How Long is Kratom Good For You? Bistro’s Guide For Storing Kratom at Home

    Are you a beginner who is learning about kratom? Congrats! You have landed at the right place. Here you will know all about kratom, how long is it good for you, and a genuine guide by Bistro Grace that will help you understand how you can store kratom at your home! So let’s go straight into it!

    How Long Is Kratom Good For You?

    It’s a typical question asked by thousands of people out there. You have to remember this as a rule of thumb, for having the most satisfactory results, you should use your kratom one to three months.

    Generally speaking, if you are frequently using kratom from a trustworthy and high-quality vendor, you should not be concerned about how long kratom is good for you! Make sure you are purchasing premium quality kratom. Good research will help you with that.

    Bistro’s Guide For Storing Kratom

    Want to store your kratom for future use, but don’t know how you can do it? There is no doubt that kratom, unlike other substances, can retain its potency, but it is still liable to degradation.

    Here are some guidelines that can help you with-holding the freshness and power of your kratom. So include these in your to-do list once you get your hands on kratom.

    Let’s see what the leading guidelines are!

    1) You Have To Store It In A Cool Place

    The temperature plays a significant role in the wear and tear of kratom. It would be best if you store your kratom in a cool place. It does not mean that you “strictly” put your kratom in a refrigerator.

    You can keep it in your pantry, kitchen drawers, or any other place with similar coolness levels. You have to make sure that direct sources of heat are not interacting with your kratom.

    2) The Storage Place Should Be Air-Tight

    If your storage place is not air-tight, then most likely, the oxidation of the alkaloids of kratom will occur. You can follow any of the options mentioned below to avoid this:

    • Air-tight bags do not let the outside air to come in and react with kratom. This way, the potency of kratom can be retained very easily.
    • Vacuum sealing is another best option for preventing the degradation of kratom, and you can do it quite easily.
    • Many people utilize Ziploc for kratom storage. Make sure you have removed the excess air before locking the bag.
    • You can use mason for storing your kratom. The rubber-seal flip lid does not let the outside air come in, and the freshness of the kratom remains there.
    • Mylar bags are re-sealable and are perfect for kratom storage as well.
    • Rubbermaid containers do not let the kratom breath too and help with avoiding degradation.

    You can give a try to any of the storage options mentioned above, depending on what is easily accessible to you.

    3) The Storage Place Should Be Dry

    The experts recommend that the storage place for kratom should be dry. Moisture can badly affect your kratom. It tends to make the leaves stale, mold the kratom, and spoil the whole product.

    You would have to discard your complete storage even if you find a small amount of mold. Otherwise, it can make you sick if you consume it accidentally.

    So save your money and efforts as well, by strictly following this rule. Exposure to moisture can take place even if you show a little bit of carelessness. You can have a look at these examples:

    • You forgot your kratom in the kitchen all open.
    • You left it outside in the garden after the rain.
    • You used it in your car and forgot to close the lid on a hot day.

    4) The Storage Place Should Be Dark

    It is essential to make sure that your storage place is dark. You must have seen the fading of the curtain because of bright light exposure, similar is the case with kratom.

    The strong ultra-violet rays can cause massive damage to the leaves of kratom. They break their chemical structure, and because of this reason, the kratom usually decays as well.

    Therefore, if you want your kratom to last longer, you have to watch for all the light sources that can damage it.

    5) Be Careful While Using It In Routine

    If you can minimize the daily wear and tear of your kratom, then it can last longer. Be precautious when you use your kratom, and strictly take out your daily dose from the storage area instead of bringing the whole container to the kitchen table, thereby increasing the chances of spoilage. Be careful about the following measures:

    • Handle the storage box with dry hands.
    • The scooping instrument should be clean and dry.
    • Your measuring scale should be dry.

    These were the five major guidelines for perfect kratom storage. With all that said, you need to know what factors determine the spoilage of your kratom. Let us have a brief look at these:

    Indications For Spoiled Kratom

    Physical Signs Of Deterioration

    You can observe these signs and can make a quick guess about the spoilage. The spoiled kratom has no fragrance, loss of freshness, leaf color turns to pale, and it becomes mold. Immediately discard your kratom if you observe these signs.

    Low-Quality Kratom

    If you have unluckily purchased low-quality kratom, it is suspected to spoil no matter what. You can cross-check this by observing how long the results are lasting.

    If the results are lasting for smaller intervals as compared to your usual intervals, then you have indeed bought low-quality kratom.

    Experience and Experimentation

    These two factors play a vital role in pointing out whether your kratom is spoiled or not. If you are a regular user, you can immediately point out if something is wrong with your kratom.

    In A Nut Shell

    It is recommended that you make your purchase from a well reputed and GMP certified vendor. Store your kratom in an air-tight, cool, dark, and dry place.

    Lastly, be vigilant about the freshness of your kratom because spoiled kratom can be hazardous to your health. I hope this editorial has helped you with all of your queries and concerns.

    Remember #IAMKRATOM!


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