Snorting Kratom: The Precarious Bridge to Well-Being

    Kratom and impatience can prove to be a fatal combination. If you’re an impatient kratom-lover and think snorting kratom is a good idea, you are in for some surprises.

    Before you suck up Kratom powder through your nose, you should read this entire article — it might save your life!

    Let’s explore whether or not snorting Kratom is a good idea.

    The Science of Absorption

    Snorting Kratom

    It’s a good idea to understand a bit of science behind how substance absorption works. It will help you understand why some people think it’s a good idea to snort kratom.

    The goal of taking any substance is to deliver it to your brain, which is the gateway to all the experiences a substance can produce. There are four basic ways to introduce a substance to your bloodstream so it can go to the brain.

    The fastest of these is smoking. When you smoke something, it gets rapidly absorbed into your lungs’ blood vessels and transported to your brain. Next comes injecting the substance into your bloodstream via a syringe.

    The third way is snorting. It’s the third-fastest way of getting a substance to your brain. People think snorting kratom would make it kick in faster and its effects more pronounced. But as we’ll find out, that’s not the case.

    Most users take kratom through oral ingestion — the final and slowest of the ways to take a substance. It’s another reason why some people might want to resort to snorting kratom.

    They are impatient and want kratom to kick in immediately — something that oral ingestion doesn’t provide.

    Why Snorting Kratom Might Be an Escape from Drug Addiction for Some People

    It turns out that some people might want to snort kratom due to a more psychological reason.

    Some kratom companies tout kratom a means to steer away from drugs of abuse, and some people use kratom to fight their drug addictions.

    Addiction to opioid drugs like heroin is one of the most common vices people use kratom to counter. Mitragynine, the active component of kratom, stimulates the same receptors in the brain as do opioid drugs.

    Now, you might know that drugs like heroin are often snorted. So, people trying to wean themselves off these drugs might try snorting kratom.

    There are two reasons behind this. First, kratom would easily fit in as a replacement for their previous drugs. And second, snorting kratom would allow these people to experience at least some aspect of their former addictions.

    But as we’ll see, snorting kratom is not a good idea at all.

    Is Snorting Kratom Even Possible?

    Yes. Particles of powdered kratom are small enough to be snorted. However, reports of people snorting kratom are rare, and within the USA, they are non-existent.

    Why You Shouldn’t Snort Kratom?

    Now, there are two reasons why you should not snort kratom.

    Firstly, contrary to popular belief, snorting kratom does not make it kick in faster or its effects stronger.

    You might not know this, but kratom powder has a lot of inactive compounds like carbohydrates. Therefore, you would have to snort a tremendous amount to get what you’re looking for, which is virtually impossible.

    Also, science suggests that unlike drugs like heroin, kratom is not absorbed well through the lining of your nose.

    So, if you snort kratom, all you would be doing is sitting and waiting for it to kick in. And who knows for how long?

    The second reason is related to your health. It’s almost obvious how snorting powder could be detrimental to your nasal passages. You could develop ulceration and bleed from the lining of your respiratory tract.

    But what might not be evident to you is that snorting kratom can also give you systemic side effects that are unrelated to your nasal and respiratory passages.

    These include:

    • Lung infections
    • Pulmonary embolism – which is a clot in the artery that feeds your lungs and can lead to sudden death!
    • Hallucinations
    • Anxiety
    • Behavioral changes – you might become more aggressive

    If you’re taking kratom for your well-being, don’t you think to do so in a way that harms your health is counter-intuitive?

    Finally, perhaps the most dangerous adverse effect of snorting kratom is addiction. Remember, addiction to ANYTHING is terrible. Once you get addicted to kratom, all its positive effects go down the drain, and all you’re left with is a substance that can ruin your life.

    Alternative (and Safer) Ways to Enjoy Kratom

    Kratom Caps

    If you want to enjoy kratom safely, snorting is not an option. Well, then what are your options?

    For me, the best way to enjoy kratom is through capsules. Capsules are an extraordinarily effective and time-saving medium for taking kratom. They’re hassle-free, and if you intend to use kratom for a long time, capsules are something you should consider.

    But if you want to be a bit fancier, there are a lot of creative ways you can include kratom in your life.

    One of the most popular ways of taking kratom is kratom tea. There is a plethora of recipes for kratom tea on the internet, and it’s straightforward to make.

    If kratom tea is not your cup of tea, you could add kratom powder to virtually any food! Just make sure that the food is strong in flavor. Strong-flavored foods will help mask kratom’s taste, which isn’t really the best.

    Popular food items to mix kratom with include yogurt and milkshakes.

    If you don’t want to go through all this hassle, you can gulp some powder with water. This way, you won’t be exactly enjoying kratom (because it tastes horrible), but trust me, it’s far better than snorting powder.


    Look, the entire purpose of taking kratom is to enrich life. So, if in the process, you harm your health, that purpose goes down the drain.

    So, no guys, snorting kratom is NOT a good idea. It’s indeed a very precarious bridge to well-being.


    If all that information was too much for you, here are some quick FAQs.

    Is snorting kratom possible?

    Yes. However, it’s associated with serious adverse effects and a poor kratom experience.

    Do people snort kratom?

    Reports of people snorting kratom are rare. In the USA, such reports do not exist.

    Can I snort kratom safely?

    No. Snorting kratom will damage your nasal passages. Snorting is also associated with other serious side effects like blood clots and anxiety.

    Will snorting kratom make it kick in faster?

    No. Kratom is poorly absorbed from the lining of your nose.

    Is snorting kratom better than ingesting it?

    No. Oral ingestion provides a better experience because the lining of the gut absorbs kratom better than the lining of the nose.

    How to use kratom safely?

    The only method of using kratom safely is oral ingestion.

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