained the customer/business relationship over the years because they attempted to take shortcuts – compromising the quality at all levels. That is something KRx wanted to change, and so they become one of the most reputable suppliers in today’s competitive kratom market.

    If you have any questions, call KRx support anytime or send an email. For more information, visit

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