What is Tiger’s Blood Flavor? 3 Recipes You Might Love

    Are you a fan of sweet food? Have you ever had the late-night munchies but instead of chips, all you’ve craved for is a bucket of ice cream? Often we get this hunger for something light, refreshing, and just sweet for the palate, but often, heavy desserts seem daunting. Maybe you’re not really in the mood for a pile of chocolatey goodness and just want something fruity or maybe something colder. 

    If you’re one of those people that have a big ol’ sweet tooth and are looking for a new sweet fix, then this is the place for you! 

    What is Tiger’s Blood? 

    Don’t worry! There’s no actual tiger’s blood being used anywhere. Or even blood in general. Despite having a unique name. 

    Tiger’s blood is simply a combination of coconut, strawberry, and watermelon flavorings that is most popularly used for shaved ice.

    Suppose you’re not familiar with shaved ice. It is just finely crushed ice packed into a cone shape in a cup, and flavoring is poured on top of it.

    Why Is It Called Tiger’s Blood? 

    The mixture of strawberry and watermelon gives Tiger’s blood its characteristic bright red appearance. Due to its exotic taste and popularization in Hawaii, it is called Tiger’s blood. 

    What Flavorings Go Into It?

    Three flavorings make up Tiger’s blood. It is an incredible combination of refreshing watermelon, sweet strawberries, and fruity coconut. All of which ends up being an excellent combination for different deserts. And don’t worry, we hooked you up with some recipes that you might enjoy!

    Where Did It Originate From? 

    So, the concept of shaved ice has been around for a long while. As mentioned, it started around the Heian period in Japan. Though, in America, snow cones are somewhat the same thing.

    The flavor itself is highly popularized in Hawaii and fast food establishments all over the States. Tiger’s blood is one of the topmost flavors that people like. Tiger’s blood flavoring has come a long way from shake shacks to high-end restaurants.

    Where or How to Get Tiger’s Blood from? 

    Try an Online Store! 

    The most straightforward answer is any online store. Amazon is one the most incredible places where you can find different brands of Tiger’s blood flavoring with hundreds of reviews, so you can have options to choose from and select what you like the best. 

    Some of the best brands of Tiger’s blood available on Amazon include: 

    Hawaiian Shaved Ice Syrup

    They claim that their syrup is thicker than other watered-down brands and ignite the nostalgic feeling of having a Tiger’s Blood snow cone from a stand near your house. Available in a pint-size bottle (16 oz), it is one of their top-selling flavors, and with 4.6-star reviews, it is a top contender for the picking. People love it, and the majority agree that the flavor is just perfect. So if you’re trying to buy some, a bottle will cost you about $9.99

    Snappy Popcorn Snow Cone Syrup

    Having a rating of 4.5 stars on Amazon, this syrup is a fan favorite among youths. A lot of the reviews state that kids like the taste of this particular syrup, though a few people consider the flavor a bit more watered down. You can get a gallon of Snappy’s Snow Cone Syrup for around $16.55.

    Concession Express Slush Syrup

    Fair warning, this syrup is made from 100% pure corn syrup, so it’s thick and sweet to a fault, has over 4-star reviews, and has a general liking for its taste. A gallon of this syrup will set you back about $15.95.

    Do it Yourself! 

    But if you’re someone that doesn’t want to spend money on a branded product, then you can very quickly make this flavoring right at home! 

    How to Make Tiger’s Blood Flavoring At Home

    You can make this two ways. Either with natural ingredients or with Kool-Aid mixtures. 

    What You Need: (Fresh Ingredients) 

    • Fresh Strawberries (Blended into a Puree) – 1 cup. 
    • Fresh Watermelon juice. – ½ cup.
    • Coconut extract – 2 tsp. 
    • Sugar – 1 cup. 
    • Water – ½ cup. 


    Mix all the ingredients into a pan. Let it boil over for a few minutes or until the syrup thickens and the sugar is fully dissolved, and everything is well incorporated. Once done, pour the syrup in an airtight container or a squeeze bottle. Refrigerate it to cool it down before using it for snow cones or other recipes.

    This syrup will last you for about 4 weeks in the fridge. 

    What You Need (Kool-Aid Mixes)


    The process is the same; you just need to substitute the fresh strawberries and watermelon juice for Kool-Aid Mixtures. Mix all the ingredients and add more water to dissolve everything fully. Heat for over a minute till the syrup is formed. Store, chill, and enjoy to your fullest!

    What can be some delicious recipes that you can make using Tiger’s Blood? 

