Laughing Lion Herbs Kratom Review

    Many companies in the market are manufacturing kratom products. One such company is Laughing Lions Herbs. After its establishment in early 2014, the company has witnessed a substantial increase in sales over the years. It started as a small-scale home-based business, but the company expanded with an increase in demand for products.

    The company deals in all Kratom products and provides wholesale items at significantly lower prices than its competitors. Another good thing about their products is their location, and the company is located in Monument, Colorado, where humidity is low. It helps in the safe storage of their dry kratom that adds to their quality. The company complies with all GMP methods for the manufacture of its products.

    Kratom Types Onboard

    Laughing Lion Herbs has all the famous and demanding strains of Kratom. These strains include the Bali kratom, Hulu kratom, Borneo kratom, Maeng Da, and Thai Kratom. All of these originated from Malaysia, Thailand, and Indonesia. Red vein, green vein, and gold vein strains are also available. Another rare strain listed on the website is Bentuangie kratom. This strain involves a unique drying process and is also reportedly much stronger than the other strains. Therefore, it is recommended to start with small doses.

    These strains are available at a wide range of prices. Moreover, the company also has Colorado-grown kratom products. Not only are pure strains available, but different blends are also available. These mixtures often complement each other’s effects. The variants are available in various types of products like dry powderscapsules, etc.

    Lab Reports And GMP

    The company complies with the GMP-approved practices. Good Manufacturing Practices are the recommended practices needed to be followed by different companies to get manufacturing license, quality, and sales approval from the related authorization agencies. All of the Laughing Lions’ equipment is made of GMP-grade stainless steel. They only buy their products from GMP-certified vendors. In addition to this, all the employees and workers take precautionary measures to avoid contamination in the product. Any debris is removed from Kratom by passing it through stainless steel meshes, and UV light sterilization is also used.

    Every year, a third outside party inspects the paperwork, manufacture process, and necessary details of the Kratom productions. The products are sent to third-party labs for all the tests required by the FDA. The lab reports are free from the company’s influence. In this way, the quality of the product is ensured.

    Vendor Activity On Social Media

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    The company has a well-developed website. There is much information about their store locations, manufacturing process, and safety practices. On Facebook, the company only has a page that is not active. The Instagram account belonging to the company is engaged with about 339 followers. The website of the company is the most developed out of all. It has multiple categories and sub-categories covering all the necessary information on different strains, potency, and effects.

    The company also has a text message subscription service that informs the subscribers about the latest product launches, announcements, and sales or discounts. Nevertheless, all the necessary information is available on the website, and you can place the orders efficiently.

    Kratom Tolerance Reset Kit

    With Laughing Lion Herbs ‘Kratom Tolerance Reset Kit,’ you can take the next step in restoring the thrill of taking kratom like you used to. After much thought, the contents get chosen and get specifically designed to help you with your restoration. Reduce your dosage and switch to a new strain for better results, both of which can get done with our Reset Blend and digital measuring scale, among other things. That will allow you to enjoy kratom in its purest form, removing any discomfort and reinvigorating the pleasure associated with the herb.

    Comparison With Competitors

    The most striking difference between Laughing Lion Herbs is their low prices. If we compare them with other famous vendors, then their products are more affordable. Not only that, but they also offer a 5 ounces sample for $34.95. You can choose five different strains of your choice from the sample pack.

    Another difference from other vendors is that they are more customer-friendly. Their return policy, shipment, and payment methods are diverse and reliable. For instance, OPMS only deals through a third-party vendor, and Bumblebee Kratom only has one payment option available on their website.

    Shipment And Payment Options

    Laughing Lion Herbs is one of the vendors that offer same-day shipping to its customers. The only delays that can happen are due to weather conditions or faulty courier service. The company switched to a non-free shipment policy very recently. Before that, all shipments were free of cost. The sudden shift towards the delivery charges is due to changes in the FedEx and UPS delivery cost.

    As the company aspires to provide free shipment to its customers, they are up for the big launch. It will comprise Amazon Prime-like services to ensure the company’s clients get Kratom shipment free of cost. When it comes to payment methods, the company is quite versatile. Nearly all payment methods are available at the checkout. These methods include Debit/Credit cards and even cryptocurrencies.

    False Medical Claims

    There are none on the website in terms of a false claim or selling the product as a medical remedy. The company stance on the safety of the product is relatively neutral. They believe that the plant lacks researches in a particular aspect, and thus there may be something we don’t know about as of yet.

    Nonetheless, it seems to work for a wide range of audiences. They only sell the product to adults above the age of 18. The company recommends consulting a doctor before starting Kratom if it is for managing symptoms of an underlying disorder. However, the company does not take any responsibility whatsoever if someone does not consume the product responsibly or abuse it for recreational purposes in higher dosages.

    Return Policy

    The company has a high-end system of return policies that offer customers around-the-clock services. In case of complaints or any issues, the company’s representatives are there to listen and solve any customer’s problem. They have an established policy that allows the exchange and return of the products in-store credits.

    However, due to COVID-19, the new policy says that only and goods with their factory seals intact can be returned. The request should be made within the three days of the purchase, and the shipment cost will be the customer’s to bear.

    Offers And Discounts

    Everyone loves discounts and giveaways. As a company that always puts the client’s needs on top, Laughing Lion Herbs does not disappoint when it comes to offers and discounts. When you refer the company to a friend, you get that bonus on their first purchase from the company. In addition to that, there are regular monthly giveaways of the products to lucky customers. 

    You can also use discounts, coupons, and codes while checking out on the website. The offer of the affiliated account is also valid. Moreover, the company almost always has some ongoing discount offers. In short, there are a lot of monetary discounts that come with the purchases from Laughing Lion Herbs.

    What Do Customers Say About The Product?

    All the reviews and ratings on the products are widely positive. Everyone seems to love their products. Reviews on Feefo rate the product 4.7 out of 5 and customer experience is 4.9 out of 5, making it one of the top-rated brands for Kratom.

    Although the company deals with other herbal products, Kratom-based items are more popular and widely bought than other products. Many online reviews also rate the product and the quality of powders and blended shots to be highly earthly, authentic, and original. In short, it is safe to conclude that the company is top-ranked and liked all around the US.


    In short, Laughing Lion Herbs is one of the best brands out in the Kratom Market. Unlike conventional vendors that only sell Kratom Products, Laughing Lion also deals with other herbal products, including CBD. They export directly from Indonesia, and all their products are 100% natural and authentic. If you are a Kratom enthusiast, then this relatively affordable brand is a must-try.

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