Organa Kratom: An Authentic Brand Review – 2024

    People are increasingly turning from traditional medicine to natural alternatives. Kratom is an evergreen tree native to Southeast Asia and looks very similar to coffee plants. As it provides amazing solutions for many forms of chronic pain, Kratom is being sold widely by several companies.

    One of these is “Organa Kratom,” which provides natural, organic, and hygienic strains of Kratom! This document will summarize the types of strains available, lab testing and AKA GMP Qualifications, payment, shipment and return, false information, and social media handles.

    Organa Kratom Analysis

    Recommended forHealthy lifestyle
    Popular ProductsGreen Bali, Organa Gold Kratom
    Extraction MethodCO2 extraction
    Lab Testing TransparencyThird-party lab test results are available on their website
    Lab Testing AvailabilityCertificate of the analysis found on the website
    Price RangeFor the powder form 9 USD – 55 USD. For the capsules form 30 USD – 70 USD. 
    ShippingCurrently only ships in the US
    DeliveryWithin 24 hours after payment is received
    GuaranteeISO-accredited third-party laboratories
    ContaminantsNo heavy metals, microbial contaminants, fungicides, and pesticides
    Refund PolicyClaims for damaged products have to be made within a 30-day money-back guarantee available for customers
    Customer ServiceEmail:
    Countries ServedUSA

    8 MUST TRY Strains Of Organa Kratom

    A vast spectrum of strains is available worldwide. All these strains originate from different countries and all have respectively different effects on the consumer. The strains that are available at Organa Kratom are mentioned below, as are their effects.

    1. Maeng Da Kratom

    A popular strain of Kratom, Maeng Da kratom is available in capsules and powder, in any respectable Kratom store. It is widely used by people who need to improve their focus and stay alert.

    Being exceptionally potent, it can show significant effects in low doses (1-2 grams).

    2. Bali Kratom

    The most “Opioid-like” of all Kratom strains, Bali is an effective pain reliever, and is very helpful in conditions such as depression and chronic pain.

    New users of the Bali Kratom are recommended to use this strong strain in low quantities (1-3 grams), as it is quite effective, and might not suit their needs.

    3. Kapuas Kratom

    In high demand, Kapuas strains provide cheerfulness and ecstasy, as well as increased vitality, making it popular amongst students. In moderate doses (1-4 grams), Kapuas Kratom is recommended for its efficiency.

    4. Sumatra Kratom

    Depending on the species, this particular strain might be sleep-inducing or energizing. Available in capsules and powder form, Sumatra Kratom works best in moderate doses (1-4 grams), as it may not be suitable in high doses.

    5. Indo Kratom

    One of the most popular Kratom strains, Indo comes with red veins, white veins, and green veins; all of which have different effects. Indo Kratom shows the best results in moderate to high doses (1-5 grams); however, it is extremely important to make sure not to overdose.

    6. Red Dragon Kratom

    A broad spectrum Kratom strain, the Red Dragon shows different results at different doses. A low dose (1-2 grams) is recommended for physical strength and energy. For stress relief, anxiety, pain, or sedation; a high dose (4-5 grams) should be taken.

    7. White Indo & White Thai Kratom

    Although both strains of the Kratom hail from the same region and have the same calming or relaxing effects, the red-veined leaves of the Thai variant are slightly stronger than the Indo variant. Hence, the dose for Indo is slightly higher (2-6 grams) than Thai (2-8 grams).

    8. Indo White Vein Kratom

    Showing effects within the hour, the effects of the Indo White Vein Kratom strain are very similar to those of the Red dragon strain:

    A low dose (3-4 grams) gives an energy boost, while a high dose (5-10 grams) induces sedation, causing relaxation and sleepiness.

    Organa Lab Testing and Results

    Organa Kratom set out principles regarding the standard of their product and customer service. The product purity and sterility are efficiently tested and verified, using independent third-party science laboratories.

    AKA GMP Qualification

    The American Kratom Association (AKA) introduced the Good Manufacturing Process (GMP) standards program, to certify efficient and safe production processes for Kratom strains. After completion and verification of annual audits through an independent party, Organa Kratom was AKA GMP Qualified and will continue increasing customer satisfaction.

    False Names & Claims

    Although the information provided was general, Organa Kratom posted disclaimers wherever necessary and made it quite clear that they don’t make medical claims. Furthermore, the names that they use for the Kratom strains are authentic.

    Social Media Accounts & Customer Feedback

    Organa Kratom is always active on social media to entertain customer queries. They have an account on both Instagram and Facebook, where they have a vast number of followers who share positive reviews of the product.

    Prices For Kratom Strains

    Although there is a little variation in the prices, all products are affordable. Furthermore, there are numerous coupons available for the customers to use.

    Return Policy

    Organa Kratom will accept a returned package within 30 days if the package is unopened and sealed. However, if the package has been opened, it should still contain at least 75% of the product, before returning.

    Payment And Shipment

    Confirmed orders are shipped within 24 hours of receiving the payment, from Monday to Friday. The payment options available include:

    1. Credit Card (SSL Secured) – Visa, Mastercard, Discover, American Express (Credit or Debit Cards). However, the maximum transaction is limited to $500.

    2. MESH Credit or Debit Cards

    3. Cash App

    4. ZellePay – 5% Discount is offered.

    5. Bitcoin and other Cryptocurrencies – a 15% Discount is offered.

    5. Every purchase and recommendation award’s users with points and enough points result in discount vouchers. Members also get privileges like free shipping on their first order and on orders of more than $75

    6. Users are also allowed to purchase items and gift them to their close ones.

    7. FREE Shipping on Orders Over $75

    Organa Kratom Discounts And Deals

    1.. Coupon codes are readily available on the website for users.

    2. Discounts are offered to certain individuals; for example, Military

    and people with disabilities.

    3. Every purchase and recommendation award’s users with points and enough points result in discount vouchers. Members also get privileges. like free shipping on their first order and on orders of more than $75.

    4. Users are also allowed to purchase items and gift them to their close ones.


    Organa Kratom is an authentic vendor of selected premium strains of Kratom. They are quite affordable, compared to other dealers, and have a major community support through their social media handles (Instagram and Facebook). Their product has been tested and verified for quality assurance, and has been given the AKA GMP guarantee. Hence, it is recommended to give them a chance and purchase their product at least once, in order to benefit from the amazing effects of Kratom.

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