Mystic Island Kratom Review 2024: Legit Or Scam?

    Are you looking for high-quality kratom and unsure of where to look? It might be tough to discover trustworthy, high-quality suppliers who care about their consumers in the wide world of social kratom merchants.

    We’ll be looking at this vendor’s pricing, goods, and customer service in this study. It’s up to you to determine whether or not Mystic Island Kratom is one of those online kratom businesses that are worth your time and money.

    What Is Mystic Island Kratom?

    Leading kratom seller Mystic Island Kratom has its headquarters in the United States. As a result, they are renowned for their fast delivery, high-quality kratom supplies, and reasonable costs.

    The lack of information regarding the seller’s origins and history has some consumers wondering what this vendor is really like. The seller seems to have been in business since at least 2017 based on evidence found online.

    In addition to its South Pacific Mitragyna Speciosa and unique kratom powders and specialized mixes, this seller is well-known for its expertise in this particular strain ‘’Red Bali’’.

    Mystic Island Kratom looks to be a well-known vendor with a devoted client base because of its high-quality goods, fair costs, speedy delivery, and proper customer care. Customers have described this provider as one of the most dependable marketplaces.

    Mystic Island’s Product Line

    It is important to note that Mystic Island kratom has various items to choose from, including powders, mixes, and their original formulations. The sole drawback for some consumers is that their kratom is only available in powder form, with no extract or capsule choices.

    The range of powders available is still rather astounding, even though there aren’t many different types of kratom to choose from. These powders are divided into four categories:

    • Mystic Creatures
    • Vet/Customer Blends
    • Mystic Gems
    • Originals

    Customers are wowed by the variety of strains offered in the Original category alone, including 25 types.

    What Price Do They Charge?

    The island’s true brilliance may be found here. Almost all Kratom strains are available for around $4 a gram, making their costs quite reasonable. The following is a breakdown of the various amounts you may purchase:

    • 25g for $4
    • 75g for $10
    • 125g for $18
    • 250g for $28
    • 500g for $42
    • 1kg for $79

    Buying in bulk saves you money. Almost all of their items have the exact pricing, with just a few outliers. While it may seem odd that the price difference between original and blended products is so tiny, it is not.


    • Image amongst customers is excellent.
    • Kilos are available for purchase.
    • The delivery of goods is expedited.
    • A broad range of options
    • The customer selects their own.
    • Pleasant outcomes
    • Bitcoins are accepted
    • Preventing tampering


    • The findings of a lab test are not made public.
    • Unfortunately, there are no complimentary samplers.
    • There are just a few payment alternatives available.

    Discounts And Coupons

    There are a lot of bargains and discounts available from this merchant, including bulk sales. The company has previously supplied clients with promotional coupons redeemable for divided kilograms and other items.

    Customer Support

    Customers may contact Mystic Island Kratom by phone and email, and via the company’s website. When the firm is open from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. on weekdays, expect to hear from them.

    One of the biggest perks of this vendor is the ability for consumers to provide user comments and even fresh ideas or insights to assist the vendor in growing and developing their goods.

    Customers like this option because it fosters trust in the seller by allowing them to see and hear what they have to say. This demonstrates that Mystic Island Kratom values its customers’ comments and strives to meet their requirements.

    To get in touch with Mystic Island Kratom, please use the following information:

    • Email @

    • Phone @


    Do They Have Any Return Policy?

    Purchasing goods from this merchant is quite simple. There are just three rules to follow:

    • All sales are final.
    • Any refunds must be requested within three business days.
    • An order number must be presented at the time of the refund request.
    • Mystic Island Kratom will refund your money within five business days upon receiving your request.
    • Mystic Island Kratom does not currently offer a warranty for its products on its website.

    What Are Users Saying About It?

    Users mostly describe this seller as providing quality goods and outstanding customer service. This vendor tends to go above and beyond when giving products to their clients.

    What About Shipping?

    To ensure prompt delivery of your purchases, place them between Monday and Saturday before 2 pm EST. As a result, they’ll all be approved and dispatched on the same day.

    You will have to wait around 48 hours for shipping, even though the firm advertises same-day delivery. If you don’t want to be disappointed, don’t set your expectations too high.

    When it comes to shipments, the corporation draws primarily on

    • Priority Mail from the United States Postal Service
    • First-Class Postal Service

    Which states doesn’t Mystic ship to?

    According to the disclaimer statement, the following states are expressly excluded from the company’s shipping policy.

    • Indiana 
    • Alabama
    • Wisconsin 
    • Arkansas 
    • Vermont 

    Is The Vendor Worth The Hype?

    Amateurs and experienced users alike will be able to use the company’s website without any difficulty. The “About Us” pages, product pages, and contact information are all readily available for your convenience.

    These links are neatly located on their main page for your convenience. You may also utilize the search tool to make your surfing experience more efficient.

    However, there is such a thing as too much simplicity. It’s common for product descriptions to be short and to the point. As a newcomer looking to learn more about the company’s offerings, you’ll be constrained by this.

    Nevertheless, bear in mind that sellers may be limited in the things they offer as a result of legal difficulties. The Food and Medicine Administration (FDA) has not yet given its approval to any product, including Kratom, as a drug or nutritional supplement.

    Are They Lab Verified?

    The vendor promotes the use of Kratom as a supplement and does not make any medical claims about their products.

    However, they do offer links to reputable news websites such as Consumer Affairs and Quackwatch, where you can read more about what scientists have to say about this drug.

    Mystic Island Kratom offers no info on whether or

    What Can We Conclude?

    Mystic Island Kratom is a reliable vendor that deserves its place in the minds of consumers. The company has an enviable range of products to choose from, all at reasonable prices. Their customer service team is committed to your satisfaction, which counts for a lot.

    On the downside, their website is too simplistic for our liking. The company also ships to specific states only, making it impossible for customers elsewhere to buy their products.

    Nevertheless, this vendor has earned enough support to remain in operation for over 5 years now. Why not give them a shot, especially if you reside in one of the excluded states?

    Mystic Island Kratom will make it easy to place your orders. You’ll find things to be straightforward and your questions, if any, will be answered immediately.

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