Hulu Kapuas


    Borneo Island Indonesia


    Mitraciliatin | 7-acetoxy mitragynine | Epicatechin |Corinoxin | Isomitraphyllin

    Color, Smell & Flavor

    Green, Red, White | Aroma | Bitter taste

    About Hulu Kapuas Kratom

    The dense forests of Kapuas Hulu in Indonesia near Borneo island are well recognized and known by everyone due to its lavish productions of kratom’s most unique and demanding strain ‘Hulu Kapuas.’

    Lush forest Hulu is responsible for the name of this strain, while Kapuas is derived from a river name that streams near the Malaysian border, where kratom is grown excessively. No native region is present near this forest that means none has easy access to get it.

    Hulu Kapuas kratom has seasonal growth, which makes this strain scarce and demanding. This unique and vibrant strain is a blend of two different strains that comes from Malaysia and Indonesia;

    That’s why it imparts different effects than other standard strains. Despite being one of the oldest strains used by Indonesians and Thais, Hulu Kapuas is Least known for most kratom users and new to others.

    How Is Hulu Kapuas Grown And Produced?

    Journey from leaves to powder and liquids

    The plantation process for Hulu Kapuas strain is complicated for farmers due to inaccessibility to thick Hulu forest, and Kapuas river flowing through it makes life dwelling nearly impossible.

    These are cultivated in regions of Indonesia near Borneo island and Malaysia and then imported by only more prominent kratom forums. Hulu Kapuas kratom growth requires moderate climate, temperature, and daylight, which is favorable for the Hulu forest.

    Mature and vibrant leaves are harvested at an adequate time. Picking leaves requires experienced farmers, and only mature kratom leaves and trees undergo harvesting because of difficult access to that part of the forest. These troubles getting this strain makes it one of the rarest and potent of all strains.

    Green and white Hulu Kapuas leaves are dried in the shelter by spreading it in a thin layer and made free of dust and moisture. Every leaf is dealt with intense care and keen observation to maintain the efficiency of alkaloids present in them.

    Dried leaves are forwarded to manufacturing departments where crushing leaves form a pure, refined, and fresh powder. The powder can be further processed to form other kratom products like capsules, pills, and sometimes mixed with beverages by kratom users. Crushed leaves or powder form is the most common form for importing Hulu Kapuas strain.

    Tinctures or extracts are the most influential and most potent form of any kratom strain. It is made by boiling fresh kratom leaves in solvent or water at a high temperature that all active alkaloids rush from leaves into the liquid while maintaining its potency intact.

    Although Hulu Kapuas is the most potent strain of all other types that can compete with extracts for its top place in the market, its extracts are exciting for the world.

    Hulu Kapuas kratom strain cultivated with no pesticides transforms into fine, fresh powder. The powder is packaged with tight sealing to avoid moisture, dust, or any other adulterant. Rare kratom strain, with no additives, fillers, and preservatives, can be purchased from AKA GMP compliant merchants

    What Does Hulu Kapuas Tastes Like?

    Pure Hulu Kapuas strain has a fresh aroma with a slightly bitter taste. Like some of the best Kratom strains, Hulu Kapuas’ taste can vary comparing the manufacturing techniques and drying process. The impurities, dust, and other elements that develop into the pack due to improper packaging can also affect its taste.

    The Grades That Help You Choose Hulu Kapuas Kratom?

    Hulu Kapuas, a natural herbal substance that imparts refreshing effects, has distinguishing properties, enabling users to grade kratom for themselves.

    Freshness Of Powder

    The freshness of any strain makes it distinct and remarkable for users and maintains its potency intact as well. Hulu Kapuas freshness can be seen with the naked eye by habitual users.


    The fresh powder will always feel smooth and slips easily between your fingers and into the mouth. Regular users and experts can feel the difference between impure and refined kratom by looking and touching it.


    Hulu Kapuas has a unique scent and paralyzes users when they open the package and smell. Its fragrance is so energizing that it opens up the mind, and one feels the urge to ingest it.


    The rarest strain of kratom, Hulu Kapuas, has a consistency like that of fine sugar. It doesn’t stick to fingers and slides easily when carried with fingers.

    While looking for pure kratom strains, look for a reliable source whose products are of premium quality. Rising competition among kratom vendors pops up many fake vendors who sell adulterated kratom to make more wealth.

    Beginners are generally overwhelmed by the false marketing of kratom by the frauds. Be cautious while buying kratom from any online and local source.

    Only buy online from trusted sites whose products undergo rigorous screening procedures and regular lab testing of their products, if you want to purchase from a local store, research before buying, and read public opinions about that store.

    Different Varieties Of Hulu Kapuas Kratom

    Every kratom strain serves different purposes in unimaginable ways. Large Green Hulu Kapuas leaves have three colored central veins which distinguish between its different strains and ultimately effects.

    Some have a green central vein, some have a red vein, while others have a white vein. Central veins impart different properties depending on varying concentrations of alkaloids present in it. Unlike traditional strains, Hulu Kapuas has other potent alkaloids other than mitragynine and 7-hydroxymitragynine, that includes:

    • 7-acetoxy mitragynine
    • Mitraciliatin
    • Epicatechin
    • Corinoxin
    • Corynoxein
    • 3-Isocorynantheidin
    • Isomitraphyllin
    • 3-Dehydromitragynin
    • Mitraphyilline
    • Mitraversin
    • Paynanthein
    • Mitraspecin
    • SpeciogHulu
    • Kapuasfolin
    • Stipulatin
    • Specionoxein

    Precise alkaloids concentration depends on the color of the central vein.

    Green Hulu Kapuas

    The most demanding strain, by professionals, students, and night workers because of its non-sedative and non-stimulative nature. It acts as a moderate relaxant, antianxiety, and analgesic agent and boosts cognitive functions as well. Kratom enthusiasts feel more energetic, confident, and optimistic after using the Hulu Kapuas strain.

    Red Hulu Kapuas

    Red-veined Hulu Kapuas is the best strain for beginners because of its milder effects than green strain. This strain has relaxant and sedative properties, which tempt people to use it frequently. Dosage plays a vital role in the maintenance of effects and gives stimulative properties at quite high doses.

    White Hulu Kapuas

    White vein strain hit you with extra positive energy vibes at the right dose and considered an alternative to coffee. It is a blessing for those fighting with insomnia, providing muscle relaxation and relief from pain, anxiety, and stress. Users most enjoy blends of white and red strain because of their enhanced potency and stimulative nature.

    What Is The Price Of Hulu Kapuas Kratom?

    It is a difficult task to find this rare strain, and only authentic shops have a luxurious stock of Hulu Kapuas. No wonder if this strain is not available in the market, because of its seasonal growth and rarity. It is available in the range of 10$ – 15$ per oz in most of the stores, but price may vary from shop to shop.

    What Are The Ideal Ways To Take Kratom Into Your Digestive System?

    Kratom fanatics are loving the newer kratom strain Hulu Kapuas. How they want to take this exceptional strain inside the body depends upon the personal choices and feasibility.

    Some want to get rid of bitter taste while others want to take full advantage of this herb quickly and cost-efficiently. Some prefer high potency extracts, while others prefer smoking kratom. Every method has its richness, flavor, and efficiency, depending on how you are using this.

    Various methods to take kratom into the body are mentioned below.

    • Kratom powder (by toss and wash method)
    • Kratom capsules (to avoid bitter taste)
    • Powder with juices (orange, pineapple juice potentiates effects and masks taste)
    • Kratom extracts (used in vaping)
    • Kratom gummies
    • Chewing raw leaves





    Uplifted Mood


    Eye Wobbles

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