Left Coast Kratom Review – How It Is A Good Choice For Kratom Users?

    The Kratom market has been saturated with vendors ever since Mitragyna started gaining popularity. The substance has been in use since ancient times by the locals of the Southeast Asian part of the world but it has reached the western world fairly recently. Picking out a vendor is difficult and many factors need to be considered before you make a decision.

    For this reason, it is useful to go through online reviews and vendor information before you make a purchase. Left Coast Kratom is a new brand that has attracted attention from users all over various Kratom forums. We have thoroughly gone through every feature of the brand to bring an unbiased review of the vendor that will help you in deciding.

    Left Coast Kratom is a new ketum vendor that operates from Oregon, USA. It is difficult for new vendors to build a reputation in the Kratom world because of the presence of so many experienced vendors in the industry.

    However, Left Coast Kratom has built quite a reputation in its short period of operation. It has received a number of positive reviews online and has a loyal following of customers as well. The mission of the brand is to lead the Mitragyna industry and develop a stronghold in the industry.

    The brand relies on its quality products to gain the trust of its customers. They believe in delivering high-quality Kratom at affordable prices so that their customers are not burdened and have no qualms making repeated purchases. A more in-depth review of the brand is as below.

    What Are They Selling?

    Kratom is known as Mother Nature’s gift to mankind. It is an extremely diverse plant product that can be sold in a number of different forms. It can be sold in the form of crushed leaves or powdered leaves. Some people prefer to use capsules instead of powders to mask the Mitragyna taste. The substance can also be converted into extracts and tinctures depending upon the preference of the general clientele.

    The product range of a brand is very important because it tells you about the diversity of a certain brand. It is important to have a number of options available on the product range so that customers have a wider range to select from. A more diverse product range will attract more consumers.

    Left Coast Kratom has a wide range and they are selling Kratom powders, extracts, capsules as well as various accessories for your Kratom needs. The brand has one of the widest and impressive product ranges in the market. A more in-depth view of their product range is as:

    1) Powders and Capsules

    The brand is selling a number of Kratom strain in powdered and encapsulated forms. These strains are of all three naturally occurring veins i.e. White veins, Red veins, and Green veins. The strains include bestsellers like Borneo, Maeng Da, Bali, Malaysian strains as well as novel strains like Java, Red Dragon, and Kali strains.

    2) Extracts

    There are a number of extracts being sold by Left Coast Kratom. They are selling both tinctures as well as high-intensity ketum extract in powdered form. These products are some of the bestselling ones from the brand and customers swear by the potency of these extracts.

    3) Accessories

    This section is perhaps the most impressive part of the Left Coast Kratom product range. They have capsule making machines as well as balances and scales that help you measure your dosage. Furthermore, they also have empty capsule casings in case you want to make capsules from your Kratom powder or blends.

    What Are The Prices?

    The price tag of the products you are buying is very important. High prices do not always guarantee great quality, especially in the world of Mitragyna. It is important to look for a vendor that is selling quality products at affordable prices. A general overview of the price ranges at Left Coast Kratom is as follows:

    ProductsPrice RangeNumber of products
    Kratom PowdersAbout 7$ – 71.95$ price range18 strains – 3-4 serving sizes.
    Kratom CapsulesAbout 8$ – 64.95$ price range10 products – 3-4 serving sizes
    Kratom extractsAbout 9$ – 55$ price range21 products including extract powders, tinctures, and capsules.
    AccessoriesVarying prices with productsBeam balances, measuring spoons, capsule machines, etc.

    There are a number of choices for people belonging to every social facet to find what they are looking for at an affordable price range. Left Coast Kratom has some of the best prices in the market therefore is a great vendor if you are looking for a brand to consistently follow.

    What Are People Saying?

    Word of mouth is the most trustworthy tool when you are screening a vendor. The customers on various Kratom forums are extremely vocal about their complaints and they have no qualms calling out substandard brands and sellers.

