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    Kratom has only gained popularity recently. Despite that, there are some long-standing and old vendors of the product. These companies’ incredible thing is that they recognized the importance of Herbal Kratom early on and started long before the extract became mainstream.

    As a result, they have a solid standing and famous name in the Kratom Market.

    MitraGaia is one such old school company that was established in the early days of Kratom. Initially called Gaia EnthoBotanicals, a Florida-based herbal seller, was established in 2015. In 2019, the company changed the name to Mirtagaia, which is very similar to Mitragyna. Mitragyna Speciosa is the scientific name of Kratom, which is now the company’s main selling product.

    Without further delay, let’s take a look at what the company has to offer and the striking characteristics that make it different from the other Kratom vendors.  

    Kratom Strains Available At MitraGaia

    The company has all the strains of Kratom available. Maeng Da’s powders, red vein, white vein, yellow vein, green vein, and gold vein are available. In addition to these classic strains, they also have unique blends of Kratom in their products. These include a green dragon, a combination of white and green Maeng Da, Ganesh Maeng Da, a blend of red Maeng Da, and Elephant speciosa.

    Moreover, they also have all these strains in capsule form. Their capsules range includes Gold Bali, Elephant capsules, Ganesh Capsules, Green Bali capsules, etc. Not only that, but there are also kratom extracts with two different potencies available in the form of a tablet. The sections have prices ranging from $3.00-$1500 depending on the quantity, while the tablets are priced at $25.00-$75.00 for 10-30 tablets.

    Sample Packs And Pricing

    One of the best and most peculiar things MitraGaia offers is friendliness to the samplers. If anyone is looking to try out their products, they ship the samples out at nominal pricing. You can order several strains of Kratom powders for just $30. Custom-made blends are also available. It gives customers the liberty to make their combination of powders. It is one of the rare offers that are not available with other vendors.

    Compared with the vendors, the products are relatively cheap, and you get more in the less pricing. One astounding thing is that the pricing is nominal for both singleton and bulk orders. You can get an ounce of the product in just five bucks, and 250-gram packing costs $30. There are several options for the bulk buyers as well. You can get 2000 capsules for only under $200, which is quite affordable and inexpensive.

    Vendor Activity On Social Media

    MitraGaia has an efficient and active Facebook page with over 22k followers. All their sales, discount drives, and updates are regularly posted on their official page. There are multiple good reviews left by satisfied customers who have also shared the posts. Post sharing is no doubt expanding the market for Mitragaia.

    Instagram is relatively dormant and has a few followers. Nevertheless, the posts and updates are consistent there as well. The Twitter account, just like Facebook, is active and regularly tended to. The same posts shared on Facebook and Instagram are shared here as well. These three social media accounts are a sure way for the company to increase its customer base.

    MitraGaia’s Comparison With Competitors

    If we compare MitraGaia products’ prices to its competitors, a stark difference in prices is seen. At Blue Diamond herbs, 1 oz kratom costs about $9.99, while at MitraGaia, the same amount can be bought for a low price of $5.00 with a saving of $4.99. Moreover, Klarity Kratom has 200g with a $59.99, but at mitraGaia, 250g kratom powder can be bought only for $30.00.

    Therefore, the prices of products at MitraGaia are much more attractive than its close competitors. Moreover, the company has a well-established reward system. It activates when you make the purchase. For instance, when you buy from MitraGaia, you get relative points.

    These points are redeemable at the next purchase. Consequently, this reward further reduces the customers’ price, giving MitraGaia an edge over its competitors. In addition to that, the lab testing and quality insurance procedures lead MitraGaia a step ahead of its competitors.

    Quality Testing And Labs

    Mitragaia, as one of the oldest companies and favorite names among the dealers, only sells quality products. A third-party accredited lab does Their testing, and there are three major testing procedures. Three different testing levels cover all the ground to ensure the overall goodness and the quality of the product. In addition to that, the lab results are posted on their official website under the lab category.

    The tests are done to check the heavy metal content and bacterial count. As the origin of the product is not a farm and most of the kratom coming from the native lands relies on the traditional cultivation methods. Thus, the company ensures their Kratom is free from contamination of heavy metals and does not have a bacterial count hazardous to human consumption.

    Disclaimer About The Use Of The Product

    Several Kratom dealers sell their products as a cure or a medicinal alternative. There is no doubt that Kratom contains alkaloids that help manage the symptoms of several chronic diseases. Nonetheless, it is not a cure to anything. Most Kratom does manage the symptoms of a disease, acts as a pain reliever, and uplifts the mood.

    Mitragaia fully understands that effect and does not make any claims or falsely promote their product. The disclaimer on the website clearly states that Kratom is not an FDA-approved product. Anyone with comorbidity or any severe condition should consult the doctor before using an Herbal alternative, as it can interact with the medicine. As its effects on pregnant and nursing individuals are unknown, the company don’t recommends its use during such states.

    Shipment And Payment Options

    MitraGaia accepts payments via credit cards (including Mastercard and visa), ACH (checking/saving account), cryptocurrency, and money orders. In cryptocurrency, they accept bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Monero, and many other forms. They are also starting MESH payments; however, no further information is available about this payment mode.

    The company provides same-day shipping service for all orders place before 3 p.m. EST from Monday to Saturday. They also have priority shipment. In priority shipment, the package is shipped within 1-3 business days. The customers receive tracking information through emails and contact customer service if their shipment is late or damaged.

    Another shipping option is express shipping through USPS. The package is delivered within 1-2 business days. There is also a money-back guarantee if this limit is exceeded.

    Return Policy

    Customers are of priority for the company, and they aspire to achieve 100% satisfaction for their brand. In comparison to the other brands, they have a highly flexible and widely elaborated return policy. The essential points are summarized in three major points. Firstly, all the products are returned with 30 days of delivery in case of dissatisfaction. There are no restocking fees on it, and you will have to keep the original packing of the product to make the return.

    Secondly, if the company delivers wrong products or something that was not ordered, that next package shipping will be paid for; in other cases, return shipping is the buyer’s responsibility. Thirdly, if the packaging is damaged, the buyer is free to file a complaint resulting in a refund or replacement. You can also cancel the orders if required. The payments are reimbursed when the product is shipped back and reaches the warehouse of the company.

    Offers And Discounts

    MitraGaia offers discounts on its products in the form of coupons. These coupons provide up to 50% discounts on different products. The customer only needs to type in the code while checking out their products. The links to the coupons can be found on the company’s website. The company has a points reward system in which, on every dollar spent, the customers receive a point.

    When a user has 20 points in their account, they receive a $1 return on their purchase. In this way, with every purchase, customers gain back cash for their next purchase. However, to avail of this reward system, a registered MitraGaia account is required. These types of offers and procedures are a sure way to gain a loyal and consistent customer base.


    If you are looking for quality Kratom products and economical prices, MitraGaia is the best place to order some. The company is compliant to all levels of users; beginners as well as hardcore enthusiasts. The flexible sampling options are also welcoming for the newer customers. Lab testing and acceptable manufacturing practices are another reason for you to trust the product. In short, Mitragaia is one company that should be on your must-try list.

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