Most Popular Sativa Strains To Look Out For In 2023

    Cannabis Sativa strains are a hot commodity among cannabis users who want only this herb’s energizing and stimulating impact. When you try this botanical, look for the strains that make a difference. However, finding the best Sativa strain for you can be confusing.

    This is where customer reviews and some knowledge of Sativa strains come in. You can decide which shop to turn to and look towards different strains that have made a difference in their lives.

    Popular Sativa Strains

    Here are some of the strains that you must try at least once! And the results will have to be amazing. This ranking is prepared based on customer reviews and our experience. Enjoy the read, and get closer to the strain you desire!

    1. Jack Herer Autoflower Marijuana Seeds

    The Jack Herer Autoflower seeds produce a plant that will provide a boost of energy, some clear-mindedness, and lots of positivity. Who doesn’t want to be ahead of others regarding work quality and professional success? These seeds grow indoors and outdoors; a little care will ensure the grower gets all the Sativa benefits.

    Jack Herer is a hybrid with a 40% Indica and 50 percent Sativa strain composition. It is a compact plant with a piney and citrus note. Definitely, one of the strains that you would want to try.

    2. Amnesia Haze Autoflower Marijuana Seeds

    One of the few Sativa strains with a higher THC level, Amnesia Haze Autoflower is for consumers who want to forget their daily struggles for some time. These seeds thrive; full plant growth takes only a few weeks to produce big buds with sparkling trichomes. While the buds are hard to bust up, the impact of this strain is quick and will not require any time to set in! Moreover, this strain takes you far from daily issues but keeps your senses alert.

    3. Super Silver Haze Feminized

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    The Super Silver Haze Feminized has a 90% Sativa strain and only contains a small mix of Indica properties. You can rely on this strain for many active effects, but there are also some calming properties. This plant can grow indoors and outdoors, so you always get a great result within weeks. The mix of Skunk, Northern Lights, and Haze is this Super Silver Haze, which will keep you enthralled for hours.

    4. Super Orange Haze Auto Feminised Seeds

    The Orange Haze Auto Feminised seeds are a new twist to the old strains that everyone knows and loves. These seeds grow into a plant in 80 days, a short cycle that can suit those who seek results impatiently! You can grow this indoors and outdoors, but nurture it with rich soil and temperate conditions. The Orange Haze will give fruit and will also multiply within a short time. This strain’s zesty and refreshing impact makes it one of the sought-after Sativa strains in today’s world!

    5. Apricot Papaya Feminised Seeds

    The Apricot Papaya Feminised seeds are another excellent choice for all those who seek good results from botanicals. This sturdy feminized plant grows in a few weeks, and the earthy, fruity flavor can invigorate your senses sooner than the growth! This Sativa strain will keep the nerves relaxed, but it improves the moods while giving a fruity richness in the way people desire. This strain has a lot of consumption because of the aromatic and flavorful experience.

    6. Hippieberry Feminised Seeds

    This strain’s premium sweet, fruity aroma makes it a hit among consumers worldwide. Whether you are an early-morning cannabis user or like to take it before calling it a day, this strain can be a perfect fit.

    The 10-week indoor plant will give you an aromatic and flavorful stimulation. Enjoy this strain within a few weeks of plantation with minimal care.

    7. Dream Queen Feminised Seeds

    The Drama Queen is named appropriately because this strain does not settle without changing the scenario. The big, bright, and frosty buds are flavorful and impactful. You will not have to take another dose shortly because the long-lasting impact will make you want to relish these moments a bit longer! Even as the Drama Queen impact dwindles, it remains amazing!

    8. Green Goblin Feminized Marijuana Seeds

    And now, at the last slot, we have the Green Goblin, but this one is not mean and not at all evil! The green, enticing strain is excellent for energized, stimulated, and happy effects. However, this strain can suffice if you are also looking for a few hours’ break from work. It can grow indoors and outdoors, but it only demands one thing from your care! Look after this short plant, and as it grows, it will return all the same to the consumers!


    Sativa strains are popular among consumers, but some are so popular that it almost becomes necessary for everyone; try this article from plantsofmerit. We have listed some of the best ones for you, and you will love each. Try and grow one of these strains because they are potent and have fantastic effects!

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