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    To find out where to get essential oils, you’ve probably researched the internet and discovered a wide variety of possibilities. Anyone may have a perspective about where to get essential oils, from websites to sizable essential oil corporations. 

    This company has been around for a while, and you’ll find its name on many other great resources online. So let’s take an honest look at them to see if they are worth your time and money!

    First off, an essential oil company should be transparent about getting its oils. Without this information, it’s almost impossible to know if the quality will be good or not. Of course, all essential oil companies try to sell their brand of oils first and foremost, but the most responsible ones will also offer some unbiased information and a list of brands that they trust.

    What Are The Ingredients And Products?

    Providing organic herbs and spices, and teas is a central tenet of the brand. A wide variety of advantages accrue to both consumers and the environment due to this. This farming relies heavily on soil improvement, crop production, and recycling.

    Your health and the sustainability of the environment are being protected by purchasing organic goods, which do not contain dangerous pesticides.

    They have a wide variety of herbs and spices available for purchase on their web, from rare exotics to everyday staples. Many herbal potions and pills are also available at the store.

    Among the best-selling products are its highly purified essential oils, which can be used for anything from massage to making your household items. Essential oil mixtures are also available from the company.

    Its herbal specialists have created a variety of combinations, including insect and anti-aging mixtures and much more. When it comes to their oils, they say you may contact the contact center if you are concerned with having a Gas chromatography-mass evaluation.

    Rating Scale


    The price, quality, and overall experience they get will blow clients away. To use essential oils therapeutically and for those who wish to include them in their daily routine. 

    Even with the client experience, these businesses frequently go well beyond duty.


    Definitely worth the money and the effort. These oils may be used for both medicinal and lifestyle purposes. A few bonuses and other details may miss from their offerings.


    It contrasts with other businesses but misses the mark of other firms that excel in excellence, costs, and customer satisfaction. Therapeutically, these oils are helpful, but they might not have been the healthiest.


    Normal. This corporation is somewhere in the field in terms of revenue. There is no doubt that this is one of the better options. There is significant potential for improvement in at least one area in many cases.

    These oils smell nice since they tend to have a pleasant fragrance. It’s unlikely that you’ll be satisfied with the outcomes of using it for health applications.


    Unsatisfactory. Many better solutions are available than this.


    Not even worth discussion.

    What Is The Cost Of Their Products?

    Money may not be all of it, but this is a frequently asked query for the many essential oil companies. Is there a cost? No matter what your budget is, we’ll inform you which essential oils are the most affordable and the most expensive, so you can make a rational decision about which oils to buy.

    However, the prices for three of the best-selling essential oil of Mountain Rose Herbs are:

    • Lavender $12.75 for 15 mL
    • Frankincense $37.50 for 15 mL
    • Peppermint $8.75 for 15 mL

    How To Select Yours?

    When it comes to essential oils, we don’t think you’ll have the time or energy to shop around for them from various vendors. There is nothing I can do for you.

    On the other hand, it may be more necessary for you to purchase from an online retailer with an extensive selection of products, rather than one that carries lavender essential oil to make your clothes and house smell lovely. With our aid, you’ll be able to grasp your alternatives better when it comes to purchasing oil.

    What About The Quality?

    The importance of purity or quality cannot be overstated. The quality of essential oils, if you’re trying for organic oils or clinical advantages, is crucial since it significantly impacts the outcomes you get. And if you’re looking for results, quality should be a priority.

    Do They Offer A Guarantee?

    A guarantee is always reassuring, especially when you’re spending a lot of cash on something. If an essential oil company doesn’t have a warranty, it’s not worth your time or money.

    Vendor-to-Client Relationship

    Eco-friendly businesses provide better pricing to save transportation waste and costs, making buying large quantities of products more accessible. Customer feedback is a crucial part of customer service, and a large selection of products makes the buying process easy.

    This is something you will appreciate as a buyer because if it’s difficult for you to find an oil that suits your needs, you’ll be less likely to purchase from them again in the future.

    What Is Their Customer Service Like?

    A business proud of its excellent customer support will often go the extra mile to help you, even if they’re not obliged to. The detail you can find out about an essential oil or any other product is undoubtedly closely related to how much this company values your satisfaction and happiness as a client.

    The client experience encourages people to keep coming back to a company, learn about new products, and tell their friends about their beautiful background. This is the ideal goal that every business should have.

    Do They Offer Money Back Guarantee?

    A 60-day money-back guarantee is included in their no-hassle return policy in case you’re dissatisfied with any cause with your purchase.

    Moreover, you can search for more information on different brands’ return and refund policies in our posts dedicated to this topic.

    Complaints/Reviews Posted Online

    Reading complaints and reviews is one of the quickest ways to get an idea about a company. It can also give you an idea about the quality of their oils, customer service, and other areas that they may not be doing so well in.

    Customers at Mountain Rose Herbs love this essential oil company. They’re happy with the fast shipping and excellent customer service they receive.

    Many customers have nothing but great things to say about their experiences with Mountain Rose Herbs, like the ones included below:

    “I’m completely beyond impressed. Not only was my order processed perfectly and shipped promptly, but the quality of the oils was impeccable. I will definitely be ordering from Mountain Rose Herbs again soon!”

    “This is my second order with this company and I have nothing but good things to say. The shipping was very fast and the quality of the oils is great. I will definitely order from them again.”

    How Can We Get The Lab Testing Report?

    If you’re looking for a company that goes the extra mile to provide transparency and high-quality essential oils, then Mountain Rose Herbs is your best option. You can request their lab testing report to see how pure and unadulterated their oils are.

    You can contact them at (800) 879-3337 or to receive more information about their products and services.

    Take Away

    Mountain Rose Herbs is a family-owned business that has been on the market since 1987. It’s one of those companies that truly care about their clients and believes in providing excellent products.

    Is all this enough to make them your number one choice for buying essential oils? If you found this article interesting, leave us some feedback and share it with your friends!

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