Mitragyna Hirsuta: An Efficient Substitute For Kratom

    If by any chance, you are looking for an efficient Kratom substitute, there is no doubt that you might have come across Mitragyna Hirsuta. For starters, its tree resides under the Mitragyna speciose genus and Rubiaceae family just like Kratom, hence the ability to bring about similar sensational effects, and the leaf is popular as “kra thum khok” among the common folk.

    The green leaves have veins stretching out on them that are somewhat lighter in color. Even though they resemble Kratom leaves in their structure, they are still smaller in size.

    Native to the jungles of Cambodia, Malaysia, and Thailand, Mitragyna Hirsuta is gaining popularity in regions where Kratom is illegal due to its notoriety. The alkaloids present in this herb enable it to work like Kratom, making it gently stimulating when taken in low doses and sedative at higher doses.

    How can you use Mitragyna Hirsuta to your benefit?

    When it comes to general usage, Mitragyna Hirsuta has proved to be a beneficial herb. But, that depends on how you use it since it carries effects that are paradoxical and sedative. The leaves yield high medicinal properties when they are chewed, and you may even boil them along with herbs like betel nuts to make herbal tea.

    The recommended dosage is only 20 grams for any healthy adult, and it is best to add this amount to a tea for consumption. For a new consumer, the dosage should be around 15 mg. It can be taken to around 25 mg in each cup of tea after regular usage. To avoid any unwanted effects the dosage should not exceed 30 mg unless told by medical personnel.

    Apart from its availability in the form of crushed leaves or fine powder for tea, it can also be found as tinctures and extracts. They should be taken for medicinal purposes only, and one should stick to tea for oral consumption. Not only that but supplements of this plant are also easy to purchase and begin giving their long-lasting results within minutes.

    What makes Mitragyna Hirsuta different from Kratom?

    When it comes to Kratom vs Mitragyna Hirsuta, the first battle at hand is the potency. Consumers of Mitragyna Hirsuta vividly term it as an infra-red strain of its parallel drug Kratom. It reportedly gives effects that lag in no way to that of red Kratom.

    Moving forward in this battleground, Mitragyna Hirsuta is mainly consumed owing to the calm and energetic feeling that it induces. The herb is also taken because of the relief that it provides from the discomfort arising from body pains and other minor aches. Although it is said to have a milder potential as compared to, it is still capable of sedating an individual but with lesser side effects.

    Next, we have the alkaloids of both these herbs. Kratom draws its power from mitragynine, while Mitragyna Hirsuta is known to receive its efficacy from the concentrated amount of mitraphylline in it.

    Mitraphyline plays its role as an indole alkaloid to take the effects and benefits of this herb on the brain receptors to a maximum extent. Not only that, but upon extraction, this medicinal herb also yields isomitraphylline, rhyncophylline, hirsutine, and isorhynchophylline.

    It does not contain mitragynine or any of its derivatives that can be found in Kratom. Despite that, both of these herbs share a similar mechanism of action. Users usually experience relaxation, calmness, and mental clarity with an overall feeling of well-being. Both of the plants also aid in a restful sleep cycle.

    With that being said, Mitragyna Hirsuta is widely perceived to give more dope effects than many of the available Kratom strains. It can prove to be a savior to those who have a hard time managing their stress levels as it can enhance cognitive functions and boost stamina.

    Does Mitragyna Hirsuta work?

    Being skeptical about a herb you found online is nothing but a natural human instinct, but the benefits of Mitragyna Hirsuta speak for themselves. Not only does the plant hold the ability to boost stamina and energy levels, but it also increases oxygen in the brain at a cellular level. It can prove to be a powerful antioxidant and also keeps the blood pressure in balance.

    The effectiveness of this powerful herb steams from its leading active compound, Mitraphylline. The alkaloid pulls off an effect on the brain that makes the user feel like they took an opiate-like substance. Despite that, the herb does not let one crash into health problems that are evident in the case of opioids.

    Most herbal enthusiasts turn to Mitragyna Hirsuta to boost their stamina, and that is precisely what this herb does. Additionally, consumers also experience effects that are exciting and restorative.

    It can be the one-stop solution for those who wish to manage their stress and anxiety levels, and that is why many introverted consumers take it 30 minutes before they engage in a social event.

    Opioids are notorious for their harmful effects if taken at higher doses. This is why switching to this herbal solution proves to be a haven for anyone fighting with depression and anxiety. The herb might not induce the high that can come about by taking opioids or many Kratom strains, but it can still make the user euphoric for a considerable period.

    Also, drowsiness and a feeling of lethargy are pretty common after consuming Mitragyna Hirsuta with tea. There is nothing to worry about as long as you take the herb in the recommended dosage.

    Addiction is liable to occur with opium, but this herb will not do that, all thanks to its milder potential. Kratom induces effects that are like cocaine and opiate to treat muscle aches, but this herb can do the same without making you an addict.

    Origins of Mitragyna Hirsuta

    Tracing the herb back to its roots, it became popular when workers in the areas native to this tree began chewing the leaves. The leaves supposedly gave them a boost in stamina and energy, which kept them going throughout the day.

    Looking back in history, it is said that the herb was a part of many traditional treatments, all thanks to the healing effects that it gives. Even though it induces sedation that is somewhat similar to that of cannabis but it does not possess the psychoactive potential that cannabis does. The herb is mild and safe for use and also gives physiological effects that are much more beneficial than cannabis.

    Originally, locals took the leaves and crushed them until they got a fine texture. It was then added to betel leaves, and one would chew on it until the extract would come out. This was said to treat painful nerve stimulations that would arise from musculoskeletal aches.

    Can Mitragyna Hirsuta be the ultimate medicinal solution for you?

    The immediate effect that a moderate dose of Mitragyna Hirsuta can bring about is an increase in stamina and energy. Even at a low dosage, this medicinal plant can bring about a general feeling of well-being that many people desire. Sedation usually occurs at a higher dose but also provides relief from the discomfort that stems from raised stress levels.

    It is a mild stimulant that one can rely on to manage anxiety and in turn, improve the mood. It has proven to reduce the pain in musculoskeletal aches and injuries. All these effects can be seen after a moderate to low dose. It is a safe way to enhance focus and increase the lowered energy levels that usually accompany elevated stress and anxiety levels.

    There is no reason to consider this herb any less beneficial than Kratom as a moderate dose can induce the same stimulating effects that green Malay Kratom can. If taken at a higher dose, the relaxing effects are evocative to that of red vein Kratom.

    The legal status of Mitragyna Hirsuta

    Countless countries and states all around the world have banned the use of Kratom or any substance that contains its key alkaloids. But, Mitragyna Hirsuta is not considered to be anywhere near-fatal or dangerous for human use. Hence, the herb earns a legal status when it comes to selling and possession. Anyhow, there is no approval by the FDA to use it for medicinal purposes.

    Initially, the legal status of Mitragyna Hirsuta was in question by many, as it was assumed to be a cannabis alternative which was later proved to be false.

    According to recent findings, the herb induces non-psychological effects, unlike cannabis. Considering the therapeutic effects, it has become legal in most countries around the world.

    Nevertheless, some countries allow the leaves to be sold, but that is not the case for all countries. That is because there is a potential for many users to misuse the leaves. Therefore, you can only purchase the herb in the form of tinctures, powder, extract, or tea.

    Making your health a priority, it is best to consult your physician before consuming it, especially in case of a medical condition or pregnancy. Most users report getting the best out of it as they sip the tea at a slow pace.

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