Top 5 Teas That Make You Feel High

    We all know that herbal teas are best for soothing and calming our nerves. But have you ever heard about ‘tea drunkenness’ aka ‘tea high?’

    It sounds pretty bizarre, however, most tea drinkers experience this so-called sensation after getting their cup of tea! Yes! You are reading it correctly.

    As interesting as this fact is, the real question of interest here is whether all types of herbal tea make you high? Or are there specific tea types that are euphoric?

    Well, to get tea-high, you need to pick and brew the right tea type. If you are feeling curious to know about this quick, easy and affordable drug to relax your nerves during stress — then continue reading this article.

    In this article, we have listed 5 kinds of teas, that fulfill your caffeine intake, takes you to euphoria without causing any negative side effects.

    Euphoric High Tea – Overview

    Certainly, there are many ways to feel euphoric. However, stepping into euphoria after a cup of tea is something unbelievable.

    Despite, it is a fact that is confirmed by many. But what ‘Euphoric High Tea’s? What makes them different than normal tea? And how does it feel like to be ‘Tea Drunk?’ Your head must be buzzing with all these questions.

    What Is Euphoric High Tea?

    Well, for starters ‘Euphoric High Teas’ are actually natural herbs. If you want to feel the buzz without taking the molly – then these euphoric tea herbs are your best option.

    So far, there are no side effects of these herbs. In fact, euphoric herb teas are recommended by physicians all over the world for different medicinal purposes and health benefits as well.

    What Makes You Tea High?

    Whether you are sipping a cup of usual black tea or the ‘magic essence tea’ – caffeine is what gives you the buzz!

    However, tea-drunkenness is not caused by caffeine alone. According to the studies, tea-high is caused by the combination of three molecules found in euphoric tea herbs – including:

    • Caffeine
    • L-theanine
    • Catechins

    L-theanine is had medicinal properties. It is known to have a ‘very calm’ & ‘very sleepy’ effect on human brains.

    Hence, it is used in many clinical anxiety-reducing medicines. Furthermore, L-theanine, when consumed with caffeine, increases the production of ‘alpha waves’ in our brain. It puts our mind into a ‘meditative state’ without getting exhaustion.

    On the other hand, catechins are the anti-oxidants found in tea. Though there is no solid proof, it is believed that catechins are one of the main reasons for causing ‘tea drunkenness’.

    How Does It Feel Like To Be Tea High?

    People who already have experienced tea high explain it as a ‘strong caffeine buzz.’ Although in reality, tea-drunkenness is something more than a caffeine buzz. It is somewhat similar to getting high on molly.

    Here is a list of symptoms of feelings that one experiences when on euphoric high teas:

    • Feeling light as a feather.
    • Feeling of satisfaction, emotional bliss, giggling or bouncy feeling.
    • Strong senses of calm and focus.
    • Reflective or broody mindset.
    • Other sensations such as shakiness, nausea or strong dizziness.

    In simple words, euphoric high teas can put you in complete ‘Zen mode.’ These effects could vary from person to person depending on various factors – such as – type of euphoric herb, dosage, and method of making the tea.

    Ways To Get Tea High!

    Are you tempted enough to get tea high? If yes, is what your answer – then you would be glad to know that you can experience this euphoria without brewing the tea as well. Usually, people who like to be tea-drunk adopts these three methods:

    1) Combing Tea With Liquor

    Mixing euphoric tea blends with alcohol is one of the popular ways. This beverage is more often known as ice teas, tea cocktails or tea-infused-spirits.

    Euphoric teas go best with whiskey, vodka, gin or rum. Add the liquor in the mug and top it with your preferred tea. Don’t forget to add honey, lemon, and ice!

    2) Blending Euphoric Tea Herbs With Regular Tea

    Another way is to brew the euphoric high teas along with the regular tea. Simply just boil the water and add the tea bags or loose leaves of both types of tea. Pour it in a mug, add some honey and enjoy your tea.

    3) Brewing Euphoric High Teas Alone

    If you want to experience the strong tea buzz, then the best way is to blend the euphoric high teas alone. However, you need to be careful with the tea dosage.

    Teas That Gives You A High Without Any Aftereffect!

