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    Sumatra Island Indonesia


    Mitragynine | 7-hydroxymitragynine | Corynantheidine (Rauhimebine) | Mitraphylline

    Color, Smell & Flavor

    Clay green | Earthy and moss fragrance | Bitter taste

    About Super Green Malay Kratom

    Native to the Islands in Malaysia, Super Green Malay Kratom is known as “The Jack Of All Trades” because of its immense versatility and sustainable effects. The wet and tropical climate of the area makes it one of the ideal locations for growing potent kratom — known as Malay kratom –– that is shipped around the world. Let’s dig in the right!

    The Roots of Kratom

    The unique soil composition of the forests of this Southeast Asian country has a direct impact on the cultivation and growth of kratom trees — allowing leaves to build with full capacity. Due to this, Green Malaysian strains reportedly have an unusual cell wall density.

    Post-Harvest Production — From Plant to Powder

    Once the kratom has reached an ideal maturity, farmers collect them in large quantities. The thing to notice is that the freshness of these leaves plays an essential role in the production of kratom powder, alters the phytochemical concentrations of the plant’s characteristics. For instance, green and white strains consist of young leaves, while red kratom strains are typically produced using mature leaves.

    To create kratom powder, farmers dry the leaves in the sun or the shade. Once the leaves get dry, they’re subsequently shredded into a fine consistency.

    Furthermore, the unique thing about green Malay is that in its production, the farmers use a shifting method to remove the stems (containing lower alkaloid content) before the leaves are crushed to make kratom powder. This extra time and labor involved in the process make green Malay more potent and effective.

    Key Features of Super Malay Kratom

    • This strain is obtained from high alleviated deforest areas.
    • Green strains, like Super Green Malaysian, combine the pain-relieving, sedative properties of a red kratom strain with the euphoria and energetic boost of a white strain.
    •  “Super” means that only the giant (selected) leaves of the tree were harvested with higher alkaloid compounds.
    • It is one of the most exported herbs of the country, used worldwide.
    • Again, its manufacturing is also premium, which raises its price slightly higher than other strains.

    The Difference Is In the Leaves

    Leaves of the Kratom tree are also known as ‘keetum’ in the Malaysian language. The vein underneath the kratom leaves can be green, red or can also take white vein, and these tend to be more potent.

    When growing on the plants, the leaves of green Malay look oval and stand out in a dark green hue. The average size (width and length) of leaves is between 100 to 180 mm. No doubt, it works a lot like an μ-opioid receptor, as morphine does.

    Super Green Malaysian Also Known As Elephant Kratom

    Super Green Malay Kratom is sometimes referred to as Elephant Kratom. The word “Elephant” indicates that this strain consists of the most significant leaves harvested by Farmers––leaves like enormous Elephant ears.

    On the other side, the word “super” is a bit unclear. Some people suggest that it is a marketing ploy while other people claim that the term is used because of the complex process of cultivating and harvesting this strain.

    Farmers collect the giant leaves because they are mature and contain the highest amount of alkaloid content. The presence of alkaloids is essential to produce its effects like mood enhancement and overall health improvement.

    Other examples include Super White Borneo and Super Green Indo Kratom.

    What Are The Pros and Cons of Using Super Green Malay?

    Green strains are one of the unique kinds that get both positive and negative reviews. However, good ones exceed the terrible side.


    • It works as a real energy booster. As soon as you intake it, you will feel the strength in the body and brain both.
    • It helps alleviate all types of chronic pains and both muscular and joint pains. Moreover, it can also cure Osteoporosis (a condition that weakens the bones).
    • Malay helps to make concentration better. For those who are suffering from migraines, super green Malay takes away all your pain.   
    • It is reported that within 20 minutes of consuming Super Green Malay, a person’s stress level reduces, he or she starts feeling happy and euphoric. 
    • Green Malay cures insomnia. For people who tend to have negative thoughts, this herb works like magic.
    • It works as an anti-agent and can take away all your wrinkles, leaving your face fresh for long.  
    • It helps in attaining self-confidence. 
    • Malay green regulates normal blood pressure
    • Green Ketum is full of antioxidant properties.
    • Overall it strengthens the immune system and improves the health of a user.


    As per the feedback from kratom users, there are different mild side-effects of consuming super green Malay. However, up till now, nobody has experienced severe side effects.

    It includes:

    • Bit of excess sweating
    • Giddiness
    • One may feel trembling
    • Unclear Vision for some time
    • Loss of appetite for some time
    • Light vomiting
    • One may feel a slight headache

    What Grades Help You Choose Green Malay?

    Green Malay is an eye-opener for kratom fans. The magical herb has a lot of features to grade for its quality.

    Aroma: As said above, the natural compounds present in this strain works great, and so the fresh powder gives deep earthy aroma. Soon you open the bag; the smell will make you crazy to consume it.

    Feel: The fresh green Malay powder will give you a smooth feeling. If it is stale, you might feel the particles rough and dusty. Likewise, the moist powder will form lumps and give a stinky smell.

    Origin: The rich soil of the forests of Malaysia’s mountainous gives green Malay an unmatched potency and taste. So, make sure you get the product made from leaves grown in this region.

    How Long The Effects of Malay Kratom Last?

    The effects of super green Malay strain last for 6 to 7 hours. There can be severe side effects if you do overdose. 

    Generally, the effects based on:

    • Personal factors (age, weight, and health of a person)
    • Alkaloid content present in the product
    • A tree that grows in a specific region–Malay kratom is more potent than the herb grown in other Southeast Asia countries like Indonesia and Thailand

    Compared to strains cultivated in other countries, Green Malay offered a longer-lasting experience and referred to as Super Green. It provides the most moderate mix of heavy alkaloids, such as Mitragynine and 7-Hydroxymitragynine. Each of these compounds gives Kratom leaves an amazing mixture of aromas. Moreover, they impact the effects that a person is looking for; this is why Malay is the most demanding strain among Kratom lovers.

    Nonetheless, if you search through the online portals about kratom products, you will see that this strain got the highest favorable reviews from the people around the world. It is a kind of strain that a beginner can easily intake without any fear.





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