Sosa Speciosa Kratom – Is This Brand Still Alive?

    General Review

    If you are reading the word “SOSA” for the first time in this review then you might be thinking about it. SOSA is generally an abbreviated form of Shipping Out Some Amazing Speciosa. Now if you are wondering what a speciosa is, it is a short-hand for Mitragyna speciosa (the plant from which the kratom is plucked).

    In this review, we will discuss the band’s reputation, pricing, product line, coupon codes, and much more. As Sosa Speciosa has been out of business for a while, we will also be discussing some similar or even better alternatives. You will see how this brand had everything a judicious kratom consumer could ask for through e-commerce.

    Popular productsGreen Borneo, Green Horn, Green Sumatra, Red Borneo, Red Horn, Red Indo, Red Sunda, Super Gold, Super Green, White Borneo, White Maeng Da, White Sumatra, Yellow Maeng Da. 
    Other productsRed Maeng Da, Red vein Borneo, Red Horn, Red Indo, Red Sumatra, Red Sunda, Baki Bali, Super Green and White Vein 
    AKA GMP certificationIt had not received any certification from GMP
    Customer reviewsMost of the reviews were positive
    Presence on social mediaThey were not very active on social media
    ShippingIt took two business days for shipping
    Return policyThey did not have a return policy
    PricingPrices began at $12 and could go up to $70
    Payment methodsPayment can be made through bank transfer
    FDA approvalIt has not been approved by the FDA

    Vendor Description

    Sosa Speciosa was an American kratom supplier that was regionally located in North Carolina. They used to have a variety of products available on their website out of which their most famous ones are Red Maen ga, but it also includes the ones that are not as popular such as the ‘Red Bone’. At that time, Sosa Speciosa was allowing the customers to buy sample packs that would have 9oz of kratom powder and were priced at $35.

    Product Review

    Sosa Speciosa has multiple varieties of strains that they were selling on their website such as red, green, white, and yellow. A few of the products that were accessible to their customers via their website are Green Borneo, Green Horn, Green Sumatra, Red Borneo, Red Horn, Red Indo, Red Sunda, Super Gold, Super Green, White Borneo, White Maeng Da, White Sumatra, Yellow Maeng Da.

    SOSA Speciosa Kratom Product Line

    Once you had scouted the website, you would notice that there was an entire list of all the strains that are available uniquely and excitingly.

    The products that were being sold were furthered divided into two categories, one being string dried and the other being rack dried.

    Some Of The String Dried Kratom Includes:

    • Red Maeng Da
    • Red vein Borneo
    • Red Horn
    • Red Indo
    • Red Sumatra
    • Red Sunda
    • Baki Bali
    • Super Green
    • White Vein

    These are some of the countless strains that are then categorized based on which area they have grown in as well as their origin.

    Prices And Bundles Sosa Speciosa Offers?

    Sosa Speciosa was one of the few suppliers who were known for its exceptional quality and cheap prices. In the case where the consumer wants to buy 1 kilo of kratom powder, it would only be costing them 70 dollars. Even though this might seem a lot, but it was very cheap as compared to how much other vendors were pricing it at.

    The reason that this brand was so unique is that all of the strains are at the same price point.

    • For 100 grams: $12
    • For 250 grams: $25
    • For 500 grams: $45
    • For 1 kilogram: $70, this can be split into four ways.

    Sample Pack Special

    Sosa Speciosa also allowed people to buy sample packs. These sample packs consist of 9 different strains, each pack has 1 oz of each strain. These 9 packs are priced at $35. This used to be the perfect offer for those who want to see which strain works best for them.


    Sosa speciosa was also very famous among people who wanted to buy kratom in bulk and wholesale buyers as well because of their good quality at a very low price.

    Another feature that would set them apart from all the other vendors was that they gave an opportunity to directly ship the order to the buyer from Indonesia in the case of the unavailability of a certain product.

    FDA Approval

    When they were in business, it was mentioned on their website that SOSA Speciosa has not received approval from the FDA and is therefore not authorized for human consumption.

    AKA and GMP Certification

    Research shows that it had yet to receive GMP certification, as per se by multiple reviews hence experts are still unsure if they were included in AKA.

    How To Order?

    Unlike others, Sosa Speciosa had a website that sets them apart from other vendors. It was designed in a very unique manner and had a very non-traditional method to order stuff from their website.

    Payment Methods

    • Payment can be done directly via bank transfer.
    • Credit card or Debit card
    • PayPal, Venmo, Cashapp.
    • They now accept payments by Bitcoins too.
    • For International orders: Western Union, Money gram or wall-mart.

    SOSA Speciosa Shipping

    Cost For Shipping

    Every order that had been made through Sosa Speciosa’s official website would be charged for USPS flat rate shipping. Although, free shipping could also be found on some eligible packages.

    Delivery Time

    Every order was processed through the USPS flat rate shipping and typically took two or fewer business days to deliver.

    All orders are shipped via USPS Flat Rate Shipping and generally arrive within 2 business days.

    Customer Reviews

    No reviews could be found on Sosa Speciosa official website but people have still found ways to share their experience with Sosa speciosa. A very commonplace to find reviews on kratom vendors is on Reddit.

    Many people claim that they have only read good and positive reviews about Sosa speciosa even if they have not tried any products before.

    Numerous kratom platforms are talking about Sosa Speciosa and almost all of them have positive things to say, especially those who ordered in bulk and also the ones who wanted to get a small amount.

    “I have nothing but good things to say about Sosa’s. Good customer service, fast shipping, and I’ve always been satisfied with my orders.”

    “… great customer service and ship time …” 

    “SOSA has been pretty good for me.”

    “He’s got great stuff. Highly recommended.”

    Return Guarantee

    Officially, there was no mention of a return back policy that was mentioned. None of their sites claim that the product is refundable. Hence, if you were a concerned customer or wanted to change the product then you had to send them an email on their customer support system.

    SOSA Speciosa Kratom Customer Service

    Although the company might not have the best social presence, they still managed to leave a good impression of themselves on their customers. People used to refer to the owner, Ben, as someone who they had known as a friend. The reason for this is because he was very straightforward in the case where they might be out of stock but always assured them of having a satisfactory experience.

    Coupon Codes

    It is possible to avail of kratom at a discount from third-party websites by using their promo code which can go as high as 38% off an order at checkout. This saved up a lot of money on a product that already had such a low price.

    Bottom Line

    As it can be noticed from the reviews that almost all of the customers were satisfied with their order. Though sometimes they lacked communication which had put a “be cautious” mark on the brand. This means that they are trustworthy but it might be risky to put in a large order.

    In their active days, this brand was leading the kratom market and was very popular for having a large variety of products. However, since they are out of business, it would be wise to check out other brands which work in a similar, if not better, manner. These brands include, Naya Kratom, and Ketum Superior.

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