How To Make Magic Mushroom Tea? Step By Step Guide

    Infusion of edible mushrooms in water forms magic mushroom tea. The infusion process extracts chemical compounds from plant material in solvents, e.g., alcohol, oil, or water. Edible mushrooms are rich in fiber and protein and have low calories. They are the source of various minerals, e.g., selenium, copper, and potassium.

    Why Magic Mushroom Tea?

    Over a hundred different kinds of mushrooms are used to treat a variety of diseases. Selenium increases stamina as well as bone strength. Mushrooms are also an excellent source of vitamin B. The antioxidants found excessively in mushrooms help the body improve the immune system and are preferred for both the elderly and children.

    Deep flavors and the blissful warmth of magic mushroom tea make us feel better instantly. It infuses powerful compounds of fungi into the simple mixture, and it is an elegant way of consuming magic mushrooms.

    Many countries throughout the world, e.g., Japan, Greek, China, etc., have conducted many research studies to recognize the effects of magic mushroom tea. Traditional Chinese medicines consider concentrated mushrooms with herbal blends as the elixir of life. The adaptogenic properties of fungi help reduce stress and its effects on the human body.  

    Types of Mushrooms to make tea

    The most popular mushrooms for making magic shroom tea are:

    • Turkey tail (common in North American woods)
    • Reishi (found in South America, Australia, and Asia)
    • Cordyceps (used in Chinese medicines)
    • Lion’s mane (found in Europe, North America, and Asia)
    • Chaga (found in Europe and North Korea)
    • Maitake (found in the United States and Japan)

    Kinds of Mushroom Tea

    There are two types of shroom tea, and they are:

    • Hot shroom tea
    • Cold shroom tea (also known as iced shroom tea)

    Hot mushroom tea is further divided into two sub-categories, as given below.

    • Powdered mushroom tea: ground mushrooms are used in this process. It reduces blood pressure and stimulates the immune system.
    • Raw mushroom tea: mushrooms in raw form are used to make fine tea. It is very effective and simple to create. You can customize it by adding ingredients of your own choice, e.g., honey, ashwagandha.

    Ingredients to make hot shroom tea

    You can grab a few minutes from your busy schedule to relax by preparing psilocybin mushroom tea. The important ingredients used to make this tea are:

    • Cup of water
    • Sugar (you can also use honey)
    • Lemon juice (a few drops)
    • Chopped or crushed mushrooms
    • Strainer
    • Mug

    Ingredients to make cold shroom tea

    The important ingredients to make cold mushroom tea are:

    • Ice cubes
    • Black tea
    • Lemon juice
    • Mushroom
    • Water
    • Honey or Brown sugar

    Step by step guide to make hot Mushroom tea

    As describes earlier, hot shroom tea can be made from both powdered and raw mushrooms. A few easy and necessary steps involved in its preparation are given below.

    How to make tea from Mushroom powder?

    Step 1: Measure the weight of the desired dosage of high-quality shrooms

    Step 2: Air dry the selected quantity of mushrooms

    Step 3: Place them in a grinder (either coffee or herb grinder) to make a fine powder   

    Step 4: Add some ginger and two tablespoons of lemon juice in shroom powder

    Step 5: Boil water (not too much)

    Step 6: Add the mixture to hot water and keep stirring

    Step 7: Your tea is ready, just leave it for 20 minutes and then drink

    How to make tea from raw Mushrooms?

    Step 1: Buy some good shrooms from a vendor

    Step 2: Take the required dosage of mushrooms

    Step 3: Convert psilocybin mushrooms into small pieces and put them into a teapot

    Step 4: Ensure good exposure of shrooms to the water. It will help chemicals to effectively infuse in tea

    Step 5: Boil water and then make it cool for a few minutes

    Step 6: Put boiled water into the teapot that contains mushrooms

    Step 7: Stir thoroughly and leave it for 20 minutes

    Step 8: Just add sugar or honey to your tea, and you can drink it now

    Few steps to make cold/iced Mushroom tea

    Step 1: Take some mushrooms, crush them, and put them in a jar

    Step 2: Boil the desired quantity of water and make it cool for a few minutes

    Step 3: Add hot water in a jar having crushed mushrooms

    Step 4: Place tea bags in the jar

    Step 5: Stir the mixture for about 10 minutes and remove tea bags from the jar

    Step 6: Add some honey or sugar as per your choice

    Step 7: Pour lemon juice into the mixture of water and shrooms

    Step 8: Put the jar having mixture in the freezer for about an hour

    Step 9: Take a jar from the freezer and put ice cubes in it

    Step 10: Your iced shroom tea is ready; just put it into your cup and start enjoying

    Is the experience different?

