Is Morning Glory Poisonous To Humans And Pets

    The unusual pattern and vibrant color of the Morning Glory flower may tempt you to pluck it. However, if somehow you and your pet engulf it, then some unfavorable symptoms will undoubtedly appear. The cause behind this is the high content of alkaloid substances in the Morning Glory.

    Meticulously, Morning Glory belongs to the family Convolvulaceae that specifically grows in hot atmospheres. The flower itself is not as toxic as the seed, which contains the psychoactive substance Lysergic acid or LSA. The LSA gives rise to somewhat analogous symptoms of LSD also called Lysergic diethylamide.

    Many species of Morning Glory are produced in the subtropical or temperate forest. These species are identified based on color. Those colors include pink, white, blue, purple, and yellow. 

    Nevertheless, it has been discovered that Lysergic Acid is a schedule three-drug and can lead to the appearance of physical and psychological outcomes. 

    Can Humans Eat Morning Glory?

    Albert Hoffman once accidentally consumed the Morning Glory. This incident led to the discovery of Lysergic Acid. Plus, it came out that LSA is also entitled Ergine which has psychedelic properties. Besides, Wikipedia says that many species of Convolvulaceae contain the related alkaloid. Thus, those species bring most probably the same symptoms as a hallucination.

    On the other hand, the fact that Morning Glory causes hallucination and makes users high, its consumption keeps on improving. Moreover, if we check the history, then it will come out that Morning Glory was used in tradition and religious rituals. People who want to encounter spiritual entities do ingest Morning Glory seeds.

    In contrast, another reason for Morning Glory consumption is its legitimacy and psychoactive properties that make people high. In many countries, it is adequately lawful to chew Morning  Glory, that is why its access is a bit convenient. 

    Now approaching the main question: Can humans eat Morning Glory? So the answer is yes. The Morning Glory has been eaten up for more than decades by humans. However, the consumer must face adverse consequences, as LSA brings some side effects. Nevertheless, Wikipedia pointed out that side effects of Morning Glory or Ergine do not lead to direct death. 

    Despite that, one should be cautious with the consumption of Morning Glory since it is somehow toxic. Plus, its side effects or bad trip can induce some inconvenience. 

    Can Pets Eat Morning Glory?

    Morning Glory is highly poisonous for pets, including cats, horses, and dogs. However, the toxicity is not caused by any species of Morning Glory. It is indicated that purple Ipomoea violacea and pink Ipomoea carnea are dangerous for dogs owing to their toxicity.

    Ergine in Morning Glory directly affects the nervous system of dogs and provokes the abnormal secretions of hormones and neurotransmitters, namely glutamate and serotonin. Not only this but the heart of the dog can also be affected by the consumption of Ipomoea violacea and Ipomoea carnea.

    That is why if your pets or especially dogs have accidentally chewed the Morning Glory seed, then immediately call the veterinarian. He will conduct some tests of your pet and make a diagnosis as early as possible. Since late action can impact the health of the pet to a great extent hence cause trouble. 

    ASPCA gave instructions to the pet owners that if their pet somehow engulfed Morning Glory seeds, then they should take that specific plant with themselves and show it to the veterinarian. This very action will benefit veterinarians to make early diagnoses and hence treatment. Consequently, the adverse effect most probably will be diminished. 

    Symptoms Of Morning Glory Poisoning In Humans

    Consumption of Morning Glory brings some common symptoms with itself. However, some people do encounter unique symptoms as well, which most of the time are not predictable. Often the probability of unusual symptoms is more in those people who get a bad trip. 

    Nevertheless, research indicated that consumers of Morning Glory seeds most commonly get symptoms of hallucination and diarrhea. 

    Besides that, these symptoms may be psychological or physical. Albert Hoffman says that we felt sluggishness, dizziness, and detachment after chewing Morning Glory. 

    Some most frequently observed symptoms include:

    • High heart rate and escalated blood pressure
    • Nausea and vomiting
    • Dilated pupils
    • Hallucination or visual disturbance
    • Muscle twitching and cramps
    • Tiredness

    Despite being poisonous, Morning Glory seeds consumers sometimes do not show any symptoms other than light hallucination and detachment. However, at the same time, some users of Morning Glory seeds pointed out that they even lost their memory after 30 minutes of consuming those seeds. 

    Contrastingly, it is learned that people after taking Morning Glory do depict the following symptoms.

    • Agitation
    • Loss of appetite
    • Long sleep
    • Paranoia

    To encapsulate, the symptoms of Morning Glory poisoning in humans are not fatal. However, they are dangerous. Besides, consumers can somewhat try to avoid bad trips and terrible symptoms by taking a low dose in a pacified environment since it is perceived that most often, consumers get to encounter perilous and unwanted symptoms when they directly take a high dose.

