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    About Batam Kratom

    As one of the famous travel destinations in the world, Indonesia has the potential to become a leading pharmaceutical production country. Considering the Indonesian market opportunity, in this article, we have talked about one of the world’s most demanding herb called ‘Kratom’ aka Mitragyna speciosa–– safe alternative to prescription drugs––that is native to Indonesia.

    Part of the coffee family, the Kratom tree only grows in certain tropical climates. That’s why its production mainly occurs in the islands of the region–Bali, Sumatra, Java, and Borneo, as the leading producers of this herb. However, the Batam Kratom strain, originated from the Indonesian Island of Batam, is a new strain that has been gaining a bit of popularity in the past few years. Interested to learn more about this strain?

    Let’s dig in the right!

    Background Of Batam Island

    Batam, aka Abang Island, is the largest city that covers three main islands in the province of Riau Islands, Indonesia. Abang Islands features tourist attractions and spectacular beaches to indulge in diving and snorkeling.

    On the other side, the sweltering backwaters of Indonesian Batam have now become the global producer and exporter of Kratom worldwide. The Kratom cultivation in this region is relatively new. The farmers of the region work day and night to improve the competitiveness of this miracle herb production, aiming to hit the export market on a large scale.

    What Is Good About Trees Growing In Batam Island?

    Growing a Kratom Plant

    Mitragyna speciosa plants are indeed challenging to propagate. From seed to cutting its leaves, all the processes have relatively low success rates; thus, expert hands are required.
    The seeds must be fresh, which is hard to find.

    Likewise, the leaves cuttings are also a complex process, as they often captured by fungus. The farmer’s need to place each cutting lot inside a plastic bag and keep it out of direct sunlight.

    Fertile Soil

    Kratom trees need rich and fertile soil with nitrogen. They are very sensitive to drought, as they require virtually no drainage, and cannot be over watered. Therefore, the soil of Batam Island is ideal for its cultivation.


    Batam has a tropical rainforest climate–– with an average temperature of 26 -32 °C. The humidity ranges from 73% to 96%, and average annual rainfall recorded 2,600 mm.

    Batam Kratom is characterized by its pure Kratom effect. Therefore, growing Batam Kratom strain in humid tropical rainforests could result in 80 feet long trunk with large glossy-green leaves, used best for medicinal purposes.

    What Are The Challenges Faced By Farmers?

    In Indonesia, weather conditions are unpredictable, and so farmers face new and complex challenges with each passing day. They lack the necessary information related to soil, weather, nutrients, diseases, pests, and market data, making it difficult for them to cultivate this magical herb.

    Since the Batam strain has been known for its mild stimulating effects and pain-relieving properties, the producers provide farmers with information related to tree production activities and other data. No doubt, a tree leaf does wonder to cure a person suffering from opioid addiction to anxiety.

    What Goes Into A Strain?

    Modern Day Extracts

    The purity of any plant depends on its extraction. It means that only the essences and essential components of the plant are left. What do you mean by essential parts? It means that its alkaloids are extracted and everything else is discarded.

    Like other strains, Batam Kratom leaf hosts a variety of natural Alkaloids that offers distinctive and effective medicinal attributes. The main reason behind the difference of each type of Kratom Strain and Vein colour (red, yellow, green, white) depicts uniquely is because of the variability in the balance of the Alkaloids.

    Moreover, Kratom is separated by cultivar’s country of origin. This is why Kratom lovers show disappointment when their results vary after searching for the Batam strain or just White Kratom. This system of classification give rise to multiple Kratom strains sold worldwide.

    Alkaloid Profile of Batam Kratom Strain

    The Most Popular Alkaloids are Isomitraphylline, Speciogynine, Mitragynine, Isomitrafoline, Corynantheidine, Epicatechin, Isorhynchophylline, 7-Hydroxymitragynine, Isopteropodine, Ciliaphylline, and Mitraphylline.

