What Are The Side Effects Of Kratom? Is It Safe To Use?

    A lot of people are totally unaware of the things associated with kratom products. Many of them usually start taking by looking at others. They do not even know why they are taking any specific strain of this herb and its possible effects (either positive or negative).

    So, I thought to create some awareness for you guys who do not know whether this plant’s use will be beneficial for them. I will focus on multiple factors, e.g., why do people usually use kratom, how it works, its legality status, is it safe to use for your health?

    Let’s have a deeper look at all the facts associated with kakum products. 

    Why Do People Use Kratom?

    Normally, ketum is considered to be an effective herb for medicinal and recreational purposes. Although there exists no medical evidence still most of the time, people use it to get rid of their depression, anxiety, and morphine withdrawal because they get such instructions from the regular users of kakum.

    How Does Ketum Behave At Low Dosage?

    Research studies show that this herb works similarly to the stimulant when you take low doses of it. The regular users who are taking a low dosage of this plant have reported that they get alert and become energetic after taking it.

    Kratom Behavior At High Dosage?

    Are you planning to take higher doses of kratom regularly? You should be aware of how does it behave at a higher dosage?

    According to the people who are taking ketum on a daily basis with a higher dose, a few things may happen to you as I have listed below.

    • Can dull your sensations
    • You may start having euphoric feelings 
    • You may find Kratom calmative

    How Does Ketum Work?

    The working of this herb is dependent on different ingredients present in it. Mitragynine is one of the prominent ingredients of this herb. Its working is quite similar to an opioid drug e.g., morphine or codeine. Its major function is to act as a pain killer for your body by relaxing your muscles to make you feel healthy and happy.

    Is Kratom Legal To Consume?

    Want to start taking ketum? Are you aware of its legal status in your region? To know about the legality of this plant in your area is one of the most important factors that you must be aware of before you start taking it.

    If you do not know whether it is allowed to be consumed in your region, I would suggest you not take this plant. If you are still taking this herb, believe me, you are exposing yourself to serious threats like imprisoning or a heavy fine.

    The cultivation and consumption of kratom are declared illegal in many parts of the world e.g., Malaysia, Australia, multiple countries of the European Union. But, it is legal in the United States where it is being sold as a medicine.

    How Does Ketum Affect When You Take It By Mouth?

    This plant could be harmful to your health when you start taking it orally. It may produce various side effects as I have listed below.

    • You may start vomiting,
    • It may cause severe nausea for you,
    • It may result in constipation,
    • You can feel swelling in your brain,
    • It may cause serious damage to your liver,
    • You could feel the numbness of the tongue,
    • Your mouth could become dry, and
    • In this scenario, ketum can even cause death.

    Apart from the above-mentioned effects, there could be some others as well.

    How Do It Behave With The Regular Users?

    For people who are involved in a habit of taking this herb on a regular basis, they may start feeling dependent. It has been reported by the recent research studies that if you have started taking kratom on a regular basis and then decided to stop it immediately, you will have to face multiple things as I have mentioned below.

    • Your diet could be reduced to a great extent,
    • There could be severe pain in your muscles,
    • It may cause diarrhea,
    • Ketum can make your eyes watery in this case,
    • It makes you lose your temper,
    • You can feel difficulty when sleeping, and
    • Your body temperature could become high.

    What Effects Does Kratom Have On Pregnant Women?

    This herb has been found an unsafe substance for pregnant ladies. It is as dangerous for their kids as is for them. The research has shown when females keep on taking this plant during their pregnancy, their newborn babies may have to experience various withdrawal symptoms. To treat such babies, there is a need for some special kind of treatment.

    As far as the discussion on breastfeeding mothers is concerned, there is no medical evidence till now that ketum is an unsafe thing for them still I would suggest they not use this herb for the betterment of their newly born child.

    Is Ketum Harmful For The People Having Mental Disorder?

    Kratom could be the worst ever thing to be consumed in mental disorders. If you or any of your loved ones is suffering from this disease, I would definitely suggest you avoid taking ketum at any cost because it may increase the chances associated with suicide in comparison to the people who are taking kakum but having no mental disorders.

    How Alcohol Users Get Affected by Kratom?

    Do you take alcohol frequently? Want to enjoy the effects of ketum? Please hold on, let me tell you an important thing first, that will surely be a sincere suggestion from my side to you. In parallel to taking alcohol, the consumption of ketum may be dangerous for you. This way, the chances of suicide get increased which is a serious threat for your life and for loved ones.

    How Does Ketum Affect Your Nervous System & Mind?

    As far as the behavior of this herb with the mind and nervous system is concerned, ketum may cause various side effects. I have listed some of them below. Let’s have a look at them.

