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    About Mahakam Kratom

    With the advancements in the world, distances have become lesser and we can easily reach out for commodities that were an identity of the east for centuries. Mitragyna Speciosa or kratom is an evergreen tree that grows in Southeast Asia. The leaves of this tree are rich in alkaloids that help energize the senses and improve productivity. For many decades now, various types of kratom have been available in the United States. You can find new and interesting variations of this botanical at online shops in the United States. Millions of people use ketum for stimulation and it has become a part of their lives.

    One new and mysterious type of kratom is Mahakam kratom, which grows on the banks of the river in Borneo Island. This island has a tropical climate and has River Mahakam flowing through the land. This river is the source of life for all plantations in Borneo. Mahakam River deposits essential minerals in the soil as it travels towards the south. The trees and plants growing here benefit from it. Mitragyna trees growing in Borneo also get nourished by the river and have unique effects due to the region’s soil and climate. Mahakam kratom gets its name from this river, as this variation of kratom grows at the riverside.

    Mahakam kratom is unique as it has a distinct alkaloid profile due to the rich soil at both sides of the river. Just like the river, this kratom strain is also potent. It has a deep forest aroma that adds to the refreshing factor. Mitragyna trees growing on the banks of Mahakam River gain nutrients from the fertile soil. These are full of minerals and essential components that add to the Mitragyna profile. The various vein colors of kratom are red, green, and white, while unique ways of processing also produce yellow Mahakam kratom. Each of these variations has further properties that can invigorate users in distinct ways.

    Mahakam River kratom or Mahakam Maeng Da: an exotic strain

    As the demand for kratom increased exponentially during recent years, the supply from Southeast Asia grow. People used to have a limited choice of kratom variations to buy. Users could buy Bali kratom or Maeng Da kratom from online shops. However, newer kratom strains kept coming and the Mahakam River Mitragyna also entered the market later. You must have heard of Borneo kratom, which originates in Borneo, Indonesia. Since River runs through Borneo, potential users may think that the two different names are for all the kratom plantations in Borneo. While Borneo kratom grows in the deep forests on the elevated island, the Mahakam River kratom is only found at the river banks. This variety lives up to its name, as a life-changing substance for all users. Several vendors call Mahakam kratom Maeng Da, which does not specify that these trees are grafted. Maeng Da is one of the oldest and most commonly known types of Mitragyna, which is why many vendors term this variation as Mahakam Maeng Da. However, there is no source of knowing that this variation is a grafted species. Red Mahakam kratom: Strong alkaloids in the varietal make the kratom experience unforgettable. Beginners and old-timers can rely on this kratom variety for a refreshing and stimulating experience. The aroma of this kratom type is moist and dense, enhancing the efficacy of this strain. Green Mahakam kratom: Mild and a brighter green powder that makes users feel more productive, Green Mahakam kratom are potent and impactful. The green vein variation is the right choice for beginners as the on-set of this strain is gradual and impact stays for an extended period. Many users like this strain as a mid-day dose for energizing and refreshing effects. White Mahakam kratom: White vein strains have a smooth and tantalizing impact, the Mahakam kratom is energizing and is a good dose of alkaloids. Just like the serenity, yet the energy of the river that it takes life from, the Mahakam strains in all vein colors provide a smooth impact with an energy boost. Yellow Mahakam kratom: Created by meticulous steps of cultivating, drying, and processing-the yellow strain of Mahakam kratom is invigorating and exciting. The impact of ketum will energize users as this particular strain has distinct properties and is mild for beginners. Ryan’s Relief Blend: Ryan’s Relief is a blend of Red Bali and Red Mahakam kratom powder. The name of this blend is a marketing strategy, celebrating a user named Ryan, who found pain relief in the combination of Mahakam red vein kratom with Red Bali kratom. However, there is no proof or medical evidence of this pain relief. Some online shops sell this blend only as a marketing technique to boost sales and encourage users with health issues to consume the blend.

    Powdered Mahakam kratom: from the soil to your cup

    All naturally grown substances and foods require care at all stages, from plantation to packaging. A lengthy process to develop kratom products that refresh users and pose no harm due to contamination or impurities. 

    Mahakam kratom plantation is at the riverside of Mahakam in Borneo. The all-natural plantation is sun-ripened while the soil moisture helps these trees mature under natural conditions. There is no use of fertilizers or pesticides that might hamper the alkaloid activity. The trees absorb sunlight, and the tropical climate accentuates the alkaloid content, giving Mahakam’s distinctive properties. 

    Expert farmers and teams of kratom leaf pickers cultivate the leaves at the right time. Harvesting the leaves before or after the prime may impact the alkaloids and overall health of the leaves. Expert farmers and cultivators understand the right duration for leaf growth and hence cultivate the leaves at a time that ensures full-efficacy of alkaloids. 

