Is It Highly Risky To Smoke Magic Mushrooms?


    Adolescents have used magic mushrooms for more than some decades. But its utilization in the 21st century has increased to an incredible quantity.

    The reason behind its frequent usage is the luxuriant growth of stress and anxiety among youngsters. They find consuming magic mushrooms or hallucinogens an easy way to escape from life’s troubles. At the same time, some people smoke shrooms for fun and for recreational purposes.

    Though we all are aware of the shroom’s legitimacy and effects, its consumption is not declining.

    Actually, we do not intend to promote shroom usage but our primary motive is to spread awareness about magic mushrooms, their usage, effects, and to suggest a better way to use them so that their subsequent risks can be decreased.

    What Are Magic Mushrooms?

    Magic mushrooms, also known as shrooms or hallucinogenic mushrooms, are hallucinogens that contain psilocybin. According to the encyclopedia, psilocybin is a psychedelic drug produced by approximately 200 fungi.

    After consuming shrooms, the psilocybin converts into psilocin which acts as a serotonin receptor that causes the user to experience euphoria and hallucinations, a type of perception that results in the manifestation of irrational non-existent images that feel real.

    Furthermore, the psychedelic properties of magic mushrooms interfere with the secretion of a neurotransmitter called serotonin, commonly known as the happy hormone, which regulates many neurological functions.

    Besides, psilocybin is labeled a schedule 1 drug by drug laws which clarifies that this drug has not been used for medical purposes yet. However, frequent research on psilocybin confirms that it will be involved in medical treatment soon. 

    Benefits Of Smoking Magic Mushrooms

    Well, magic mushrooms have many side effects. In contrast, their benefits cannot be ignored. Nevertheless, listing the advantages of magic mushrooms has not been done to promote its consumption but to enlighten its beneficial side. Shrooms are used:

    For Recreational Purposes

    A large crowd of people uses magic mushrooms for recreational purposes. According to the National Institution of Drug Abuse, people consume shrooms to experience an enlightened sense of thinking or to deal with depression, or simply just to have fun.

    For Experiencing Spirituality

    Psilocybin or magic mushrooms are frequently used for spiritual pursuit. Believers to detach themselves from the void world, take shrooms and connect with their Gods. Despite its illegality and restriction by drug laws, it is increasingly used in many cultures. 

    For Suppressing Some Mental Disorders

    National Institute Of Drug Abuse says that hallucinogens act as therapeutic agents for ailment related to perceptions. 


    Research made by a Mental Health Clinician showed that psilocybin in magic mushrooms reduces the symptoms of Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder ( OCD) to some extent. On the other hand, the National Institute Of Health states that diseases like dementia and bipolar disorder can be somewhat treated by hallucinogens. 


    Furthermore, NCBI made a study in which one group of people was given psilocybin and other niacin, and the observation showed that the anxiety decreased in people who had taken a dose of psilocybin with a modest increment in blood pressure and heart rate. 


    Nonetheless, research by the Harm Reduction Journal by BMC illustrates that psychoactive agents such as psilocybin are used as a last resort for treating acute cluster headaches and migraines, especially for desperate patients. And helpful in preventing headaches. 

    Suicidality And Depression: 

    A study by PubMed shows that psilocybin in magic mushrooms can play a requisite role in suppressing suicidality and depression among people who have psychological disorders. Also, it is considered a better agent than other psychedelic substances in terms of decreasing suicidal planning and attempts.  

    For Smoking Abstinence: 

    A study of 2017 by NCBI clarifies that the consumption of psilocybin, an ingredient of shrooms, can potentially cause long-term smoking abstinence. Moreover, it is profitable in suppressing some other addictions as well. 

    Are Magic Mushrooms Addictive?

    Magic mushrooms do not fall in the category of addictive drugs. However, to be very exact, shrooms do not cause physical addiction but physiological addiction can be observed.

    Most of the time, shroom consumers build tolerance readily and immediately, which most often result in the ineffectiveness of the drug. However, tolerance can be lost when a user stops the consumption of drugs. 

    Psychological addiction causes the intense longing for pleasure results from using shrooms which can be troublesome but most people do not face addiction.

    Is It Dangerous To Smoke Magic Mushrooms? 

    Studies show that smoking magic mushrooms are less risky than smoking other drugs and hallucinogens. However, its side effects are many and destructive. A report by the National Library Of Medicine shows the increased number of suicidal attempts among the people who smoked magic mushrooms and were suffering from mental instability.

    While coming to the method, smoking is the most harmful and dangerous way to consume magic mushrooms since it increases the probability of bad trips and adverse diseases.

    Common Side Effects Of Smoking Magic Mushrooms

    Since Magic mushrooms contain psilocybin hallucinogens, therefore, its risks and effects are many and can be hazardous.

    First of all, to be very clear, shrooms’ effects may differ in people since the amount of drug, age, physiology, and mental health are the factors that play a significant role in deciding what type of trip a person will experience or simply tells about a drug’s effect. This was confirmed in an experiment that took place at Harvard University.  

