SOL Botanicals Review – Buy Kratom With Coupon Codes

    SOL Botanicals provides you with a one-stop destination for all Kratom products. Everything you are looking at is 100% natural on this platform. SOL Botanicals help people who want to make a spiritual connection with nature. They sell Kratom powder and capsules that are derived from a plant grown in Borneo Island. This plant has been used for many years for spiritual uplifting.

    SOL Botanicals has an online store consisting of a dedicated shop tab. After accessing it, you will be exposed to a wide range of Kratom for sale, and you can choose any of them according to your requirements. This store gives you an option to select the products that fall within the range of your budget.

    To make your shopping experience enjoyable, they also offer eGift cards. In simple words, we can say that SOL Botanicals has done an excellent job organizing the store for its users to make their experience worthwhile and comfortable.

    What Types of Products Do SOL Botanicals Offer?

    SOL Botanicals primary goal is to equip the buyer with the best of the best that’s why they present their Kratom products with different strains as given below.


    • Premium White Borneo (powder & capsules)
    • White Maeng Da (powder & capsules)


    • Premium Green Borneo (powder & capsules)
    • Green Maeng Da (powder & capsules)


    • Premium Red Borneo (powder & capsules)
    • Royal Red Thai (powder & capsules)
    • Red Maeng Da (powder & capsules)

    You will be surprised to find that their products’ variety does not end here.

    Are SOL Botanicals Offering Coupons / Discounts?

    SOL Botanicals offer multiple codes and coupons in 2021. Some of them are listed below.

    10% OFF

    You can receive 10% off on every product and a 15% additional discount when you signup for the newsletter. It works sitewide.

    15% OFF

    This code: “SOL15” works sitewide, and you can claim a 15% discount on every product after applying this coupon.

    20% OFF

    You can use promo code: “SOL20” for a 20% discount if you are buying products cost over $100 and it is applicable on everything.

    25% OFF

    If you buy any two powders from the store, you can get 25% off. You can use this promo code: “POWDERS25”.

    Variety Packs

    You may also order variety packs available on the website with huge discounts.

    Why SOL Botanicals is a Good Kratom Vendor?

    Apart from selling a variety of products, there are many reasons why SOL Botanicals is an excellent place to purchase premium quality Kratom products, a few of them are listed below.

    Do They Sell Lab Tested Products?

    The topmost priorities of SOL Botanicals are potency and perfection. Therefore, every product listed on the website is prepared with natural processes. Only when the plant is gone through the proper lab testing phase, it can be processed further.  

    SOL Botanicals Claims

    SOL Botanicals is entirely transparent, and it is mentioned on their website that the company will remain open to share its lab test results with the users for their satisfaction. It increases their credibility.

    Are They Selling Authentic Products?

    As mentioned earlier, SOL Botanicals is transparent to share lab test results with their users and ensure good quality at every manufacturing stage. It is highly committed to safeguarding the purity, integrity, and potency of its products at every cost.

    Why SOL Botanicals is the Choice of Most People?

    Most people prefer to opt for SOL Botanicals to fulfil their Kratom requirements due to tons of reasons. Some of them are given below:

    • Excellent customer support services
    • Maintaining the privacy of users’ personal data
    • Offering a wide range of authentic products at affordable prices
    • Comfortable and easy shopping method
    • Exciting rewards with eGift cards availability to make shopping enjoyable

    Price Range at SOL Botanicals?

    They make their users feel comfortable by offering affordable prices in comparison to other competitors.

    Kratom Powder: $11.99 – $14.99

    Green Maeng Da: $19.99

    Kratom Capsules: $16.99 – $19.99

    Green Borneo Strains: $16.99

    You may also order variety packs available on the website with huge discounts.

    Do They Provide A Money-Back Guarantee?

    To get a higher rate of customer satisfaction, SOL Botanicals offer an excellent return policy. According to this policy, you can exchange or return any product within 30 days of its purchase. You have to submit an exchange and return form. Once you submit it, your request is forwarded for further evaluation.

    What is Their Payment and Shipping Policy?

    You can use credit for secure and more convenient payments. The most commonly used shipping method is USPS ground. If you have placed your order on Friday and want it to be delivered by Monday, you can go for air shipping.

    Because of some restrictions set by the laws, SOL Botanicals do not ship their products in the below-mentioned states or cities of America.

    • Ontario,
    • Washington DC,
    • Vermont,
    • San Diego,
    • Union County,
    • Indiana,
    • Wisconsin,
    • Alabama,
    • Denver,
    • Alton,
    • Rhode Island,
    • Columbus, and
    • Jerseyville.  

    There are a few more states as well that cannot receive SOL Botanicals’ products. You can get their detailed shipping and payment policy on their website.

    How Do Customers Respond?

    SOL Botanicals has got a huge fan following on different social sites, and lots of customers have awarded them with positive reviews. We recommend you first go to their customer review section before purchasing any product.

    Is SOL Botanicals AKA GMP Qualified?

    AKA GMP Standards Program always nominates various brands to award them with the certificates which have maintained an excellent process for Kratom manufacturing. SOL Botanicals has applied for this certification and will soon receive this.


    In the end, we have concluded that SOL Botanicals is an incredible Kratom seller. They list the products on their website only after getting verified from the lab test reports. The best thing about this brand is that they always care about their users and are committed to maintaining high customer satisfaction.

    It focuses on making the shopping experience incredible for its users and provides them with a couple of loyalty rewards and eGifts. It is a continually evolving brand, and you will see the reflection on their website over time.

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