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    Mitragynine | 7-hydroxymitragynine | Corynantheidine (Rauhimebine) | Mitraphylline

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    About Sumatra Kratom

    The sixth-largest island in the world and one of the largest islands of Indonesia, Sumatra is home to old-growth rainforests and has over 50 million people population. Sumatra kratom came into the popularity very recently. It is a high-quality grade kratom strain that grows abundantly across Southeast Asia, mostly in Indonesia. This Ayurvedic herb contains a host of powerful properties.

    Unlike other strains, Sumatra kratom has more mode enhancing properties and fewer stimulants. Also, it can offer opioid, euphoric, as well as therapeutic properties. It means you can use this strain as one of the best relaxation techniques.

    Sumatra kratom is produced through a combination of sustainably-managed plantations and wild kratom harvesting. The humid climate and fertile soil of the region help to flourish the density of this kratom leaf’s flavonoids and myriad alkaloids.

    Three most essential grades that help you choose Sumatra Kratom

    Taste: There will be a clear difference in the taste of fresh and stale kratom strain. While processing, sometimes kratom powders catch dust particles or may get mold, which changes its taste. A kratom lover can tell if the powder tastes dusty or have fungal growth.

    Aroma: Fresh Sumatra kratom will have a deep scent as the user open the bag. An earthy aroma of the powder may remind you of fresh kratom leaves.

    Origin: Kratom cultivation depends on a suitable climate. So, make sure you are using the herb that is harvested in the Southeast Asian region.

    What is the price of Sumatra Kratom?

    Sumatra Kratom is available at all-leading Kratom stores. It is known as a budget-friendly strain; the price starts from $11.99, depends on the quality and your selected quantity. The wiser is to buy in bulk.

    Remember, Sumatra Kratom capsules are a little pricey because of extra capsule packaging.

    Different types of Sumatra Kratom strains

    Like other kratom strains, Sumatra is available in four primary vein colors—Red, White, Green, and Yellow, respectively. These veins differ in alkaloid content, taste, and its effects.

    1) Red Vein Sumatra

    Red Sumatra is famous for its powerful pain-relieving qualities. The vein of this leaf is red and when the leaves crushed, the color is dark green. Moreover, it is used as an analgesic, so next time if you suffer from headaches, give Sumatran Red Vein Kratom tea a try. This variety has the power to keep you relaxed and tranquil for up to 10 hours and known as one of the best types.

    2) White Vein Sumatra

    White vein strain affects individuals differently. Many people believe that it works as a calming supplement, whereas others feel energized and cheerful. Many people prefer white Sumatra stain, over any other strain, to discover how it helps them!

    3) Green Vein Sumatra

    Green Sumatra leaf has a green central vein which when crushed in powder form, gives it a light green color. This herb is useful to keep you energized throughout the day. You can make a soft cup of Kratom tea; however, the usage depends on the user.

    No matter how you intake green Sumatra, the effects are more moderate or you can say, a little balanced.

    4) Yellow Vein Sumatra

    Yellow kratom is one of the rarest forms of strains. While it is not famous as typical kratom types, but it is gaining popularity and becoming common as red, green and white strains are. There’s a long list of benefits of using yellow Sumatra––less stress & anxiety, relaxant (at a higher dose), mild pain relief, a mild boost of energy, outgoing & sociable, and deeper sleep.

    The two most common sumatra kratom strains

    The top types of this strain are red and white veins. In the past, white Sumatra was infamous for its hours of jubilation and alertness — now users have reported a feeling of motivation after brewing this strain. Not only this, but it is also becoming famous among coffee lovers who wish to replace their cup of coffee in the morning. Moreover, it works as the best alternative to mainstream energy drinks that are commonly used among students, entrepreneurs, and artists. On the other hand, the pain relief capability of red strain is immense and is found more than its white vein cousin. 

    To summarize, the red strain is right for sleep and tend to have more sedating effects.

    What are the most ideal ways to take Sumatra Kratom?

    Like other strains, Sumatra is also available in forms of powder, capsules, extracts, etc. that help in letting go of its strong effects and other inconveniences.

    The powder looks the same as other herbal powder, and a user can add it to his daily food. Sumatra capsules are made from the same powder stored in soft gel capsule form and are easy to use.

    Some best methods to take Sumatra Kratom:

    • Herbal tea (you can boil powder into water)
    • Toss & wash method (you can take powder directly)
    • Add to food (mix the powder into gravies, soups, salads, etc.)
    • Add to drinks (mix Sumatra Kratom powder into juice, shakes, smoothies, etc.)
    • Capsules (take capsules as dietary supplements)

    *Make sure to brew responsibly.

    What is the dosage guideline for Sumatra Kratom?

    • For beginners 0.5 grams
    • Primary dose 1.0 to 2.0 grams
    • Best dose 2.0 to 3.0 grams (if you have a gradual habit of consuming kratom)
    • For experienced 3.0 to 4.0 grams
    • Extreme strong dose 4.0 to 5.0 grams

    *6-gram is the maximum dosage and anything more is not advised.

    After the dosage, the effects will lasts for about 3 to 10 hours. The best is to adopt trial and error approach. Allow your body to adjust each dosage for a soothing experience.

    If you’re a creative kratom lover who is searching to maximize potential and stay active on all endeavors, we advise you to invest in the premium quality Sumatra kratom. Trust us; it can be the right strain for your afternoon activities. Also, you should check online discussion forums to learn what others feel about this magical herb.





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