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    Papua New Guinea


    Mitragynine | 7-hydroxymitragynine | Corynantheidine (Rauhimebine) | Mitraphylline

    Color, Smell & Flavor

    Light to medium green | Mossy, grassy aroma | Bitter taste

    About New Guinea Kratom

    Kratom is a perennial tree that grows in Southeast Asia. Papua New Guinea might not be a great state among travelers or geography enthusiasts.

    However, kratom users know this place well for the potent kratom that grows in the country.

    Papua New Guinea lies in the Southeast Asian region, with a hot, humid climate that supports the growth of Speciosa trees. The hot weather and moist soil harness the alkaloids in ketum.

    New Guinea Kratom History

    In the old days, fishers, farmers, and laborers used kratom like coffee. Kratom tea was their morning cup for energy and focus and increased productivity.

    Have you not heard of New Guinea kratom? Well, that is maybe because you don’t know much about the island. Papua New Guinea is the second-largest island in the world. It is divided into two countries.

    The eastern side of the island is Indonesia, and to the west is New Guinea. The kratom leaves cultivated on the island are more commonly known as Indo kratom, but many products available in the United States have Papua New Guinea kratom.

    The main variation of PNG kratom is according to the red, green, and white vein colors. The general understanding from user reviews and the little scientific research is that the red vein kratom is stronger due to higher alkaloid content.

    However, the PNG red vein kratom is considered a good strain for beginners as well as regular users. It is stimulating and energizing, while the effects remain for a long time.

    Green Papua kratom is a milder vein, but the impact is long-lasting and is an excellent choice for a morning drink. Whether users like kratom tea or prefer the wash and toss method, green vein New Guinea can invigorate them.

    White vein is a more exotic and smooth strain as it has a strong impact, but it energizes uniquely. Users will feel calm and relaxed, while their energy levels improve. White vein kratom is a good pick for evening unwinding and relaxation.

    Is Your PNG Kratom Good Quality?

    Many new online shops in the United States sell kratom, but the quality is subpar. As a beginner, users may not understand the condition of their kratom purchase. However, there are a few ways to recognize the best quality of PNG kratom.

    You can find kratom in various forms – pills, tablets, tinctures, liquid concentrates, and extracts. Apart from these, there are edibles such as ketum gummies and brownies.

    People can use kratom powder in their drinks and create interesting smoothies and coffee to stimulate senses and improve energy levels.

    New Guinea Mitragyna is not available in many shops in various vein colors, but it is used in many blends. But how do you know If your kratom is excellent quality and safe to use?

    1) Leaf products without stem and veins are used by many manufacturers to reduce costs. Many users find the PNG kratom variations to be more expensive than other varieties. This is due to the local practice of harvesting that separate the stems from the leaf. If your vendor ensures that only the tea leaves are used for manufacturing the product, it will be useful and fresh..

    2) Color of the kratom powder can tell a lot about freshness and the quality of alkaloids present. If the kratom product has a dull green color, there is a chance that the kratom powder or dried leaves used were old and might not have active alkaloids.

    3) Texture of the kratom powder must be dry and fine. If you rub this powder between your fingers and it sticks to your skin, there may be moisture in the powder, which compromises quality.

    4) Texture of the kratom powder must be dry and fine. If you rub this powder between your fingers and it sticks to your skin, there may be moisture in the powder, which compromises quality.

    5) Lumps in kratom powder can also raise the chances of contaminants, which may make products unsafe for consumption. Whenever you buy, always look for the batch number, and the date up until using the ketum product is safe.

    6) Lab tests are the best bet for any product at your regular online shop. All quality kratom products are tested to ensure safety and insight into the alkaloid profile. This enables users to check the efficacy and determine whether that particular product will suit them or not.

    7) Packaging of kratom products must be to ensure freshness. Vacuum-packed kratom powder bags or cap-locked jars of pills are a good choice as you will be able to enjoy fresh and potent ketum products.

    Papua New Guinea Kratom From Farms To Pack

    The process of manufacturing products with organic substances can be challenging. It can only be done by manufacturers that have a state-of-the-art facility to ensure that every step is followed closely. PNG kratom is an exotic strain, and the various vein color varieties are not as common as other types of this substance.

    The plantation of these strains is found on the highly-elevated island of New Guinea, which is full of deep natural forests where trees of kratom are growing for centuries. These trees are sun-ripened, without any fertilizer feeds or pesticides used on them.


    Experienced farmers cultivate kratom and know when to pick the leaves. Mature and juicy leaves are plucked without the stem to be sent to the manufacturing facilities. The farmers conduct an ergonomic check on the health of these leaves and hand-pick the best of the lot.


    As the leaves are transported to the facilities, they are spread out in large spaces so that all the leaves can dry out without sun exposure. The green and white vein leaves are covered with thin sheets of fabric to protect without stripping them of any alkaloids delicately.

    As the leaves are dried, experts check whether the duration of drying is correctly followed. Over-drying can cause a lack of efficacy, while under-dried leaves can attract fungal growth due to moisture.


    Fully dried leaves are then processed to use in products. Kratom powder is made by grinding the leaves to fine dust, which is lighter in color than the leaves. This powder is further used to make pills, tablets, and edibles.

    Extracts of kratom are prepared by soaking the leaves in liquid. Concentrates and tinctures are the right way of consuming kratom and enjoying the impact of more alkaloids without consuming a large quantity of the product. Many tinctures are oil-based, but you can easily find water-based tinctures and concentrates as well.

    The Packaging

    The packing of kratom products is GMP-compliant and ensures freshness till the stock lasts! Users can enjoy fresh ketum due to the vacuum-packed bags that are light and water-resistant.

    This packaging reduces the chance of contamination due to moisture or dust. Cap-locked jars and bottles are suitable for pills and tinctures, respectively. The packaging standards are essential to follow and often give away the reliability of the manufacturer.


    New Guinea kratom is an exotic variety that has an impactful result on users. PNG kratom has found a greater market in Europe, as many online shops of the region offer this strain variety. In the United States, due to regulations and checks, the users remain careful when choosing new kratom strains. However, you can find your Papua kratom products online and use them according to your suitability. Check the quality of your purchase and ensure that the manufacturers share the lab test reports. These practices reduce the risk of using old or ineffective Mitragyna products.





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