The Difference Between Mitragyna Javanica And Kratom

    Kratom, also known as Kakuam, thong, biak, and thang from the biological family of Mitragyna, is a herbal supplement that has psychoactive properties similar to and less abusive to substances.

    Kratom leaves and the tea extracted from them act as pain relievers and energy-boosting agents. A current report says that people from medical backgrounds have been using Kratom leaves to cure diarrhea in Thailand.

    The worldwide stardom of Kratom is relative because of its utilization as a substitute for withdrawal from substance abuse. Besides its potential benefits, Kratom also possesses dosage-dependent addictiveness. Still, since the clinical data and research on Kratom are limited, there hasn’t been enough data analysis to determine whether Kratom’s side effects outweigh the benefits.

    Have you ever heard about the new ‘special’ Kratom?

    By far, you are now well aware of Kratom but have you ever heard about its cousin sister? “Mitragyna javanica.” If not, let’s dig deeper into the world of the Mitragyna dynasty.

    Mitragyna Javanica and Kratom

    ” Two cousins of the same family”

    Kratom and Javanica, biologically belonging to the Mitragyna family, share not only the same surname but also have some similar striking features.

    Both the Buddies are natives of Southeast Asia, possessing similar broad leaves with tall, sturdy stems; both herbs are indistinguishable to the naked eye. But this doesn’t account for their similarities in every aspect; both the herbs have different effects and potential.

    Chemically, Mitragyna javanica contains almost all the alkaloids similar to Kratom. However, we cannot map all its alkaloids because of the lack of research on Javanica. Its milder psychoactive potency is due to the lack of Kratom’s X factor, namely mitragynine and 7-hydroxy mitragynine. That gives you an instant boost of pleasure,  easiness, and euphoria.

    Despite these similarities, Kratom, and Javanica still have many significant differences.

    Give a thought to the cousins from your family who look alike but have entirely different personalities. The same goes for Kratom and Mitragyna Javanica.

    Is Mitragyna Javanica the new ‘special’ Kratom?

    Mitragyna javanica, because of its significant medical effect, is gaining popularity. Still, since the world knows Javanica more as Kratom’s alternative, the specialties of Mitragyna Javanica have been taken for granted since it lacks the psychoactive potency of Kratom. However, the features that make Javanica stand out in the wide gaze make it more popular among people.

    Tolerance to palate

    Kratom has a very bitter taste on the tongue, making it less likely to be utilized. People often combine Kratom with peanut butter and other edible herbs to make it bearable to taste .on the other hand, Javanica is well known for its less bitter and nearly bland taste, making it a better option. People using Javanica have even stated that it possesses no taste at all.

    Undenied medical benefits

    Javanica is a powerful herb with lots of value to offer; this herb has surpassed its benefits in the field of medicine and is widely known to be used in Southeast Asia to cure diseases like malaria, and has been responsive to fever and gastric problems, and is a known pain reliever.

    Mitragyna species is also known to control high blood pressure, a worldwide leading disorder, and is a common cause of death. Hopefully, with more research and studies analyzing the benefits of this plant soon, Mitragyna will be widely used to treat blood pressure and other underlying conditions.


    Although kratom is not banned in many countries and welcomed in many states, the  U.S Food and Drug Administration has warned the consumer about Kratom utilization and plans to go an extra mile by putting Kratom on a dosage controlled substance. Therefore people are now turning towards Javanica as it’s an effective alternative.

    Javanica, unlike Kraton, has no negative connotation attached and, because of lesser side effects, isn’t banned anywhere yet and is legal in Thailand and all 50 states. They are gaining massive popularity across the world as New kratom.

    Mood elevator

    Are you someone addicted to Kratom and want to get over it while still being able to enjoy its mood-elevating effect? Then Javanica is the right option for you. We provide you with a similar relaxing effect but a milder power than kratom. Lacking the X factor, Javanica hasn’t lacked all the psychoactive potency and provides relaxation and psychoactive benefits but in a lighter tone, making it less addictive and more efficient regarding limited dosage use.

    Infection fighter

    Research has shown that leaves of Mitragyna Javanica contain  73 fungal endophytes, the amount that might scare you out. Still, the brighter side of this research weighs the benefits of Javanica since out of all those fungal endophytes, 55 fungal endophytes possess antimicrobial activities. A trait that opens the door for Javanica as an infection-fighting agent in the coming world. The antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory effect of Mitragyna Javanica is a golden star in the progressing field of medicine.

    ‘Javanica’ is a better option for a healthy world.

    Because of its less addictiveness and strong effectiveness, Javanica is all set to rank its position in medicine, stepping towards a healthy world. Its relaxing effect and mood-lifting properties, alongside its undeniable medical benefits, call the world to have a proper data analysis and research on this magical herb. And the day is no longer far when every layperson will be well aware of Javanica and its utilization, especially in withdrawal of substance addiction.

    Why is Kratom still the talk of the town?

    After reading a list of Javanica benefits and supremacy, you must consider why Kratom is still more popular than Javanica. The reason for its unpopularity is because of its rarity.

    Fun fact

    Trees of Javanica are only grown in the outer forest. The reason why many people don’t even know about Mitragyna Javanica. Thailand is the only region where Javanica extends, known as “Krathumna.” The farmers and laborers in Thailand use this drug very widely and are well aware of it; after a long tiring day, Mitragyna species act as a treat by lifting their moods and relaxing their bodies, helping them get over their tiredness.

    Who will win the throne, Kratom or Javanica?

    Since the studies on Javanica are not adequate to enlist a broad detail about this herb, we are not yet aware of its side effects and toxicities; the rarity of the herb accounts for its unpopularity.

    On the other hand, Kratom has a wide-based fan following because of possessing a solid power in kicking that exciting, mood-enhancing, and euphoric feeling that Javanica’s use can’t attain. Besides its side effects and bitter taste, people using kratom are not ready to switch to Javanica anytime soon.

    So, for now, the clear winner is Kratom, but  that doesn’t undo the effectiveness of Javanica; as they say, ‘slow and steady wins the race.’

    Hard to decide what to choose?

    Since kratom and Mitragyna Javanica have similar chemical compositions except for some alkaloids that make Kratom more potent than Mitragyna Javanica, kratom, because of its toxicity and abusive potency, has gained a negative connotation.

    However, Dr. Wolter C profile and his co-author Bonnie A. Avery reputable pharmacologists from midwestern university, have stated in their research article on kratom that the widely used traditional herb of south Asia “Kratom” has not reportedly caused any large scale toxicity, and the significant evident benefits of this herb permit further research and analysis on its efficacy. 

    Whereas, Mitragyna Javanica being new and less toxic with similar features to Kratom, is gaining popularity among people. For the newbies stepping into this world of euphoria, Mitragyna Javanica can be a milder and a good start; further studies on Mitragyna Javanica will help decide whether the benefits of these herbs outweigh their side effects. Till then, consume both herbs with caution and control for a healthier, happier future.

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