    Nowadays, the most commonly asked question about psilocybin mushroom tea is whether there exists any difference in consuming raw shrooms and using them in tea?

    Yes, there is a lot of difference between eating shrooms in raw form and make a tea of them. The complex taste profile of magic mushrooms makes it difficult to eat them, and it is not suitable for everyone. In contrast, shroom tea consists of the only hint of flavor and makes it very easy for everyone to consume. It is considered one of the most pleasurable and easiest ways of using magic mushrooms. 

    You can add a variety of other components to enhance the flavor as per your taste. The main advantage associated with the addition of lemon juice is, it reduces nausea, thereby enhancing digestion in the human body.

    The use of magic mushrooms as a tea could be more intense because it has psychoactive compounds. It is beneficial for the digestive system and ensures quick, effective, and easy digestion of these compounds.

    Why should shroom tea be a part of your morning routine?

    You should first consult with the doctor, and if he or she allows you to take this tea, you can add it to your daily routine due to multiple reasons. Shroom tea is an energy booster that relieves fatigue. It keeps you fresh as well as active in the morning, and you become able to perform your morning tasks effectively.

    Is magic Mushroom tea beneficial for health?

    Fresh shrooms are considered healthy food across the globe because they are highly enriched in fiber and other antioxidants. They become a good source of vitamin D when exposed to the sunlight. The immune system and bones remain healthy with the specific use of Vitamin D. Four major advantages associated with psilocybin mushroom tea are given below.

    • It controls the cholesterol level and strengthens the heart muscles
    • This magic tea fights and prevents cancerous diseases
    • It plays a key role in diabetes treatment
    • You can use shroom tea as a natural healing medicine to heal your injuries

    Possible risks of psilocybin Mushroom tea

    Although there are a couple of benefits to using shroom tea at the same time, it also has some risks or limitations in its use.

    • It is risky for people suffering from diabetes and using insulin for its control
    • Everyone should consult your medical expert before start drinking this tea regularly
    • Doctors don’t allow breastfeeding and pregnant ladies to drink magic mushroom tea
    • Chaga is high in oxalates, it reduces the absorption of nutrients, and your kidney can be damaged to a great extent
    • Mushrooms can interact with your medicines, herbs, or supplements.

    Important advice

    In the United States, magic mushrooms are considered as schedule I drugs and are declared illegal. Only three countries, e.g., California, Denver, and Colorado have allowed its personal use in their boundaries, but still, government authorities can punish the frequent uses of its teas.

    If you are not living in any of these countries, you can use this item at your own risk. If you have never used psilocybin mushroom before, please don’t take it so easy for your sake.


    Making magic mushroom tea is a super simple process that needs very little time from your tight schedule. This article helps you to understand what exactly shroom tea is? It presents various reasons why should you use this tea?

    The different types of mushrooms effective to make tea are also provided along with the area of their availability. Ingredients used in hot and iced shroom tea with their detailed preparation process are also part of this review. The difference between consuming raw mushrooms and their tea is given for a better understanding.

    Magic mushrooms are good for health because they improve your bones’ strength, enhance the immune system, fight against diabetes, and cancerous germs. Although they have healthy compounds still, it is not recommended for everyone to take them regularly in either form.

    Just like any other compound, psilocybin mushrooms also have some limitations in their frequent uses. They could be dangerous for diabetic patients and pregnant ladies or new mothers who have to feed their babies. The overall review shows that shrooms are good, but you should not start taking this regularly without consultation from any medical expert.

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