How Much Do Weed Seeds Cost?

    Before growing marijuana, the initial costs and equipment may seem intimidating. Breaking things down into smaller steps, on the other hand, can make it easier to wrap your head around it and finally take action.

    The cost of seeds is discussed in this article. We’ll go over how to determine which aspects of seeds are worth paying for. We will answer the question, “How much do weed seeds cost?”

    You’ll also learn how and where to compare prices and the general price range to expect to ensure you’re getting the best deal on your seeds.

    Factors Affecting the Price of Weed Seeds


    High-quality genetics is one of the most important aspects of seed worth the money. As a general rule, the higher the quality of the genes, the higher the cost of the seed.

    High-quality genetics are obtained from reputable seed banks and breeders who will not exploit people by cross-breeding an average male with a high-quality female.

    Supply and Demand

    Seed prices fluctuate depending on how many are available and how high the demand is at any given time. Certain strains are more popular than others, and sometimes a specific strain will receive extra attention, such as if it has recently won an award.

    Companies will likely raise prices if there is a lot of demand for a specific seed but not enough supply to meet it. This is basic economics, but it’s easy to overlook external factors when shopping for seeds.

    Production Costs

    Production costs are another factor that influences seed prices. These primarily concern the breeding work that created the seeds, including specialized seeds such as feminized and auto-flowering varieties.

    Both are much more common (and of higher quality) than in the past. Still, it should be no surprise that they are a little more expensive than “regular” seeds, especially when you consider that they will allow the grower to get your buds sooner after a short and easy growing season.

    Potential Legal Issues

    Of course, while most Americans agree that cannabis should be legalized by now, there are still many areas and states where growing or possessing marijuana is illegal. The good news is that things are moving in the right direction; the number of states that have legalized marijuana grows each year.

    Buying seeds takes on new significance if you live in an explicitly illegal state or a legal grey area. If marijuana is illegal in your home state, your options for purchasing seeds are somewhat limited.

    This is primarily due to the lack of the option of walking into a physical store and purchasing seeds while asking shop clerks about their various wares.

    Instead, you’ll have to look online and order the seeds to be delivered discreetly to your door. It would help if you trusted the seed bank, so purchase from a reputable online store like Seed Supreme.

    THC Content

    The THC levels of the strain you are purchasing are another factor influencing the price of weed seeds with high thc content. The THC content level directly correlates to the price; the higher the THC content of the strain, the higher the cost of the seeds. THC-rich seeds typically sell for three times the price of their low-quality, low-THC counterparts. Of course, it makes sense when you consider the price per amount of THC; the higher the THC, the fewer seeds you need to buy!

    Tips for Finding Affordable Marijuana Seeds

    Do your research

    Before clicking the “submit” button on your seed purchase, ensure you’ve done your homework. Begin by wondering how much marijuana seeds cost.

    Read some articles about the various seeds available and research which seeds are best suited to your grow setup. This will give you a better idea of the characteristics to look for in different seeds, and you won’t waste money on something that won’t grow properly for you.

    Price comparison

    Examine various seed banks and compare their prices for the strains you’re interested in purchasing. Find out what kinds of bundles and guarantees they offer. For example, I Love Growing Marijuana guarantees seed delivery — but did you know we also guarantee seed germination?

    If you end up with seeds that don’t germinate, you can get new ones. This is extremely valuable for any grower, new or old because it guarantees some success for your money.

    As a result, when comparing prices, make sure you also compare the other benefits.

    Look for special offers, sales, and VIP programs

    Finding deals, sales, discounts, and VIP programs is one way to get good seeds for a lower price. These can be an excellent way to save money on the desired strain.

    They also enable you to obtain more seeds for the same price as fewer seeds. You can save your seeds for future growing seasons to maximize your yield.

    VIP programs, also known as loyalty programs, allow those who wish to continue ordering from the same seed bank to enjoy certain perks and benefits, such as vouchers of various dollar amounts, which provide a discount on their next order. This can be extremely beneficial, especially if you intend to grow marijuana more than once.

    Purchase from a seed bank directly

    Buying weed seeds from a seed bank rather than a middleman is the best way to ensure high-quality seeds. It also allows you to purchase various types and strains of seeds without worrying about the quality of the one you’re trying for the first time. These seed banks take their work seriously, providing you with peace of mind as a customer.

    You can also get free seeds from a friend who grows marijuana, but that is unlikely unless you already know someone who grows and has seeds to spare.

    Dealers can sell you seeds, but the quality is not guaranteed. If you live in a state where it is legal and there are enough seed banks, you can visit them in person.

    Get Recommendations

    People trust recommendations for a reason. Ask fellow growers how much marijuana seeds normally cost. This can help you anticipate prices, at least from the grower’s perspective. Online articles about seed banks and strains can also provide recommendations. Many websites compare seeds and banks side by side to give you, the consumer, the best overview.

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