Top 3 CBD Pet Trends To Look Out For In 2024

    With New Year, comes renewed hope, resolutions, aspirations, trends, and concerns. Across all segments of society. All sorts of industries and businesses. Likewise, the booming CBD industry is no exception.

    By now, even your ancestors must be familiar with CBD (short for, Cannabidiol) and its purported healing properties. In fact, they might have very well been depending on it. You never know. This evolving CBD industry has spawned an exciting sub-category – the CBD Pet Industry.

    Statistics have proved that the sales of Pet Products have sky-rocketed $9.4 million from 2018 to 2019 in California, Colorado, Nevada, and Washington combined.

    As it turns out, according to a report published in February 2020, 74% of CBD buyers are also pet-owners – and most of them end up buying whatever they choose for themselves.

    With the CBD’s pet success stories pouring out en masse validating the benefits, more and more pet-owners are tempted to give it a try. Your friend’s pup is no longer showing signs of anxiety, and your neighbor’s dog has suddenly stopped howling in pain.

    Today, the global CBD pet market is categorized into two segments, food-grade and therapeutic grade. These all-natural pet supplements make their way into every other online retail channel, retail pharmacies, veterinary clinics, and homes. This accelerated popularity has induced an influx of manufacturers with their innovative CBD pet trends line-up – including oils, chews, pills, creams, balms, salves, sprays, and other topical treatments.

    CBD Pet Trends

    Following are the top three CBD pet trends industry experts have predicted to prevail in the coming year:

    1) Hemp Protein Bars by Pet Releaf

    So, you thought humans are the only ones jumping on the Protein diet trend? Well, you are wrong. 

    Hemp protein bars have equally stormed the pet industry and, therefore, deserves the top place in our list of the coming year’s trends. Pet Releaf brings you its break-through, Granola and Hemp Protein Bars, “the Boom Bars”- which are sure to become your pup’s next favorite buy.

    The all-natural, human-grade bars are formulated with PF-33 strain of hemp sourced all the way from the company’s exclusive USDA Certified Organic Hemp Farms. They are enriched with about twenty distinct amino acids alongside Omega-3 and Omega-6 in a “magical ratio” of 1:4 ratio.

    Boom bars are handmade with love and baked with care to guarantee consumer’s ultimate hygiene and safety. They are available in three exciting flavors – so yeah, your friend of any and every age can reap the benefits:

    1. Energize: This is the immediate energizer your doggy needs before a long walk, your family day out, or at the end of a tiring day.
    2. Recovery: Made with organic ingredients, it is guaranteed to offer sustained support for everyday stress, pain, and other ailments. And you won’t believe it contains 10 times more Vitamin C than oranges.
    3. Longevity: Who says dogs age with time? We believe with age; they get better and fitter. Longevity’s ingredients like Noni fruit will beautify your pup’s skin. The Moringa Seed will strengthen their keratin filled body parts such as nails, teeth, hair, and the skeletal system.

    “Formulated by two veterinarians, Boom Bars are a great supplement to ensure your pet is getting essential nutrients or aiding in recovery after exercise,” said Chelsea Gennings, co-founder and vice president of Pet Releaf. Besides, the company’s newly launched ‘Keith Haring Barking Dog Collection” dedicated to the American pop artist is worth-mentioning. Reflecting his love for New York and its food, all the revenue generated is donated to several animal rescues. The collection’s Edibites chews constitute a 1,200-milligram full-spectrum hemp formula for the small and medium breed and a 3,000-milligram formula for large breeds.

    2) CBD Bundles by CBDMd

     This is yet another terrific trend 2021 tags along- and might end up being pretty much the norm. And honestly, what is better than an all-in-one, wholesome CBD Packages? Allowing your pet to enjoy the sublime delights to their heart’s content and simultaneously maintain their wellness inside and out.

    We know your dog or cat means the world to you! As always, CBDMd comes with a diverse range of bundles your pet’s heart is craving for. It is made from premium-quality hemp sourced from the U.S.A. All products are safe from THC and other contaminants to deliver 100% proven results.

    In addition, CBDMd’s potency and hygiene are evident in their extensive third-party testing at ISO certified labs and strict adherence to cGMP regulations (Current Good Manufacturing Practices).

    Do you know CBDMd is the only pure-play in the CBD market listed on the New York Stock Exchange?

    By far, it is the best brand your pet needs in 2021. It offers products that are good to the taste buds and simultaneously good to the pocket. Following are the CBD Bundle options you can shop online:

    1. Dog Lover’s: Contains three packs; a 300 mg Calming Chews, a 300 mg CBD Oil and a 250 mg Calming Oil.
    2. Chewy: Consists of a pack of Gummies and a pack of Soft Chews, 300 mg each.
    3. Calm Canine for Small to Medium Breeds: A 300 mg Calming Chews pack and a 250 mg bottle of Calming Oil.
    4. Calm Canine for Medium to Large Breeds: A pack of 600 mg Calming Chews and a 500 mg bottle of Calming Oil.
    5. Kitty Catnip: A pack of Soft Chews and CBD oil, 150 mg each for your darling pussy.

    What’s more? On every online purchase of CBD Bundles, you get Free Delivery and a Money-back Guarantee.

    3) Pet Sprays by MediPets

    MediPets is the nation’s premier provider committed to stand at the forefront of introducing phenomenal CBD products. Made in the U.S. from organically-grown industrial hemp oil, the products are designed to help with everything your pet’s lifestyle demands.

    Each product undergoes a rigorous manufacturing process involving filtration, distillation, and refinement. The result boasting a 99% pure and all-natural good that is absolutely free of THC. Therefore, Medipets is one company that you can trust blindly. Their pharmacist-formulated and third-party lab reports available online speaks volumes about the reliability and transparency. 

    Keep an eye on their innovative 100 mg Pet Sprays in 2021. These obsessive owners with their chords stuck to offer their fussy and picky pet’s comfort, these are your saviors. Just spray them directly into your pet’s mouth and wait for the magic to work. Frankly, CBD consumption was never this easier or quicker before. Please place an order and grab them before stock runs out.

    Pet Health and CBD

    There has been no concrete evidence to define some of the effects of CBD. However, it has been stated that Cannabidiol carries the cure for a vast number of ailments in pets. 

    For those who happen to have a pet at home, there is a high chance that you consider it a part of your family instead of just a pet. This is, in fact, the take majority of the families who own a pet have. 

    As a result, many such families want the best for their pets, which is reportedly what CBD offers. Cannabidiol appears to be taken well by animals in its purest form, and this research is attributed to the result of a WHO report in 2017. 

    CBD helps to relieve anxiety and provide digestive and joint support in pets.

    Final Thoughts

    The past few years have witnessed a growing inclination towards conscious and more nutritious eating. People are going crazy with their obsession with low-carb diets as they are getting wary of consuming overly-processed and fatty foods. Similarly, pet owners, too, are hunting for wholesome, all-natural meals for their furry babies.

    Do you know 48% of pet owners in the U.S.A. purchased CBD treats for their pets?

    The ongoing pandemic has shaken up every segment of the CBD industry, including its pet market, which has experienced a tremendous boost. Today’s eco-friendly and organic treats eliminate the risk of pesticides, other contaminants, and any harm to wild species from the equation.

    According to Cooper, president of Pet Industry Expert, “CBD use for pets is still a very fast-growing trend. Many CBD firms are now launching CBD treats touted as a treatment for many ailments”. However, it is imperative to consult your vet before resorting to animal CBD, especially if they are taking blood-thinning medications.

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