Njoy Kratom Review – 100% All Natural Kratom

    Njoy Kratom is a USA-based online vendor that provides you the harvest of Kratom leaves. The vendor physically exists in the proximity of Rockville. Njoy claims excellence in organic and sustainable farming. To be specific, Njoy is currently dealing in two Kratom forms; powders and capsules. The vendor has been in the spotlight of Kratom products because of its versatile team that comprises herbalists, botanists, and local plantation owners.

    Moreover, the vendor’s customer base expands over millions. However, despite the vendor claiming to satisfy millions of customers every year, there are no customer feedback traces on their official website or social media platforms, which is disappointing.

    Products AVAILABLE at Njoy Kratom

    As already discussed, Njoy only deals in two main forms, powder, and capsules. As far as the powders are concerned, powder of all major strains is available at Njoy Kratom. You can find a wide range of strains, from plain Bali to white vein colors. Njoy also claims excellence in Maeng Da, Green, and Java Green strains.

    In addition to this, different proprietary blends can also be bought at the online store of Njoy. Moreover, if you are in a quest to purchase extract, the vendor also provides Kratom extracts with the help of their partnered alliance with the other vendors.

    Extracts are relatively potent than the ones in powdered form. Therefore, serious side effects of Kratom extracts can be anticipated. So, it’s better to use extracts in minute quantity. In the category of blends, only one type of blend is available called Kratom Connoisseur which is a mix.

    You may not be able to get unique blends from this vendor. However, they have proven expertise in the capsule category with a wide variety of all major Kratom types. Like powdered form, green, white, red, and other Kratom types have been incorporated in the capsules to facilitate consumers.  

    The safety concerns when using Njoy Products

    The very first thing I was concerned about was that whether this vendor can be trusted or not. Luckily, I found all relevant lab test reports on their website, which provided me a green signal to proceed with shopping at Njoy. Moreover, their lab testing method is also approved by concerned authorities. I also saw an approval certificate on their website, which further helped me build trust in this vendor. In addition to this, Njoy follows manufacturing procedures that are consistent with the protocols.

    However, one thing that has bothered me about this vendor is that the Njoy Kratom is AKA GMP certified. Being uncertified with this body implies that no one knows how the Kratom strains are processed at Njoy, making its products suspicious to some extent.

    Another area of concern is that the company does not undertake the responsibility of testing all the batches. So, despite its lab reports vividly displayed on the website, you cannot be sure about the vendor’s reliability.

    Kratom Product Prices at Njoy Kratom

    The prices, as vividly displayed, on the website starts from as low as $9.99. However, you may also find certain products above $30. Thus, I second the opinion that prices at Njoy are relatively high than other vendors, and it’s not inexpensive at all.

    To be exact, the price of 30 grams of the Njoy’s white Maenga Da Kratom is $30, which is undoubtedly high. So, I concluded their competitive strategy is not based on cost leadership. However, I believe that their competitive strategy is based on quality.

    What can be the reasons for proceeding with Njoy Kratom?

    You may find your reasons to shop at this vendor. I believe that the quality of the stimulants provided by this vendor is relatively good than others. In addition to this, their refund policy also incentivizes customers.

    Another uncommon feature of this vendor is the availability of Kratom stimulants in capsule form. So, consumers like me who are allergic to the powder can find their way out when shopping at this vendor. Last but not least, one of the notable perks that I enjoyed with Njoy is the same-day and free shipping.

    Shipping and Payment

    My shipping experience was quite good with the Njoy. When I ordered the first time, I got my package delivered on the same day I had ordered. The company did not charge me a single penny as my location was in their free delivery range.

    Furthermore, they sent me a courier through FedEx, but they also use other reliable sources like USPS and UPS for delivery purposes. I want to add that my second order arrived the next day.

    The reason behind my package arriving late might be the fact that I proceeded to check out after office hours. Though I paid for both orders using a credit card, you can also avail yourself the cash-on-delivery option. In brief, their shipping method is trusted and quick.

    While reading their guidelines about the shipping, I came to know that Njoykratom will not take any responsibility if the product is damaged by the third party services such as FedEX. I was bit reluctant to order from them after reading these instructions but when I received the order for the first time I realized the packaging of the capsules and powder was exceptionally good and there is a very less chance of any damage.

    Customer Service

    Overall customer service of the vendor is satisfactory. What I liked the most about them is that you can easily reach out to the administration through their contact number and structured form available on the website.

    Moreover, if you have a concern or query, you can ask for questions in the same structured contact form. Unlike other vendors, Njoy Kratom responds to the queries at the earliest. However, the response can be delayed if you contact them after office hours.  

    Return policy

    The return policy of Njoy is comparatively very good compared to the other brands. The first step towards claiming a return is all about connecting with the Njoy team via email or call within 24 hours of delivery. In case of the wrong delivery of the product, you can claim a full refund or replacement. However, there are specific requirements in order to get a successful claim.

    The company demands the product to be unopened, unused, and be in its original packing. The company holds the right to cancel the claim if any of the products are found used.

    Moreover, if the company is at fault, they will provide you with shipping charges. However, if the error is from a third party such as FedEx, USPS, or UPS company, Njoy does not take any responsibility. Therefore, if the product is damaged by the end of the courier company, the company will not replace or refund the amount. You can purchase insurance if you do not trust the transportation of these companies.

    NJOY KRATOM discount and coupons

    When it comes to discounts and coupons, Njoy provides the best deal. There are multiple deals and discounts added on their website daily. You can find discounts up to 35% on 20+ products on their website.

    Moreover, you can also surf the internet to find out the best coupons for your order. All you have to do is to copy and paste the coupon while ordering your desired product. ( bonus: add “slyng”  in the coupon section to get exciting discounts)

    My experience

    Well, my personal experience with the 42 count kratom red Malay capsules was good to some extent. Firstly, The best thing about them is their delivery. Whenever I ordered from their website, I received my parcel within the next 3 or 4 days. Moreover, I loved using them because there are significantly less vendors that are giving you capsules to use.

    The prices are pretty budget-friendly as well, and the cash-on-delivery option always suits me. However, when I searched for the Kratom capsules and found this vendor, I was really afraid to order from them because, there were no customer reviews available on the internet. Therefore, I was unable to judge the quality of the product.

    When I finally got my order from them, I was very happy because they sent some free stuff too. After using Njoy products, I instantly saw the effects, yet, I would still recommend that they are of exceptionally high potency. They should use the standardized amount of stimulant in it.

    Final thoughts

    There are multiple order options available in the market as well when it comes to buying the best kratom. However, if you want your order to be delivered to you as soon as possible with high-quality products, Njoy kratom is a very good option. Another great thing about Njoy is that they provide perfect blend of kratom in capsules; therefore, if you want to experience Quality Kratom Products, do Njoy.

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