    The farmers select the best leaves for further processing. They take care and precision measures to ensure that only the mature, juicy leaves for manufacturing various products. These leaves are transported to the manufacturing units fresh and potent. The first step of processing involves the drying of leaves. This step is as meticulous and cautionary as any other step as over-drying or under-drying may cause alkaloids to lose their efficacy.

    The red vein leaves are dried openly, helping the alkaloids become more active as the leaves absorb sunlight. The spread out of these leaves is calculated according to unique alkaloid content. Green and white vein leaves are dried indoors, with sheets of delicate fabric covering them. This process also eliminates the chances of dust or any other impurity from settling on the leaf surface.

    The dried leaves then sent for grinding, which turns the flakes of curled leaves into a fine, silky dust. The grounded leaves can be used in the production of several products and packaged in solid bags for users to consume in various ways.

    Quality online shops ensure that products packed in vacuum packaging. Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) standards are following to satiate customers when it comes to efficacy and freshness of the kratom strain powder.

    By the time Mahakam kratom powder reaches your teacup, it passes laboratory tests and purity tests to bring the most effective, soothing, and refreshing kratom tea.

    How to take Mahakam kratom?

    Mahakam kratom does not have many product varieties, due to which the methods of using the powder remain limited. However, with slight innovation users can improvise and innovate various ways of consuming this strain powder.

    • Wash and toss: The wash and toss method is by far the easiest and most common way of taking kratom powder. A spoon of the powder is taken with a glass of water to swallow and wash down. However, if an individual wants to avoid the bitter taste of this botanical, they may try another method which suppresses the bitterness.
    • Kratom tea: A soothing and balmy cup of tea can be a good way to unwind after a long day. Kratom refreshes users and provides a great stimulating effect which can be the exciting result of a smooth cup of tea.
    • Juices and Smoothies: Users who like to enjoy their kratom will think of all the ways to enhance their experience. Mixing kratom powder to a juice such as citrus juice, or apple juice is also a favorable way of taking Mahakam kratom powder. Users can switch flavors to enjoy a new one every time. Smoothies and energy-packed kratom are a good combination. Yogurt, fruit, and kratom powder blended can give you an exciting punch of energy.
    • Edible: An interesting way of consuming Mahakam kratom powder is to add it to baked items or foods that have a strong sweet taste. The sweetness of sugar or fruits can suppress the earthy flavor of kratom powder.

    The key grades that help you choose and purchase Mahakam kratom

    You can find various kratom products at weed shops, smoke shops, or online in the United States. Mahakam kratom isn’t available in all varieties as it is comparatively new and most widely used for kratom tea. Since this strain is not available at every online shop or local vendor, consumers need to look for the right online shop to buy Mahakam kratom powder. Due to the scarcity and lesser production of this strain, the cost is higher than other more commonly found strains such as Bali kratom or Maeng Da kratom.

    Mahakam kratom is unique as it grows exclusively on riversides, where the soil irrigated by fresh river water and plants absorbs energy from the sun. The all-natural trees mature by gaining nutrition from the best climatic conditions.

    • Aroma: The aroma of this strain is like moist earth, just like these plants are grown near water and have a very mild, pleasant botanical aroma. If you buy old and stale Mahakam powder, the aroma will be compromised and will not give a refreshing feeling. 

    • Texture: The texture of Mahakam kratom is slightly coarse but the grains are small. A fresh batch of Mahakam kratom powder will have a dry, aerated granular texture, while older batches will feel as if the powder grains are sticking together. Dusty kratom powder might feel coarser than normal kratom powder. If a bag of Mahakam kratom powder is dusty, it will appear lighter in color as well.

    • Taste: Usually, all the tests for quality are ergonomic and depend on any individual’s criterion of freshness. However, the taste of fresh kratom is bitter but tolerable. If Mahakam kratom is expired or too old, it might contain impurities due to environmental exposure. The taste of old kratom powder is bitter but has a bad aftertaste, making it challenging to consume. When you buy Mahakam kratom online, be sure to check the batch number and production date to ensure the freshness.

    • Packaging: An interesting way of determining the quality of your Mahakam kratom powder is by the shop’s packaging. Any quality online shop will use vacuum-packing to ensure freshness and purity. The opaque, light-resistant bags keep the kratom powder-free from exposure to environmental contamination. 

    • Laboratory Test results: A good online shop will never conceal laboratory test results for any of their kratom products. When you buy Mahakam kratom powder, you can check the lab results for this product and see what is inside the powder and how safe it is to use. 





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