SoCal Herbal Remedies Kratom Review

    When it comes to physical complications, there are loads of reasons that can leave you suffering. There’s a good chance that you’ve already tried various treatment options if you have a chronic condition. Fortunately, ever since the introduction of Kratom, people have started considering it. Most of you may already know about Kratom’s extraordinary capabilities. For those of you who have heard its name for the first time, you are at the right place.

    However, the vendor you buy Kratom from is also really crucial. Many suppliers easily trick people by delivering them the colored powder they were expecting. However, bad-quality Kratom can undoubtedly have adverse and unwanted effects. Today, we’re going to take a look at SoCal Herbal Remedies, a company easily one of the oldest and most well-known Kratom suppliers.

    What is the story behind SoCal Herbal Remedies?

    When you search for SoCal Kratom on the internet, you probably won’t find an official page. As surprising as it may be, the reason behind it is simple. SoCal Herbal Remedies have rebranded their company to First Coast Tea Co.

    If you search the former name, all you will find are company reviews published from the old brand’s time. There is no actual website anymore, but First Coast Tea Co certainly has one. If you take out the time and dig deep enough, you will find out through past company clients that they rebranded. 

    Why did the company rebrand?

    You may be wondering why SoCal Herbal Remedies had to change their name. Every time a company from any industry renews its identity, questions arise. These questions are because it’s a clear red flag. Why would anyone build their brand after years of hard work, only to rebrand and start from scratch? 

    As far as the Kratom industry is concerned, rebranding has been relatively common after the 2016 contamination. Many kratom vendors had their supplies infected with salmonella. This contamination was enough for the FDA and DEA to shut down many companies. 

    Any kratom vendor directly or indirectly related to the salmonella infection had to either shut down or rebrand themselves. A company that didn’t follow FDA rules was automatically closed off. Any attempts at making medical claims or encouraging human consumption faced strict action from the authorities. Nevertheless, it’s still unclear why SoCal Herbal Remedies decided to rebrand.

    Surprisingly, there is no mention of Kratom on the company’s website. If you want to find it on their page, you have to search for “speciosa” in their search bar. It’s strange to think why a company would do this, which is why we’ll shed more light on it ahead.

    Accreditation from the American Kratom Association

    You may be surprised to know that the company has official recognition from the American Kratom Association. Getting accredited by this council is a mean feat, making it even stranger that the company’s Kratom menu is out of clear sight. The association has a strict good manufacturing process standards program, and the company happens to be one of the only 25 vendors that are a part of it.

    Every batch of processed Kratom undergoes individual examination by a third-party checker. Furthermore, every single processing stage follows the documented operation procedure. The process as a whole is costly, which makes it fishy why someone would make something they don’t have in open sight. 

    The available products

    When it comes to Kratom products, this vendor has an extensive collection. However, you may find it confusing to know that each product doesn’t have the same brand name. Some sell under SoCal Herbal Remedies, and some of them come with First Coast Tea Co labels.

    As unsettling as it may sound, the website has no mention of the part that the company itself used to be SoCal Remedies. Some may find it impressive how the company has made it seem like they’re simply carrying an in-house brand along with their main Kratom products. Despite the business tactic, it isn’t hard to realize that the vendor has unused products to retail. 

    There are many strains in the market, and SoCal Remedies sells the vast majority. You can choose from a wide selection of Kratom powders, teas, and capsules. As far as the different colored strains are concerned, you can get your hands on the red vein, white vein, green vein, and gold vein strain. Their most-loved products are as follows:

    For the moment, you can’t get your hands on any sample products for Kratom. However, sample packs are periodically available, so you do have the opportunity to test the products that are enticing options for you.


    The powders come in variants of 28g and 250g. For the products branded as First Coast Tea Co, the price varies between $5 and $26. As far as the 250g jars are concerned, they have SoCal Herbal Remedies’ name and sell for $32.50. 

    If you’re opting for capsules, you should know that they come in bottles of 100 that are available for $30.

    What payment methods are accepted?

    This Kratom company is one of the few vendors that take a wide array of payment options. If you’re paying with your credit card or debit card, it should work so long as it’s American Express, Discover, MasterCard, or Visa. The other methods include money orders, Zelle payments, Coinpayments, and Greenbeanpay. 

    Shipping and Customer Service

    The vendor has a fast and responsive customer support team that is always there when you need it. If you ever need any assistance to track a particular package, the customer service does its utmost to make your life easier. Shipping charges are also relatively affordable as the vendor uses USPS priority shipping of $8.15. Furthermore, the package deliveries are safe and discreet, ensuring you have no potential problems. However, the company can’t deliver to any area where Kratom products have a ban on them.

    SoCal Herbal Remedies Coupon Codes

    A current sale on their 100 counts Kratom capsules means you can purchase for $25 instead of $30. Apart from that, you can avail of a 25% promo code from when you’re checking out. If you’re worried about the legitimacy of the coupon code’s application, you can get in touch with the vendor.

    Refund policy

    If you have already ordered the product but changed your mind, there is still hope for you. Thanks to a lenient return policy, you can get a full refund for the product so long as it’s unopened. All you have to do for return authorization is send an email to the company’s customer support. You get your refund approximately five business days after the vendor receives their product.

    The deal-breaking lawsuit

    In 2019, the vendor faced a wrongful death lawsuit filed against them for the tragic passing of an individual by Kratom overdose. The deceased’s family won the case by an appeal against no warnings on an unregulated Kratom product. However, the death occurred in a car accident when the victim presumably fell asleep while driving after taking the company’s product for an energy boost.

    Even though SoCal Herbal Remedies was found guilty, there is still no solid proof of Kratom’s lethality. Despite a firm belief that it had no liability for this tragedy, the company had to rebrand and sell its Kratom products on the down-low.

    Final thoughts

    Even though the lawsuit put a smudge on the company name, SoCal Herbal Remedies have bounced back with a different name. You can trust this Kratom supplier as they have been successful for five years and have the longest track record. The products themselves are high-quality and affordable to buy. Thanks to the customer service, you won’t have any problem purchasing and receiving products. Out of all the suppliers around, this family-operated Kratom company unquestionably hits the mark.

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