    After about 20 to 30 minutes of ingestion of hallucinogen, its influence commences, known as a trip that considerably does not last more than 15 hours. 

    A trip can be mild or bad. In the case of a mild trip, a person feels pleasure that does not result in many risks as compared to a bad trip which feels like a nightmare and brings horrible thoughts with it. 

    Psilocybin is a hallucinogen, makes users hear, see and feel things that do not even exist. This might result in a terrifying accident that can be fatal. As the psilocybin after ingestion acts as a serotonin receptor thus, it affects those areas of the brain that are under the control of serotonin. According to NIH, the intake of shrooms affect:

    • Sleep
    • Hunger
    • Perception
    • Sexual behavior
    • Body temperature

    National Institute of Health says that hallucinogens interfere with the function of glutamate as well; thus by consuming hallucinated mushroom person can face abnormalities in:

    • Learning
    • Memory
    • Emotions 
    • Experiencing pain 

    Some short term side effects of magic mushrooms include

    • Confusion
    • Anxiety or depression
    • Nausea
    • Convulsions or muscle twitching or cramps
    • Headaches
    • Dry mouth
    • Abnormal blood pressure mostly increased 
    • Sleep issues
    • Dizziness
    • Loss of appetite
    • Panic attacks or seizures.
    • Increased heart rate
    • Issue with time
    • Feeling of calmness
    • Nervous behavior
    • Spiritual experiences 

    Some long term side effects of magic mushrooms are:


    A disease in which a person endures with delusions and hallucinations, 


    It is a disease in which a person considers himself a center of attention or thinks that others are threatening him.

    Hallucinogen persisting perception(HPPD):

    A disease in which a person starts to experience the influence of drugs or visual disturbances even if he has not taken it for a year. According to the National Institute on Drug Abuse, symptoms of HPPD are usually mistaken with illnesses like stroke and brain tumor.

    Alternate Ways To Consume Mushrooms

    Drug users utilize magic mushrooms in many different ways. Some methods are quite safe whilst others are adequately dangerous and can potentially increase the risks.

    Magic mushrooms come in the market in both dried and fresh forms. Some people like to consume it directly without making a mixture contractually. Some use them with different foods, for instance, with tea, chocolate, meals, and drinks.

    On the other hand, some drug users like to smoke magic mushrooms which can sometimes become perilous. It is done in a way that users roll it up and smokes it after drying the shroom whereas some people convert shrooms in powder form and smell them. Both ways are not safe and hence not recommended.

    What Is The Safest Way To Consume Magic Mushrooms?

    Here is a thing: magic mushrooms are a drug, and not consuming them is always the safest option. However, for all the drug users who want to use shrooms despite that, it is better to opt for the safe method than to risk your life.

    The least risky way to consume magic mushrooms is to take them directly or mix them with foods, which can cause some risks as the ingredients in food will react with psilocybin and the result can cause trouble. 

    Nevertheless, smoking shrooms is the riskiest, so make sure to avoid this method and abstain from bad trips.

    Tips For Smoking Magic Mushrooms

    Well, no tip can spare you from having the side effects of magic mushrooms. However, to lessen the chances of bad trips and make the influence of shrooms pleasurable with fewer risks, we have mentioned some helpful tips to smoke magic mushrooms since smoking them is quite dangerous.

    Take A Low Dose:

    Do not take a high dose at the very first time since trips and effects depend on physiology. Taking a high dose can be problematic. And most of the time, high doses are the reason behind bad trips. Therefore, take a low amount of shrooms first, then increase the dose slowly.

    Do Not Hold Breath After Smoking:

    Most smokers hold their breath for a long time after inhaling the drug. This is the most harmful method that can lead to fatal lung diseases. Since the more, you hold smell, the more toxic substances enter your lungs and you will have to face subsequent unfavorable effects. Thus exhale immediately after inhaling a dose.

    Stay Hydrated:

    Since smoking dries up the mouth and throat, dehydration, in this case, can cause harmful effects. Increased moisture lessens the chances of problematic ailments. So make sure you drink a sufficient amount of water before, during, and after the trip.

    Keep Someone With You:

    It is always recommended to have a mindful and trustworthy person with you while having a trip. As shrooms cause hallucination, a conscious companion can save you from terrific accidents and effects.

    Select A Safe Place: 

    You should choose a safe place for smoking magic mushrooms since hallucination comes up with fake scenarios. An unsafe place can lead to fatal outcomes. Moreover, your motive to relax and have spiritual and therapeutic experiences will not be fulfilled if you pick a stormy place.

    The Bottom Line

    Well, we cannot ignore the fact that smoking is injurious to health and drugs are harmful. However, knowing the safest method to use shrooms and having all sorts of information about their side effects can decrease the problematic outcomes.

    Despite a long list of effects, there are some benefits as well, which are no doubt therapeutic. Nonetheless, it is always offered to skip on hallucinogens and smoking, but the choice is yours. You should not feel ashamed to ask for help whenever you need it.

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