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    About Island Sunda Kratom

    The demand of Mitragyna is increasing every day. This had urged vendors to go towards the previously uncharted territory and bring new strains to the table. One such strain is the Island Sunda Kratom. These islands are unique in their identity as well as in the wildlife present there. The wildlife and biodiversity of the islands show both Australian as well as Asian origins and result in a colorful potpourri of life inhabiting these islands.

    The Sunda Islands are a group of isles divided between four countries namely Malaysia, Indonesia, Brunei, and East Timor. These islands have often been known as the botanical gardens of these states because of the diverse flora and fauna present there. These islands are extremely diverse and contain volcanoes as well as rich tropical forests. The Sunda Kratom being exported, however, comes mostly from the islands under the jurisdiction of Indonesia. The islands are a blend of Malaysian and Indonesian cultures and traditions and the people living there show amazing diversity.

    The Sunda Islands are responsible for the export of several renowned strains such as: Bali Kratom, Sumatra Kratom, and Borneo Kratom.

    The islands already have a booming Mitragyna market and a large number of farmers are responsible for the cultivation of these plants. Due to increasing deforestation, however, these indigenous strains are also being introduced in other parts of Thailand, Malaysia and Indonesia to keep up with the high demand of Mitragyna. Still, the best Sunda Kratom is cultivated in the Islands having a high concentration of Mitragynine, 7-OH-Mitragynine, and other alkaloids.

    How is Sunda Island Kratom grown?

    Mitragyna Speciosa has been cultivated in the Southeast Asian regions of the world since ancient times. How do these evergreen tree leaves turn into the powders that customers see in their packets, capsules, and jars?

    Sunda Kratom, like most Mitragyna species, requires hot and humid conditions to grow the best. It breeds best in the region where the climate is tropical almost all through the year. Farmers in the Sunda Islands know the best cultivation practices that would yield potent and desirable Kratom of the highest quality.

    The first step in the growth of Sunda Kratom is the coloration and harvesting of the Sundanese strain.

    The leaf color of the strain depends upon the amount of sunlight it receives and the genetics of the plant and can also change with time. Once the healthy leaves of the plant have grown, farmers harvest the leaves and separate them based on vein color.

    Farmers have long since growing the plant in soil that has sufficient aeration and receives maximum sunlight. They use traditional practices to ensure the Mitragyna on their lands has the best taste and high alkaloid content. Many vendors from the U.S. have partnered with these farmers for their quality Kratom.

    What does Sunda Island Kratom taste like?

    The color, smell, and taste of any Kratom strain can be a telltale sign of the quality of the Mitragyna you are using. Something that all users agree on when it comes to Speciosa, it doesn’t have the best taste. Mitragyna is an organic herb that has rich alkaloid content. The same is true for Sunda Island Kratom. Although the strain has a large number of associated benefits, the taste is earthy and bitter. This taste also signifies good quality kratom.

    If your Mitragyna is not bitter, it is probably not authentic. Many substandard vendors mix artificial flavors and tea leaves extracts into their Kratom powder to improve the taste, but this can interfere with the natural benefits the plant has.

    Sunda Kratom can be emulsified into various drinks and beverages to improve the bitter taste, as mentioned below.

    • Teas: The Sundanese Kratom can be boiled with tea leaves to make great tasting herbal teas. It enhances the flavor of your teas and increases the potential.
    • Juices: This is the most commonly used method to enhance the taste of the Kratom powder. You can mix blends in juices like orange juice and pineapple, which mask the bitter taste.
    • Soups and gravies: Adding your Kratom powder to soups works too! The bitter taste gets masked, and your food tastes the same with additional benefits of Mitragyna.

    The various types of Sunda Kratom

    There are three different naturally growing leaves of the Sunda strain. These include the red, green, and white Sunda Kratom. Other than these, there is also a blended type of Sunda known as the yellow vein. All these strains have distinct effects and associated benefits.

    Red Sunda Kratom

    The red vein of this strain has a definite red tinge to the green leaves. When powdered, this appears to be brownish with a reddish-green underlying sheen. This vein originates from the Indonesian side of the Sunda Islands, where the tropical climate is perfect for its harvest. This leaves of Red Sunda are ground into a fine silky powder and then sold in the form of capsules or jars of powdered Sunda. The strain can also be brewed into teas or mixed with various drinks. It is the right choice of Kratom if you are looking for something relaxing and pain-relieving.

    Green Sunda Kratom

    This vein of the Sunda strain is one of the best-selling because of its balanced effects and high alkaloid content. It has a bright green color in the leaf form. When dried and powdered, these strains appear to be a dull shade of green. It originates from the old tall kratom trees present in the Malaysian region of the Sunda Islands. It is usually sold in the powdered form by most vendors but is also available in the form of capsules, teas, tinctures, and extracts. It affects the neurotransmitters and endorphins of the nervous system and can, therefore, help improve moods. It also has a euphoric effect, which gives a relaxing afterglow and calms down.

    White Sunda Kratom

    The white Sunda Kratom is lighter in color as compared to the red and green strains of Sunda. This vein grows throughout the Sunda Islands and has distinct enigmatic effects on the user. The white strains have energizing effects and are also pain-reliving. They lack the relaxing effects of the red and green vein and, therefore, help increase focus and improve your work ethic.

    Yellow Sunda Kratom

    The yellow vein of the Sunda Island Kratom is also available on many vendor websites. This vein is not naturally growing but is a blend of the red and green veins of Sunda. The ratio of red to the green vein in the yellow strain is 60:40, and the appearance is brightly green with a strong earthy aroma.

    The yellow strain is a fantastic choice of vein if you are looking for energizing and relaxing effects in a strain along with balanced pain-relieving properties.

    How to choose the best Sunda Kratom?

    Certain factors allow you to choose the best Sunda Kratom. These include the following:

    • Ensure that the Sunda Kratom you are buying has been sourced from the Sunda Islands and is 100% authentic and organic. Using synthetic Mitragyna can have deleterious effects on both your physical and mental well-being. 
    • The alkaloid content is another telltale sign of good quality. These alkaloids are chemical compounds inside the ketum leaves that are responsible for all the plant’s associated benefits. Make sure that the Sunda Kratom you are buying has rich alkaloid content. 
    • The color of the leaf veins is a major factor that comes into play when the quality of kratom is concerned. Every leaf has a specific color that allows you to figure out if your kratom is of good quality.

    Sunda Island is one of the most well-balanced strains that have recently appeared in the market. The strain has several benefits, along with the authentic kratom feel to it. It originates from the home of already famous strains like Sumatra, Borneo, Bali, and can, therefore, be trusted when it comes to alkaloids and potency.





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