6 Strongest Kratom Strains of 2024

    One of the reasons kratom products are so popular among users of all kinds is the opportunity to choose from a variety of different strains. As a plant that is cultivated and harvested in Southeast Asian countries, specifically according to the veins and their effects, it has been a fan-favorite substance.

    Kratom users can select any strain that matches their preference, although most beginners often get confused by which strain might be a good starter for them. Thanks to the effects of the kratom veins, vendors and brands can now produce some of the most high-quality strains to maximize user experience.

    Now, since there are various kratom strains, it can be tricky to decide which one to choose. And, if you’re looking for an efficient strain that provides substantial benefits, you’re in the right place. This in-depth guide will move you through some of the most potent kratom options so that beginners and advanced users can benefit equally from them. Let’s get started!

    How to Choose The Strongest Kratom Strain for Yourself

    Before you get started, you might not have an idea of the various different colored veins of kratom, so let’s get that sorted first. It all depends on what you’re looking for, and luckily you have a variety of different kratom strains to choose from. The different color veins of the kratom plant are known for their distinct properties and effects, and trying to find the right vein is considerably convenient.

    Red Vein Kratom Strains

    Red vein strains are known for their sedating and relaxing properties among the most popular kratom veins. Since they have a high concentration of alkaloids due to being harvested for a more extended time period as opposed to the other veins, they’re used for their pain-relieving properties and help you relax after a good day’s work.

    Most of the time, it isn’t recommended to beginners due to higher potency and strong effects, so if you’re new to kratom, red veins might be a little too strong for you.

    White Vein Kratom Strains

    White vein strains are all about stimulating effects and energy boosts as the properties of white vein strains offer attentiveness, alertness, sociability, and increased activity. In addition, it’s often used as an alternative to caffeine due to the after-effects it provides, as they don’t wear off that easily and can last for a day.

    Green Vein Kratom Strains

    Green vein strains stand in the middle as they have both stimulative as well as soothing effects in milder amounts of potency. Due to this balance, it is considered a safe strain to go for if you’re new to kratom. When it comes to milder doses, it provides slight boosts of energy, and in higher amounts, it can cause sedation by having you relax.

    Yellow Vein Kratom Strains

    While not as popular as other kratom veins, yellow or gold vein strain does have mixed effects of all the other three. Experienced users tend to go for yellow vein strains due to the hybrid properties of all kratom veins.

    Top 6 Strongest Kratom Strains of 2024

    Now, as the most popular kratom strains of 2024, these are also the most potent strains that complement your routine with their effective and efficient properties.

    1. Red Kali Kratom

    Unlike other red vein kratom strains, Red Kalimantan doesn’t put you in a state of sedation; in fact, it helps with its stimulating properties. As you consume Red Kali, you will feel strong after-effects of its pain-relieving properties with a sense of relaxation as well as a slight energy burst. With the overall effects of both pain relief and stimulative properties, Red Kali ensures you a good time with its benefits.

    2. Ultra Enhanced Kratom

    Possibly the most popular kratom strain, if not the best, Indo Ultra kratom is crafted in Indonesia and has a high concentration of alkaloids, making it a highly potent strain. UEI comes in three different strains due to the nature of the kratom plant, red, white, and green.

    While all three strains are excellent, Red Ultra Enhanced Indo is the one that tends to shine the most when it comes to most consumer experiences. Like Red Maeng Da, Red Indo provides energy delivered by a red vein kratom strain, making it a fan favorite kratom strain.

    3. Green Hulu Kratom

    Green kratom strains usually offer mixed results, and Green Hulu Kapuas is no different as it provides the best experience as expected of a green vein kratom strain. What’s more, it offers the same pain-relieving properties that are usually found in red vein kratom strains, although unlike the sedating effects of red vein strains, Green Hulu Kapuas does not sedate you.

    In addition, it offers stimulating effects and energizes you as you feel attentive and more focused. Plus, with the pleasure it provides, when taken in the morning, the effects last almost an entire day, even in mild doses, so it’s recommended if you’re a beginner.

    4. Red Jongkong Kratom

    From the Kapuas Hulu Regency of Kalimantan, Red Jongkong kratom provides calmness and helps you feel relaxed with its potent effects of sedation. Users tend to compare other kratom strains to Red Jongkong and are always surprised by how strong the sedating effects of Jongkong strains are. It’s known for its sedating properties, pain relief, relaxation and help with sleep.

    It’s recommended to consume it after work or later in the day since it puts you at rest and might interfere with your work.

    5. Green Papua New Guinea Kratom

    Green New Guinea tends to balance the sedative effects of Borneo kratom with slightly energizing effects. It helps with sociability and allows you to clear your mind while also providing the sedating qualities New Guinea strain is known for. However, as compared to other green vein kratom strains, it isn’t as stimulating. So it’s best for users who want sedative effects without the overly stimulating properties of green vein strains.

    6. White Sulawesi Kratom

    White Sulawesi kratom provides the usual effects of white vein strains that you’d expect with a more robust potency. As an energizing kratom vein with the most stimulating effects a strain could have, White Sulawesi provides a boost when taken in the morning that lasts for the entire day. Additionally, it also has pain-relieving properties that keep you nice and going throughout the day.

    Factors to Consider When Choosing Kratom Strains

    There are a few things to consider before getting the right kratom strain. First, of course, knowing your brand, quality, and ingredients is always better before choosing a strain for your routine.


    As a substance that isn’t very well researched for long-term effects, the quality of kratom strains is crucial. Therefore, a top-notch strain that has been harvested and cultivated from kratom plants in the various regions of Southeast Asia will be considered and processed by renowned kratom vendors and brands to further market ahead. Moreover, the use of chemicals means that the strain isn’t a hundred percent pure kratom, which weakens the potency.


    The ingredients are what make the final product high-quality in terms of the overall experience, which ensures that the product is mature and healthy. In addition, the alkaloid content should be potent enough for the kratom strain to be effective, which is secured by proper harvesting and cultivation.

    Third-party Lab Testing

    A renowned kratom vendor or brand will always have their product get third-party lab tested so that they can ensure that the potency, ingredients, and origin of their product are legitimate. Moreover, with third-party lab testing, the usage of chemicals and contaminants is verified, ensuring that there aren’t any harmful chemicals or pollutants in the product that you’ll be consuming.


    Customer reviews come in handy when you’re unsure about a specific product as they help you navigate selecting what might be your preference. Additionally, most kratom brands also leave their customer reviews down their products as you shop on their online stores, which is a great help.

    Where to Buy The Most Potent Kratom?

    Deciding what strain to choose can be tricky, but choosing the right vendor is even trickier. So, like the top strongest kratom strains, we also want to help navigate you in getting your kratom product from the most certified and renowned brands and vendors. So, keeping all the reviews and their reputation in mind, we made a small list of our recommended kratom brands:

    • Supernatural Botanical
    • Ketum Superior
    • NayaKratom

    Ranking these vendors was based on their kratom quality, source, use of third-party lab testing, and overall reputation. Additionally, they’re all AKA (American Kratom Association) certified, making it easy since they ensure the brands’ qualities are legitimate. 


    Our list has solid contenders, and it won’t be easy for you to decide what kratom strain you want to go with. But rest assured, all six of them are popular and the most potent strains of kratom you can find in the market. So it all comes down to experimenting with yourself and finding out which might be the best for you.

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