    • It may be the cause of serious depression that may reduce your brain strength to deal with different circumstances,
    • You could feel difficulties while taking breathe,
    • In the worst-case scenario, ketum can be the source of death,
    • It may cause faintness for you, and
    • Sometimes it may make you feel tired.

    What Are The Sedative Effects Of Ketum?

    Taking larger doses of kakum? Do not aware of its side effects? Do not worry, Let me tell you about the behavior of these tree leaves when taken in a large amount. 

    If you are consuming dried leaves of ketum (10 to 25 grams), it may start producing its sedative effects along with the feelings of euphoria as well as calmness to some extent. It may last for about 6 hours.

    What Factors Are Included In Kratom’s Stimulant Effects?

    Stimulant effects produced by the use of ketum may include a reduction in motor coordination, dizziness (giddiness), attentiveness, and many more. You can start feeling these kinds of effects after 10 minutes of taking kakum they can last for about more than one hour.

    Is Kratom Addiction Dangerous For Your Health?

    Are you taking ketum regularly? Do you have an addiction to this herb? Do you aware of the fact how dangerous it could be for your health? Let’s have a look at that.

    The addiction to ketum produces long-term and the most dangerous effects on your health. You can start feeling its dependence with the passage of time exactly similar to the dependence of any other drug. If you have become kakum addictive, I have listed the possible effects below.

    • You may have to face insomnia,
    • Addiction may cause diarrhea,
    • Vomiting can destroy your health,
    • Another possible effect could be nausea, and
    • You may feel aches. 

    How Can You Get Rid Of This Addiction?

    Just like the treatment of addiction to different substances, kratom addiction can also be treated in the same way. You can treat this simply by having supervised suggestions as well as behavioral therapy from the concerned health professionals.

    How Can We Categorize Effects On The Basis Of Duration?

    When it comes to the duration of ketum side effects, they can be divided into two different categories like long-term and short side effects. I have provided both of these below. Let’s take a look at them.

    What Are The Long-Term Side Effects Of Ketum?

    The possible long-term side effects of kakum are listed below.

    • Loss of weight,
    • Insomnia,
    • Constipation,
    • Dried mouth,
    • Nausea,
    • Reduction in diet intake,
    • Sleeplessness, and 
    • Fatigue.

    What Could Be Short-Term Kratom Side Effects?

    The possible short-term side effects associated with ketum are given below.

    • Diarrhea,
    • Hallucinations,
    • Watery eyes,
    • Muscle pain,
    • Damage to liver,
    • Increased heartbeat, and
    • Sweating.

    What Do Research Studies Say?

    The research studies have reported serious safety concerns with the use of kratom. If you take ketum along with some medicines prescribed by your doctor, it may cause your brain to behave abnormally. If someone is doing that, he or she may have to go through lots of confusion, loss of communication ability, headache, and many other similar things.

    Furthermore, there are high chances for the ketum-made substances to go into contamination with various salmonella germs.   As I mentioned earlier, pregnant women must avoid taking this herb because their babies may be exposed to different withdrawal symptoms if they do not stop doing so.

    Warning / Red Alert

    Do you know how dangerous a ketum can be? Let me tell you guys about that.

    • If you are in a habit of taking an overdosage of this plant, you are destroying yourself indeed.
    • Kakum may even cause death as reported by various research studies conducted specifically for side effects of this amazing herb.
    • In April 2018, over 130 people from 38 different states of the US fell seriously ill when they took ketum. This all was happening due to Salmonella. As a result, the deaths of 35 people were reported by the relevant authorities. If you want to get rid of such things, I would suggest you take products free from Salmonella.

    Are You Struggling With This Substance? Want Some Fruitful Help?

    If you or anyone in your circle has an addiction to the use of this plant and is struggling to get rid of this activity, you can directly contact the mental health professionals at 1-800-662-4357 to help you out. They will definitely tell you some useful and beneficial tips to avoid doing such things.

    Final Verdict

    In this article, I have focused on various facts associated with the use of ketum. The major focus was to let you people know about how dangerous Kratom could be for our health. I have discussed its short-term and long-term effects. A detailed discussion on its side effects on your mind and nervous system is also provided for your better understanding.

    Moreover, I have also focused on the side effects of this plant on pregnant ladies and their newborn babies. I hope, now, you are well aware of all these things as I have tried my level best to provide everything in detail.

    Here is all from today’s article on “what are the side effects of kratom?”. I hope you have enjoyed this content and do not forget to provide us your feedback. If you have any concerns, please share them with our team, our representatives will surely help you out as much as we can.

    I would love to hear from you guys. Stay tuned for more updates as I have a lot more to share with you guys. For now, I am signing off. Stay blessed and take good care of yourself.

    Thank You!

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