Can You Overdose On CBD

    Cannabidiol is one of the many ingredients derived from the cannabis plant. It was discovered in the 1940s. Besides being useful for treating many health conditions, there are only a few researches conducted on CBD. Many states don’t even allow its usage since it is controversial because it emerged from a notorious plant.

    CBD is beneficial as an anxiety reliever, pain reliever, anti-inflammatory, anti-seizure, and neuroprotector properties.

    Anyways, the topic to discuss today is something even more important to know, which is, can you overdose on CBD?

    Although there are not many research pieces on this topic, as far as it is concluded, it does not kill people even if consumed in excess, but people come across side effects. CBD overdose can leave you with a dry mouth, upset stomach, lethargy, and confusion. Moreover, eating fake or low-quality cannabidiol can be life-threatening. So, you should always opt for the pure product.

    Let’s find out more relevant information regarding the safest dose of it, how to choose the right dose, and a lot more. Gear up until we meet again at the end!

    Best CBD Dose You Should Take

    CBD has always been a center of the discussion, and so, some research has been conducted to know the safe amount of CBD to be consumed. Honestly, it is safe to be consumed as per the results, but there is no specific universal quantity for it to be used. Not only humans but also animals require different dosages of cannabidiol to cure certain diseases and issues. However, 20 to 1500 milligrams of CBD per day suits humans commonly.

    As per the 2011 review, 1500 milligrams of cannabidiol was safe to be consumed. But, it might react with the other medications you are taking and also worsen the other mental and physical conditions; sometimes, it is advisable to consult your doctor before ingesting it.

    FDA-approved medication named Epidiolex is a medication derived from cannabis, and it is usually considered safe. Until now, there are barely any other CBD products that the FDA approved.

    CBD Overdose is not lethal but has side effects for everyone. Regardless of what cannabidiol product you choose, make sure to start with the lowest dosage and increase it to 5mg each week until it suits your condition.

    CBD Dosage Chart

    Several cannabidiol usages and products have been introduced with time, and the latter includes the consumption of this element with some carrier oil, commonly coconut oil. Besides, you will also confront cosmetics, beverages, dietary supplements, and foods having its concentration. However, you should always start by using the product that has the lowest dose of it.

    To cater to the need, we have shared with you the chart, including the CBD dosage, which goes well with most people. So, buckle up!

    Health ConditionCBD Dose
    Psychosis600 mg per day
    Anxiety300 to 600 mg
    Bowel disease10 mg per day
    Poor sleep25 mg per day
    Cancer-related pain50 to 600 mg per day
    Parkinson’s disease75 to 300 mg per day

    Note: This CBD dosage chart is not for everyone, so it is advisable always to consult the doctor first. Secondly, you should always introduce it to your body in the lowest dose possible, such as 10 to 20 mg a day and later keep on increasing it to 5 mg per week until it works well for you.

    Factors To Determine CBD Dosage

    Just like there are factors for other medicines to be considered before taking them to cure certain ailments, CBD’s usage also demands the same besides consulting the doctor. You should always get your hands on the real products and do your research about them.

    In a report by the Centers For Disease Control And Prevention launched in 2018; it was stated that around 52 people suffered reactions from the CBD medication they consumed. It later came out that the cannabidiol used in that certain medication was synthetic, but the manufacturer did not mention it over the packaging or anywhere.

    Now let’s head to the factors which you need to consider before buying yourself a CBD product;

    Your Sensitivity Towards CBD

    Everyone’s body reacts differently to cannabidiol. Some people need to increase their dosage, and some people are more than happy with even the lowest dose. However, it is commonly seen that men and people who are heavier in weight are tolerant of a large CBD dose.

    The Product

    Since it is now available in several products, ranging from gummies, capsules, oil drops, tablets, nasal sprays, and so on, the concentration of CBD in each product varies.

    Sometimes, you can get the exact amount of this particular element written over the package, and sometimes you don’t. For instance, CBD oil is available in a dropper bottle, and there are cases where there’s only written the amount of it the entire bottle contains rather than the drop itself. In such a case, you need to do the calculation.

    The Usage of CBD For You

    Overdosage of CBD is a case also when you don’t know for sure the reason you are taking the help of it. Its dosage differs for each ailment. For instance, the effective dose for the majority of people being insomniac is 25 mg per day.

    Side Effects of CBD Overdose

    CBD overdose is barely known to have caused deaths, but it certainly causes many side effects. In the study of 2019, where mice overdosed with this element, they suffered liver damage, and also, CBD reacted with other medications. Honestly, whether you overdose or not, it has side effects for everyone, especially in the initial usage days. A list of these side effects includes;


    CBD has been known to not only control diarrhea but also cause diarrhea as a side effect. However it is not that severe.

    Appetite Change

    CBD is surely known to be an appetite stimulator, and the consumers feel hungry more frequently than before.


    According to many studies, it is concluded that CBD triggers tiredness and also makes one feel sleepy often.

    Changes In Weight

    Although it is not certain, CBD is also reported to be a cause of weight loss. However, many people report it to be an appetite booster.

    How To Overcome CBD Overdose

    Due to its origin, cannabidiol is underrated in terms of the health benefits it provides. Consequently, not everybody is confident enough to use it, and also, not every state allows it. Probably this is why there have barely been any overtreatment cases reported about this element of the cannabis plant. Furthermore, to avoid such mishaps, all the products containing it, whether oils or gummies have mentioned the total sum of cannabis included in each portion.

    It is limited to humans and animals; some medicines have a cannabidiol presence alongside other ingredients. To find a suitable product for your pets, you can visit a holistic veterinarian.

    Final Words

    In the end, you know if you can overdose on cannabidiol or not and what are the side effects you can face in case of consuming a large amount of CBD alongside many other pieces of information.

    If no other treatment works for you and you need to consume cannabidiol to meet your health requirements, you should make an appointment with your doctor. Your doctor will listen to your health issues and prescribe you the suitable dosage, which will be the lowest at the start. Gradually, the doctor will increase the dose for you. Also, the medical instructor will let you know the trustworthy source. After all, you can’t afford to experiment with your health.

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