    If you want to feel the mellow without the jitters, well then you have to blend or brew these tea herbs!

    1) Oolong Tea

    You must have heard about the weight-shedding effects of oolong tea. But do you know that this tea can also take you to euphoria?

    Oolong tea is a very popular semi-oxidized Chinese green tea – with several health benefits. Besides those, this tea is can relieve people from stress, anxiety and help with sleep problems.

    Oolong tea is made from Camellia sinensis plant leaves. It contains several nutrients and stimulants.

    Drinking oolong tea alone or combined with other beverages can cause alertness and improves mental performance. The ideal dosage of oolong is 60 mg per cup (4 cups a day).

    2) Matcha Tea

    Matcha aka suspension tea is quite a popular green tea for its numerous health benefits. But that’s not all about it.

    For years, matcha leaves have been used by monks to reach their Zen mode. It comes in finely grounded powdered form.

    Matcha contains a third amount of caffeine in coffee. However, unlike coffee, it does not produce any jittery sensations.

    A cup of finely brewed matcha tea is perfect to experience the euphoric feeling. It takes you complete calmness and soothing mode.

    Today, many people drink this tea before meditation or yoga. Furthermore, matcha is highly rich in anti-oxidants. It has no adverse effects. You can sip 5 to 10 cups of matcha day per day.

    3) Kava Kava

    Kava is a ‘Pacific Island’ herb – known for its soothing and therapeutic properties. This herb is also a legal root for its euphoric, sedative and anaesthetic effects.

    This euphoric high tea blend is very beneficial for treating sleeping troubles, stress, anxiety and even pre-menstrual syndrome (PMS).

    Though kava can be ingested as a capsule/tablets – the best way is to brew it and take as a tea. The euphoric effect of the drug comes from the Kavalactone (the lactone compounds).

    An intake of 70-250 mg of Kava shrub is the ideal range. The positive effects of Kava include – the feeling of calmness, relaxation, tranquillity, and peace. It has no side effects on our cognitive performance.

    However, poor quality Kava tea can cause impaired visual acuity, seizures, hepatotoxicity, and skin rash, etc.

    The effect of Kava kicks in after 20 minutes of intake and it could last up to 3 hours.

    4) Kratom

    Kratom – being a very high-quality plant – with plenty of health benefits, is a South Asian Euphoric tea herb.

    There are several ways to experience the effects of Kratom such as chewing, smoking its crushed leaves or brewing it with the tea.

    If you want to improve your agility and energy then 1-5 grams would do the work. However, to get tea high you must ingest 10-15 grams of Kratom.

    The dosage of Kratom must be administered carefully as 15 grams is enough to make you lose your consciousness. Initially, you would feel energized.

    However, this effect would soon be replaced by calmness, euphoria along with slight tiredness and sluggish feeling.

    It is very important to carefully administer the dosage of Kratom. A dosage of more than 15 grams could cause diarrhea, dry mouth, tremors, nausea, sweating, constipation, seizures, and itching.

    5) Salvia

    One of the popular alternatives for molly is the Salvia herb – can be ingested via vaporizers, in the form of cigarettes, brewed as a tea or infused in drinks.

    To brew a good cup of tea to get high – a dose of 5 salvia leaves would do the magic.

    Salvia is known to have strong euphoric effects including hallucination and alternation of consciousness. It contains active ‘Salvinorin A’ that triggers the receptors of our nerve cells. It can also make you laugh your lungs out.

    The duration of effect could vary from few minutes to hours depending on the dosage.

    The effect of salvia tea is short-lived, yet quite intensive. It can alter the mood, impairs vision, produces sensations in the body, causes self-perception – eventually giving you a detached feeling.

    A higher dosage of Salvia tea can also cause PTSD or psychosis.

    Final Thought!

    Getting tea-high or tea-drunk has no such harmful effects on your health. It is, in fact, a good alternative to relieve stress. You can enjoy this caffeine drug with your friends and family.

    However, you must avoid over-consuming such teas. Furthermore, how much high would you feel — depends on tea type and how you brew it!

    So have you ever felt high on tea? If not, then wouldn’t you want to try it? If you are thinking to try or already did, then leave a comment below and tell us what’s your tea-high formula!


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