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    About Vietnam Kratom

    For the past two years, the introduction of newer kratom strain Vietnam from inscrutability to a popular product in the international markets create bustle among every ketum user. Although farmers were growing it for thousands of years, exporting Vietnam kratom from Vietnam to other countries started recently.

    One interesting fact about this ayurvedic herb is its medicinal uses for various purposes. Although its benefits are not proven, people using this wonder herb, mitragyna speciosa, claim that it has many health benefits. Today, I will share every bit of information about a new popular strain, Vietnam kratom. Here we go.

    Interesting Facts About Trees Growing In Vietnam

    Growing regions always play a significant role in the quality, aroma, and freshness of plants. Southeast Asia stands out among all over the world for producing unique and fresh varieties of herbs. Vietnam strain grows in Vietnam, which is highly known for its humid, tropical climate that favors the growth of plants, trees, and shrubs.

    Evergreen tree mitragyna chiefly grows in the capital Long Xuyen of Giang Province. Further, it also grows abundantly along the bank of the Mekong River, which has fertile soil and river washes out minerals to neighboring land, which makes its color, taste, and effects peculiar as compared to other strains.

    Is Vietnam Kratom Legal In The Territories Of Vietnam?

    As of 2019, Kratom is illegal in Vietnam. It is unfortunate for domestic people of Vietnam that they cannot consume their native plant. Legal restrictions on its trade are the main reason behind the shortage of Vietnam kratom in the international markets. Only leading companies are able to stock this rare product that comes in the pure form. Because of trading issues, Vietnam kratom is being harvested in Indonesia as well.

    Factors That Help You Choose Between Yellow, Red, Green, And White Vietnam Kratom?

    Various factors that differentiate between kratom strains belonging to the same category, the color of central veins present in the Vietnam leaves, plays a crucial role in differentiating and picking their desired strain.

    1) Yellow Vietnam Kratom

    Yellow Vietnam Kratom is a newer strain whose yellow tinge differentiates it absolutely from other strains. Unlike different strains, it tastes sweet and heavenly for almost every user. This strain is unique for its non-sedative properties and is excellent for its calming, relaxing effects on the mind and body. It also improves efficiency, mental focus, and alertness.

    2) Red Vietnam Kratom

    Red Vietnam Kratom is a potent pain reliever like other red kratom strains. Its red colored fine lines in leaves give red color to the powder after grinding. Users claim that it is excellent for treating insomnia and psychoactive disorders. Unlike other red strains, red Vietnam is a much milder strain that reduces stress and anxiety and is best for beginners.

    3) Green Vietnam Kratom

    Green Vietnam Kratom has lush green leaves with central green veins. After grinding leaves, it gives bright green colored powder. It has a sweetish taste that feels heavenly on taste buds. It is an equally strong pain reliever as red Vietnam and has subtle stimulating effects but not overpowering.

    4) White Vietnam Kratom

    White Vietnam Kratom is the most immature strain with central white lines. Unlike other white strains that have mild effects, white Vietnam gives intense stimulation, a sense of well being, energy boost, and enhances mood even in tough situations.

    What Are The Best Effects And Benefits Of Vietnam Kratom Strain?

    One basic rule that applies to all kratom strains is that they are stimulating at low doses and sedating at high doses. Today we will discuss Vietnam’s benefits and how it is different from other strains.

    • Easy On Stomach

    Unlike other strains, Vietnam kratom is accessible on the stomach and does not cause constipation and diarrhea. It is gentle on the stomach and thus not cause stomach cramps and motility disorders.

    • Enhances Visual Perception

    Regular Vietnam users report its benefits on the eyes, improves focus, clarity, and also visual acuity and perception.

    • Mood Enhancement

    Vietnam kratom has pleasant and balanced effects when used as an antidepressant. Yellow Vietnam has a 25% more alkaloid profile than others and is a more potent strain with more energetic effects.

    • Analgesic Effects

    Relieving chronic pain of users is one most important benefits that cause it to stand out among all strains. It acts on the brain’s pain receptors and modulates them naturally, causing blockage of pain receptors without drowsiness.

    • Sedating And Stimulating Effects

    Vietnam can cause sedative, relaxing, and euphoric effects at high doses. An exception here is yellow Vietnam that has no sedative effects even at very high doses.

    The Mitragynine component present in Vietnam kratom gives a boost of energy and fights with fatigue.

    How To Brew Vietnam Kratom Tea?

    When you brew a cup of Kratom, you consume all the alkaloid contents because of the thorough mixing of powder into the water. Kratom tea tastes delicious and is refreshing because of the unique harvesting techniques that contribute to its taste, color, and aroma.

    Young leaves are hand plucked along with stem and underwent grinding procedures that produce a smooth and fine silky powder.

    1. Put water on the burning stove and wait till it starts boiling. The more water you use, the less strong flavor you will encounter, and the more it tastes good.
    2. Add Vietnam powder into the cup according to your required dosage.
    3. Pour water into the cup slowly while stirring until it thoroughly gets mixed.
    4. Its sweet fragrance will spread in the kitchen that soothes your nasal passages as well as tastes soft on the taste buds.

    Dosage And Usage Advice

    Many kratom users worldwide deserve complete user guides to comply with its effects. For the ones taking Vietnam strain for the very first time, the usual beginning dose is 1 –
    2 grams. It takes 30 – 45 minutes for the effects to be prominent.

    If you don’t feel effects by this time, take another 2 grams and again wait until you start feeling effects. You need to adjust your dose according to your requirements and the time your body takes to respond.

    The cautions that come with the use of Vietnam kratom are the same as those of other strains that are:

    • Take ketum on an empty stomach to experience best results.
    • Stay hydrated and drink plenty of water before, during, and after taking Kratom.
    • Use a quality source for purchasing pure Kratom.


    Vietnam kratom is growing in mineral-rich soils of Vietnam, where it is illegal to consume. This strain has gained significant popularity over a short period because of its non-sedative and analgesic effects. The introduction of Vietnam Kratom in the western world created a bustle among kratom enthusiasts and advocates.

    There are a lot of controversies regarding its international trade because of illegality in Vietnam. We expect more varieties of Ketum over time if the legal status in Vietnam gets acknowledged. However, you can buy Vietnam kratom online at leading stores and check lab test reports of their products to ensure safe quality.





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