    All of the above, the Alkaloids primarily responsible for the Batam Kratom strain effects are 7-Hydroxymitragynine, Mitragynine, and Speciociliatine.

    Are There Safety Concerns Regarding The Use Of Batam Kratom?

    Features & Benefits Of Vein Colors

    Just like other strains, the Batam Kratom strain is also categorized according to its vein color; red, green, yellow, and white variants. However, there are a few factors on which you depend to choose a specific vein color.

    1) Pain Relief & Relaxation––Batam Red Vein

    The Red Vein Batam Kratom leads to a sedative and pain-relieving effect if you’re suffering from severe pain. Likewise, it is often used against insomnia (lack of sleep or sleep disorders), and stress. The different Kratom strains differ in strength and duration. Some have an anesthetic effect, while others only have reliving effects.

    2) Motivation & Energy––Batam White Vein

    If you’re looking for motivating, energizing, and euphoric effects, choose a white vein. Users of Batam White Vein know about its quick onset of action and increased motivation. The thing to notice is that Batam White Vein doesn’t have any pain-relieving effects. Again the duration of the effect and its strength varies from strain to strain.

    3) Perfect Balance––Batam Green Vein

    The optimal balance between the Red Vein and White Vein effect is provided by the Green Vein Kratom. Yes, it is characterized by its mood-lightening, motivating, and euphoric effect, in addition to pain-relieving and relaxing effects. So, if you’re looking for a boost of energy, or to improve your attention, we would advise you to choose the Green Vein Batam Kratom.

    4) Relieve Feelings Of Anxiety––Batam Yellow Vein

    Users of yellow vein Kratom notice its effects similar to a green strain that produces feelings of energy and helps relieve feelings of anxiety. This yellow color comes from a normal vein color leaves that are not fully developed before harvesting.

    Are There Safety Concerns Regarding The Use Of Batam Kratom?

    If a person takes this herb directly by mouth, it is POSSIBLY UNSAFE. The side effects could include vomiting, dry mouth, nausea, constipation, hallucinations, delusions, aggression, frequent need to urinate, and thyroid problems.

    Now, the question here arises, how to consume Batam Kratom strain safely?

    Brew Tea––boil powder into water for at least 30 minutes.
    Add in food––mix the powder into soups, salads, etc.
    Add to drinks––you can add Batam Kratom powder into smoothies, juice, and shakes.
    Capsules––work as dietary supplements.

    It’s up to the user which method he or she would choose, but make sure to brew responsibly.

    Furthermore, Kratom can cause dependence when use long-term. People who stop taking it after years of dependence may experience the following withdrawal symptoms:

    • Decreased appetite
    • Twitches
    • Watery eyes
    • Negative mood changes
    • Diarrhea
    • Anxiety
    • Tension
    • Anger
    • Muscle pain
    • Muscle spasms
    • Trouble sleeping or restlessness
    • Hot flashes
    • Nervousness and
    • Fever

    Special Precautions & Warnings

    Alcoholism: People with both Kratom and alcohol dependence have an increased risk of suicide as compared to a user who use Kratom but not alcohol.

    Pregnancy and breast-feeding mothers: Well, there is no sufficient information available about the safety of consuming Kratom in pregnancy or breast-feeding stages. It is advisable to avoid its use and to stay on the safe side.

    Mental disorders: In theory, people with mental disorders should not use Kratom as it can lead to an increased risk of suicide.

    Educate Yourself

    As a responsible Kratom enthusiast, you must educate yourself about its uses, benefits, and properties to make smart decisions. Choosing a reputable Batam Kratom Strain dealer will give you confidence about getting pure, uncontaminated strains––and not additives.

    Research about the authentic suppliers of pure and potent Kratom products in forms of powder, extracts, and capsules. Look to buy lab-tested products from suppliers who directly import Kratom from native countries like Indonesia.
    Your education, however, never stop at any point.

    Thank you for reading!





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