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    About Green Zareena Kratom

    Rare kratom strains are always exciting, and a bit annoying because they’re difficult to find. Green Zareena is an exotic strain that comes from exotic islands in Malaysia. In this article, I’ll let you know the secrets of green Zareena — the good, the bad, and the ugly of it. Get ready to closely observe this unicorn of the kratom world!

    Introduction to Green Zareena

    Green Zareena is said to be an exotic cousin of green Borneo.

    It’s mainly grown on islands in Malaysia, and legend has it that the farmer named his best Borneo crop after his wife, Zareena.

    But as we’ll see, green Zareena is processed a bit differently from its cousin. Because of differences in processing, both strains provide different effects.

    One thing that might annoy you is that green Zareena is challenging to find! As I mentioned, it’s a rare and exotic strain. So, you might have to break a sweat to find it. Good luck.

    Where Does Green Zareena come from?

    Technically, Zareena should come from the islands of Borneo — from places like Pulau Tiga and Mantanani — because that’s where it was first grown.

    In this age of technology and connectivity, however, information spreads rapidly across the world. Many farmers across Asia have learned to process the strain. So, that packet you find on the shelf could’ve come from anywhere in Southeast Asia.

    Apart from Malaysia, another popular location where green Zareena is processed is Kalimantan Island, located in Indonesia.

    You might find this surprising, but the kratom you buy might be grown in the USA itself! Although it’s hard to grow kratom outside its native regions, live plants and seeds are available in the US, and some skilled kratom buff might be able to process Zareena accurately.

    How Green Zareena is Processed

    Before I get into details, here’s a bit of basic science about kratom processing.

    All strains of kratom are the same when they’re growing. Farmers subsequently process the leaves in different environmental conditions, which make the leaf-veins take on different colors.

    While the dominant effect of kratom is the same across all strains, differences in processing induce varying mixtures of alkaloids in the leaves.

    Unique mixtures of alkaloids then give rise to effects that are unique to each strain.

    Green Zareena is a special type of golden strain prepared by drying kratom leaves under the sun longer than usual.

    Farmers dry the leaves partly under the sun and partly indoors. Thus, half of each leaf turns golden while the rest remains green.

    Drying is followed by covering the leaves with a green cloth (also known as a greenhouse).

    The unique processing of green Zareena induces and preserves a unique combination of alkaloids, giving rise to all the effects we’ll discuss shortly.

    Keep in mind that this is just the tip of the iceberg. Farmers keep most of their processing techniques secret, which I think is fair.

    What Effects Does Green Zareena Kratom Have?

    When you open your Green Zareena package, you’ll find that it has an earthy fragrance. The strain looks green and tastes bitter. So, you might not want to gulp a mouthful!

    Since Zareena is closely related to green Borneo, many people find the effects of both the strains similar.

    Traditionally, green Borneo is known as a sedating strain that’s great for effects like relaxation, tranquility, and pain-relief.

    Those people who find Zareena to be just like its cousin use it for these effects — relaxation and tranquility.

    However, one crucial difference between the two strains is that green Zareena doesn’t seem to be very good at pain relief. If you’re looking for pain relief, your best bet is Red Bali kratom, which is the most sedating of all kratom strains.

    Here’s where it gets exciting. There’s a group of people for whom Zareena works just the opposite of what described above.

    These people call Zareena the perfect strain to energize their days, especially when taken in low doses (1g to 4g). I know it seems paradoxical, but you can only find out if it’s true by trying the strain yourself.

    Also, if taken in moderate doses, the effects of green Zareena are said to last about 4 to 5 hours.

    Finally, some people have also reported a supercharged sexual drive and improved mood and concentration with green Zareena. However, only a few customers have reported these effects so, you shouldn’t expect them very much.

    What’s The Alkaloid Potential Of Green Zareena Kratom?

    If you’re a science guy and wondering what the exact alkaloid potential of Zareena is, I’m about to disappoint you.

    That’s because there’s no straight answer to this question. Alkaloid potential is affected by a plethora of factors like environment, time of harvest, and age of the leaves.

    According to rough estimates, alkaloids make up 0.5 to 1.5% of dried leaves.

    Within these alkaloids, the major one is mitragynine. We care about mitragynine the most because most kratom effects stem from its action on the body.

    Generally, Thai varieties are said to contain the highest percentage of mitragynine — around 66% of all alkaloids.

    Tips For Buying Good-Quality Green Zareena Kratom

    Before you rush and throw your money on poor-quality kratom from any run-of-the-mill vendor, ensure the following:

    • Make sure the vendor is verified by the American Kratom Association’s Good Manufacturing Processes program – this ensures the vendor uses standard procedures to process kratom, making it safe and high-quality.
    • The product you buy should have undergone third-party lab testing for alkaloid potential, contaminants, and microorganisms. Good vendors will upload lab reports on their websites – make sure you read them before ordering.
    • The vendor is popular and has reviews. You can easily find customer feedback on social media platforms like Facebook and Reddit. Don’t buy from a vendor who has bad or no feedback.

    If you’re still confused, try SoCal. The company is famous for its green Zareena, and you won’t be disappointed.

    How To Safely Use Green Zareena Kratom

    Like every kratom strain, the excessive consumption of green Zareena can lead to certain side effects, including dizziness, nausea, a dry mouth, and itching.

    If you want to avoid these effects, start with low doses (2-3g). You should also avoid using green Zareena daily – daily usage will make you dependent on the strain, which will force you to use higher doses. This will increase the chance of adverse effects.

    Finally, make sure you don’t take Zareena on an empty stomach. Green Zareena will be absorbed more easily on an empty stomach, predisposing you towards experiencing unwanted effects.

    Final Thoughts

    All in all, you must try Green Zareena. Although it’s difficult to find, you’ll find the perfect vendor with a bit of research.

    And remember, use it safely!





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