Pure Leaf Kratom Review

    Hunting the best kratom vendor online has been a real struggle for numerous kratom lovers. My gut says that you are one of those struggling new bees or a fanatic kratom user who wants to switch to a new kratom brand. If that’s the case, worry not!

    Authentic reviews come in handy in such scenarios, and here I will do the job for you. In this brand review, we will be spotlighting all the prominent reasons that make the Pure Leaf Kratom an ideal fit for you. From its launch to shipping and refund policy, we will shoot the breeze at every essential aspect. 

    Let’s get to know Pure Leaf Kratom – Are they legit?

    Located in Long Beach, California, Pure Leaf Kratom is a leading and notorious kratom brand that has dedicated itself to help out people with strengthened health and wellbeing. When it comes to quality, their kratom products are without a doubt one of a kind. From conducting third-party lab tests in reputable laboratories to complying with all the GMP rules, the Pure Leaf Kratom brand profoundly ensures that worthy customers are getting their hands on ONLY pharmaceutical-grade kratom. Additionally, they source kratom directly from Indonesia, where organic kratom nurtures in its natural habitat.

    The impressive product line and respective pricing

    Whether you are looking for variety packs or highly potent extracts, Pure Leaf Kratom has got you covered. Their exclusive product line is pretty comprehensive and includes kratom capsules, powders, extra strength, extracts, variety packs, with an additional collection. That’s how they cater to the different needs of their customers.

    If you don’t like the bitter taste of kratom, you can opt for capsules. However, if the organic taste is what you like, kratom powder would be your best bet. If you are a beginner, their variety packs will help you understand what strain would be suitable for you, and you won’t have to buy different powders separately. For fanatic kratom users who want a stronger punch, give a try at their highly effective and powerful extracts.

    The Four leading strains you must try at Pure Leaf

    Do you believe in “less but superior quality”? Here’s how this idea is rightly executed! You may not find several kratom strains at Pure Leaf Kratom, but their top-rated four kratom strains are crossing the expectations and turning the tables for enthusiasts who use kratom.

    Here’s a list of strains you can buy at Pure Leaf Kratom:

    1. Maeng Da
    2. Bali Gold
    3. White Borneo
    4. Red Kali

    Customer reward program to help you save a few bucks

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    To make your shopping experience memorable and rewarding, the Pure Leaf kratom brand has introduced its Reward program. You earn reward points for carrying out actions like creating an account, referring a friend, referring a product, and taking photos or videos while rating a product. These points are redeemable (100points equal $1), and you can save some amount at the checkout.

    Here’s a table explaining all the essential details about your actions and the potential points you will earn.

    Actions you need to performPoints you will earn
    Creating an account at Pure Leaf Kratom50
    Referring Pure Leaf Kratom to a friend200
    Rating a product10
    Rating a product with a photo20
    Rating a product with a video50

    Discount offers that you should not miss at Pure Leaf Kratom  

    Who does not like discounts? Make your experience at Pure Leaf kratom worth it by grabbing a reasonable discount by following these two simple suggestions.

    1. Sign up for their newsletter and enjoy 15% off your net amount at the checkout.
    2. Use this Pure Leaf Kratom coupon code “FirstOrder” to get straight 20% off on your first order.
    3. Enjoy free USPS first-class shipping on all orders. Exciting! Right?
    4. Only pay for the shipping cost and enjoy FREE samples.

    What’s the refund policy and shipping policy at Pure Leaf Kratom?

    Did you hear a 30-day money-back guarantee? Yes, you hear that right! If you don’t like your kratom product, return it in its original packing and ensure it is entirely unused. You will get your money back; that’s how you enjoy freedom-filled shopping at Pure Leaf.

    All the orders placed before 2 pm PST Mon-Fri are dispatched the same day at Pure Leaf kratom brand.

    Standard shipping takes 3-4 days with zero cost, while First Class ($3.57) and Priority Mail ($7.88) will take 3 business days. They also offer Priority Mail Express service for the same-day arrival at the cost of $27.45.

    So what are you waiting for? Indulge into the jaw-dropping effects of superior-quality kratom only at Pure Leaf kratom!

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