Can You Smoke Lavender?

    We have all heard of the statement, “Smoking is injurious to health.” Still, it has come to people’s attention that substituting tobacco out for other medicinal herbs could be a good alternative in recent times.

    There has been a rise in popularity for medicinal cigarettes, and most often, the substitution is made using herbs such as Lavender. It is mainly done to avoid the use of Nicotine or Cannabis.

    Today, we discuss why people find lavender a good substitute and any beneficial effects of smoking it. 

    What is Lavender? 

    Lavender (Lavandula angustifolia) is an evergreen plant found throughout the Mediterranean region. The plant is widely known for its relaxation properties. And lavender oil is popularly used in aromatherapy. The plant is spiky, having flowers arranged in whorls in different shades of purple and yellow. 

    Traditionally used in medication and cosmetics, Lavender found most of its use in aromatherapy. Nowadays, people have found that smoking the plant buds provides a more relaxing feel when combined with other herbal blends. 

    What are the uses of Lavender? 

    Since ancient times, many benefits have been discovered for the use of Lavender. Mainly, Lavender is used for relaxation purposes. It provides a sense of calm and often leaves a euphoric feel.

    People have been consuming Lavender or using it during their aromatherapy sessions to help with their anxiety and depression. They claim that this makes them feel less stressed and brings them more joy. 

    It also helps in sedation and benefits people with sleeping issues. Lavender generally has a CNS depressing effect.

    In some people, the use of Lavender also alleviates pain. In minor cases, it is found to help with post-surgical pain. 

    Why do smokers use Lavender?  

    During the pandemic, the rise in the use of Cannabis and marijuana increased tenfold. This increased use posed a considerable health risk, and the users themselves admitted to being “drained” with the help of nicotinic products. So, where there are empty times come creative minds. 

    People started incorporating different herbs devoid of nicotine to smoke products that weren’t harmful and could still be used for their relaxation fix.

    In fact, in doing so, people found that smoking these “herbal cigarettes” actually helped them to get over their habit of smoking cannabis. 

    On the other hand, people who couldn’t find good strains of Cannabis started incorporating lavender buds into their joints as they found both to work exceptionally well. 

    Users also said that by smoking herbs like Lavender, the herb’s fragrance lasted a long while in their rooms, prolonging the soothing effect produced by the herb. 

    Is it safe to smoke Lavender? 

    In a way, Lavender is safer than a regular cigarette as it does not contain any nicotine. However, medically, anytime herbal products are smoked, they will produce tar and other carcinogenic substances that can help increase the risk of lung cancer. 

    Nowadays, there is a vast market where sellers will advertise non-nicotinic cigarettes and essentially market these with the slogan Smoke Smart.” This statement, however, only promotes smoking and smoking anything harmful.

    Your lungs require fresh oxygen to live, and any burning or tar will only injure the cells present in your system and deprive it of oxygen consumption. 

    Government officials in different countries have managed to stop these companies from false advertising. It is required on any smoking item to mention all the harmful effects they can produce. According to them, there is no such thing as smoking smartly. 

    So, even if you’re looking to smoke Lavender, it is best to be careful when using any herbs for smoking purposes. 

    Why do people use Lavender and Cannabis together? 

    Scientifically, Lavender shares a terpene with Cannabis known as linalool. This terpene is one of the reasons why Lavender highly compliments Cannabis when mixed. And it is also why people addicted to Cannabis find lavender enjoyable and can relax from it. 

    The common terpene provides similar effects; however, in the case of Lavender, you don’t catch an actual high. Instead, it only includes euphoria and relaxation. 

    What are the Pros and Cons of Smoking Lavender? 

    As we have established, smoking lavender or anything, in general, can harm your health. And can lead to lung cancer and other respiratory problems. But there are some widely recognized pros to it as well! 


    1. Lavender provides a relaxing effect when smoked alone or combined with other herbs. It leaves a person stress-free and light-headed in a good way!
    2. It helps with headaches. As Lavender has a depressing effect, it loosens up a person and allows them to relax their body and mind entirely. 
    3. In aromatherapy, Lavender has been successfully used to reduce anxiety and depression and is smoked for this purpose. People with severe anxiety claim that smoking lavender often helps them calm down after experiencing challenging situations. 
    4. Lavender has a great taste and aroma and often masks the taste/sensation of other products that can be tough to smoke due to their unpleasant taste.


    1. Lavender, when used through the mouth, causes diarrhea and vomiting, and you’re still likely to feel nauseous when you smoke it. Habitual use of it may lead to malnutrition and affect muscle mass. 
    2. Although Lavender helps relax humans, it is toxic to pets. Dogs and cats have trouble with the chemicals present in the herb’s smoke and can suffer from respiratory and heart conditions if not careful. 
    3. No clinical studies are performed in determining if Lavender is safe for pregnant women or infants. Still, it can likely cause health problems later in children, like every other smoking product. 
    4. Smoking can also lead to addiction, even if you’re using lavender to cut back on cannabis use. It is possible to get addicted to smoking lavender as well. 
    5. According to a study published in the Journal of Oncology, smoking lavender has an increased risk for melanoma.
    6. Smoking lavender may also lead to dry mouth, changes in sexual tendencies, libido problems, weakening of muscles around the eyes, tooth decay, dizziness, fatigue, and tremors.

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