    Left Coast Kratom generally has a positive reputation in the Kratom market. It is an ethical brand that sources Mitragyna from organic origins and trusted harvesters of the Southeast Asian region. The brand is strictly following all the guidelines given by the FDA and is making no medical claims on their website regarding their high-quality products.

    Furthermore, the brand is AKA GMP certified and therefore follows a strict manufacturing process that has been approved by the American Kratom Association. They also have a blog that educates customers as to why the GMP practices are important and ensure the quality of the product.

    Furthermore, the brand is relatively new and has been in the market for a short time. In that small time, it has accumulated a number of positive customer reviews. Furthermore, the brand offers free samples, coupon codes, and deals on their products that work to attract more people towards the brand.

    A slight drawback in this area is the absence of a review page on their website. The brand does have a separate option for reviews under every product but these reviews are only based on a five-star grading policy rather than detailed reviews from customers.

    Is The Quality Guaranteed?

    The quality guarantee comes from two factors i.e. a refund policy and a GMP certification. The brand has been certified by the AKA for its Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) and therefore the quality of the products can be trusted. However, the return policy of the brand is quite lacking. On the occasion when a customer is not satisfied with the product, they have to return it within 30 days of purchase.

    Furthermore, the product has to be not tampered with and unopened. The brand also does not pay for the return shipping and reserves rights to decline any refund requests. This speaks against the general trust that a customer would have in the brand.

    Furthermore, the brand tests all of its products from third-party independent labs for the presence of any contamination or adulteration in the product. They test for pathogens, microbes, chemicals as well as of the correct alkaloid concentration in their Mitragyna.

    Is The Brand Active On Social Media?

    In today’s day and age, technology and social media are some of the most important business tools. Not only does having a social media presence help you garner more attention and customers – but it also serves as a platform to communicate with various potential customers.

    Left Coast Kratom has social media accounts on all major platforms. However, their activity on these platforms is dwindling and irregular. The brand offers customers discounts when they share the brand on their twitter handles. The brand needs to improve its social media presence so that more customers are attracted to the seller. This would also factor in the credibility of the brand in general.

    The Positives

    • AKA GMP certified seller, therefore, has a high-quality product range.
    • A diverse product range that caters to the needs of a wide range of customers.
    • Same-day shipping and various delivery options available.
    • Well packaged products and a number of payment options available.
    • Giveaways, deals, coupons, and discounts present for customers. They have a loyalty program as well.
    • They have free overnight delivery if your order is above 99$.
    • All products are lab tested from independent third-party labs to ensure zero contamination.

    The Negatives

    • The brand has a dwindling presence on social media that needs to be improved.
    • They have an unattractive return policy.
    • The brand does not have its lab reports displayed on the website.


    Some of the FAQs that Kratom users have regarding the substance include:

    Why does my strain not have the same effect anymore?

    At certain times, your body develops a tolerance to a strain if you use it repeatedly. It is recommended to interchange your favorite strains so that tolerance does not develop.

    How can I improve the taste of my Mitragyna?

    If the taste of Kratom powder is too bitter for you, you can always mix it in various beverages like coffee and orange juice to mask the taste. You can also mix it in your gravies and soups or simply opt for capsules.

    How should I choose my vein?

    There are three naturally occurring veins i.e. red, white, and green. Each vein has its associated benefits. It is recommended to read on all the veins and decide which vein suits you before you make a purchase.

    Is synthetic Kratom a good choice?

    Kratom is a natural substance usually being grown in Southeast Asian countries since ancient times. However, various American vendors are selling synthetic Kratom instead. You should always avoid synthetic Kratom and opt for natural, organic Mitragyna.

    Final Thoughts

    Although, there are some features the vendor can improve on – Left Coast Kratom is a good choice overall. They have high-quality products, an AKA GMP certification, and great prices. All of these are green signals when it comes to the Kratom market.

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