    If you’re not a snow cone or shaved ice person, we do have some other options for you to try. We’ve found three highly delicious recipes using Tiger’s blood flavoring that are sure to satisfy your craving for it. 

    But before that, if you are looking for a way just to make the traditional snow cone recipe. Everything you need and have to do is all mentioned down below. 

    Tiger’s Blood Snow Cone

    What You Need

    • Tiger’s Blood Flavoring.
    • Shaved Ice.
    • Stirrer.
    • Ice shaving machine. 


    Take a cup of ice and grind it down to smooth shavings using a machine. You can also crush the ice using plastic bags or anything convenient for you. Once you have your ice shavings, you need to pack the ice tightly into a cup, rotating your hand in a circular motion to give it its traditional snow cone appearance. Once you’re done with that, pour over a nice splashing of Tiger’s blood flavor to your preferred color and taste.


    Finally, you can top off your snow cone with some additional fresh ingredients like sliced strawberries or spoonfuls of coconut extract for more sweetness. Even a light pouring of cream will make this simple recipe and elevate it! 

    Tiger’s Blood Sorbet

    What You Need

    • Strawberries – 1 cup. 
    • Watermelon – 1 small size. 
    • Cream of coconut – ½ cup.
    • Lime/lemon juice – ½ cup. 
    • Rum – ½ cup. 


    The lemon juice and rum are optional, but they add a nice zing to the final dish. The rum will also help keep the sorbet nice and not fully freeze it over. You can also replace Cream of Coconut with just plain coconut extract or even coconut milk, but the consistency of the sorbet will change accordingly.


    In a blender, add the strawberries and pulse until they are crushed. You do not need to blend them into a smooth paste thoroughly. Instead, pour out the strawberries, add watermelon pieces to the blender, and blend until smooth. Strain out the mix to avoid any seeds getting into the sorbet before mixing all ingredients.

    Here, you can add more or less of anything to make sure the taste is just right for you. 

    Then you pour this delicious mixture into a bowl or a pan and let it sit for some time in the freezer.

    Freezing Process

    The trick here is to take the sorbet out of the freezer every 30 minutes and break it up using a fork. Repeat this multiple times before smoothing out the sorbet and freezing it. 

    Using an ice cream scoop, you can scoop out little sorbet balls of goodness, and you can top it off with more syrups and cream to your liking.

    Tiger’s Blood Pudding


    What You Need

    • Angel Food Cake or simple Vanilla Cake. – 1 cake. 
    • Canned strawberries or pie-filling strawberries. – 1 cup. 
    • Whipped cream. – As required. 
    • Coconut Shavings. – ½ cup. 


    You can make this recipe from scratch where you just have to make the cake first, but you add the strawberry filling to the cake. Or you can just get an existing cake that you might have. This recipe is best as a leftover reinvention, but it’s a fine-tasting dish regardless.


    Break apart the cake using a fork into smaller pieces, add in the strawberry filling and coconut shavings. Mix all of this well and top off with a healthy dollop of whipped cream. A lovely, easy, and light treat that you can enjoy at night.

    Suppose you choose to make the cake from scratch using a box mix. Then, mix the strawberry filling into the cake batter and cook at the required time before doing the above procedure.

    Tiger’s Blood Slushie

    What You Need 

    • Frozen Strawberries – 2 cups. 
    • Frozen Watermelon chunks – 2 cups. 
    • Coconut water – 2 cups. 
    • Juice of two limes. 
    • Maple Syrup – 3 Tsp. 
    • Mint – For garnish. 


    It is a healthy and delicious way of having a slushie: no extra sugar, just pure organic goodness.

    Add strawberries, watermelon, coconut water, lime juice, and maple syrup into a blender. Blend until you get a smooth consistency.

    Pour the mixture into a cup and add more coconut water if you want to loosen it up more.


    Garnish with mint or other preferred toppings.

    Final Thoughts 

    Tiger’s blood is a heavily popular flavor, and honestly, who could go wrong with its combination? Strawberry, watermelon, and a hint of coconut? It’s all just sweet goodness. The plus point is, you don’t need to buy it either.

    The prep and cook time for making it at home doesn’t exceed more than 5-10 minutes max, and you have the option of controlling the flavor as well. But, it is also readily available in markets and primarily online on amazon stores.

    So, you can just get it from there. Overall, this summertime flavor has a craze that lasts all year long. And if you do end up trying it for the first time, be sure to try it in different deserts as well.

    We hope you like the recipes we found for you today as they’re some of the best ways of having the original taste of Tiger’s blood in just different ways.

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