    If one follows the precautions, then the hazardous symptoms will automatically be suppressed. Consequently, consumers’ motive to get high from Morning Glory will, fortunately, be accomplished. 

    Nonetheless, some symptoms are unavoidable, in contrast, other symptoms are unpredictable. Moreover, the fact that Morning Glory seeds are poisonous cannot be ignored. Thus, one should always be cautious while consuming Morning Glory. 

    Symptoms Of Morning Glory Poisoning In Pets

    Morning glory seeds are more deadly in pets as compared to humans. However, some symptoms of Morning Glory seeds’ consumption are similar in humans and animals. Besides, unlike humans, pets do not take Morning Glory or if they accidentally do, it is recommended to get them checked by a vet. Early action and treatment can save your pets. 

    Furthermore, the symptoms of Morning Glory in animals are a bit similar, unlike in humans. Research shows that pets like horses, cats, and especially dogs after ingesting toxic Morning Glory Ipomoea violacea and Ipomoea carnea seeds depict subsequent symptoms:

    • Hallucination
    • Nausea
    • Diarrhoea
    • Ataxia
    • Anaemia
    • Loss of appetite
    • Tremors 
    • Disorientation
    • Liver failure
    • Dilated pupils 
    • Incoordination
    • Lethargy

    Moreover, vets have instructed that pets, especially cats and dogs having issues with the liver, must be more careful towards Morning Glory. Their owners must not plant Ipomoea violacea and Ipomoea carnea in their locality. Otherwise, some perilous consequences have to be encountered. 

    Are All Types Of Morning Glory Poisonous?

    Well, all types or species of Morning Glory are not poisonous. Some of the species are used for decoration only. For instance, Moonflower is noticeable for adding beauty and life to places like gardens or even houses. However, some species of Morning Glory are edible and do not cause any sort of unfavorable consequences. Those edible Morning Glory seeds include sweet potatoes and white Spanish. Both of them are used in meals in many countries of the world. 

    Nevertheless, the species or types of Morning Glory that lead to the appearance of hazardous symptoms are Morning Glory Vines. More concisely, the Ipomoea violacea and Ipomoea carnea cause toxicity if ingested. These purple and pink flowers are good to engross attention but are poisonous for pets, especially in dogs, horses, and cats. 

    Besides that, it is understood that dosing plays a requisite character in deciding the toxicity of Morning Glory. The dose that people consume to encounter spiritual experience is more or less similar to the dose that is considered poisonous and has the slightest difference. Therefore, it is recommended to get full information about the dosing, otherwise disastrous effects can be met. 

    Treatment Of Morning Glory Toxicity

    Since the toxicity of Morning Glory is more severe in pets, especially dogs, therefore, they will have to pass through stages of treatment. After making the diagnosis and identifying the symptoms, the vet will immediately set your dog up for treatment.

    Following are the stages of treatment that your veteran will perform

    Dull Environment

    Firstly, a veteran will take your pet to a dull environment. The reason behind this is to give your pet as much comfort as possible. Moreover, pets’ calm behaviour will assist the vet in diagnosing the problem profoundly. Plus, pets will not show any irregular stimulation. 


    Since the poisonous morning glory directly affects the digestive system, decontaminating the pet’s body will be proven helpful. However, most of the time, the underlying cause is a bit different. That is why performing decontamination will not be helpful or more appropriately effective.  

    IV Fluids And Diazepam

    If the vet finds any sort of abnormality in the cardiovascular system, then he will add IV fluid to the treatment of your pet. Besides that, if symptoms like tremors and seizures are noticed, then the medicine named Diazepam will also be given to your pet. 

    Monitoring Of Heart Rate And Temperature

    Since Ipomoea violacea and Ipomoea carnea seeds sometimes increase the body temperature and cardiac rate. Thus, it is necessary to keep checking them. So, the heart rate and temperature can be balanced. Hence, the adverse consequences will be regulated. 

    Post cautions

    After being done with pet treatment, the veteran will instruct you on some post cautions. That will eventually bring back your pet’s health. Those post cautions include the visits, proper monitoring, and specific diet. Plus, it will be suggested to you, to avoid such incidents in future. 


    Morning Glory seeds are more perilous for pets in comparison to humans. However, since the consequences are pretty similar in both humans and pets, therefore, both must avoid its consumption.

    In contrast, humans’ resilience is way finer than pets, but high dosing can be proven lethal.

    Lastly, it is proposed to be aware of the symptoms and treatment of Morning Glory toxicity. This will surely persuade you to take early action.

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