Treating Erectile Dysfunction with Marijuana: A Potential Link

    Marijuana is becoming a household staple in many of the US households after it was legalized in 33 states.

    Whether an individual is using it for recreational purposes or medicinal reasons, Marijuana has grown to become the most commonly used psychotropic drug in the US.

    In 2018 alone, over 11.8 million young adults cited marijuana consumption in the past year.

    The raging interest surrounding the topic of marijuana is not limited to a regular junkie. The academic fraternity and medical researchers are equally involved in the exploration of this drug.

    Marijuana presents a plethora of benefits:

    • Relief of chronic pain
    • Manage stress and anxiety
    • Treats inflammatory conditions
    • Reduces seizures

    You may have known these positives that accompany marijuana consumption. However, there is another interesting element to marijuana that has gained ground in recent times.

    It is the link between marijuana and erectile dysfunction.
    Is there a link between these two?
    What is the relation between them?
    Is it simply either positive or negative?
    Or does the answer has further conditions and constraints in it?

    Whatever the case may be, this article will succinctly go through the available evidence that links erectile dysfunction with marijuana.
    Popular strains that help in treating erectile dysfunction will also be touched upon.

    Marijuana and Erectile Dysfunction – What’s the hype about?

    According to NIH, Erectile Dysfunction is a condition where you are unable to either get or keep a firm enough erection for satisfactory sexual intercourse.

    Also regarded as impotence, erectile dysfunction is found in 30 million men in the US.

    An erection happens as a result of the circulation of blood in your penis. Blood circulation is spurred through active sexual thoughts or close interaction with the penis.

    The erection stops as muscles contract and the accumulated blood circulates into the veins.
    If the lack of erection happens frequently, it can be a result of health problems that should be consulted by a doctor.
    Medical professionals have taken different approaches to address erectile dysfunction and its symptoms. They are met with varying degrees of success.

    Research studies are being conducted to understand the link between cannabis strains and erectile dysfunction. Currently, vitamins for erectile dysfunction are available in the market.

    The debilitating condition of erectile dysfunction is frowned upon by men because no one wants to undergo an unfulfilled sex life and a loss of intimacy due to this issue.

    How can you treat it?
    Health care professionals, especially urologists, might be able to help you.
    But there may be a way around it.
    And this is where marijuana enters the equation!

    The Science Behind The Uncanny Relationship

    Medical researchers are fairly convinced about the adverse link between smoking tobacco and the onset of erectile dysfunction.
    But there exists a considerable difference of opinion when it comes to marijuana use.

    If you have an elementary issue with regards to a lack of sex drive, then this study in 2017 described a positive relationship between marijuana use and sexual frequency. It seemed that marijuana use did not impair sexual function in the respondents.

    Moreover, a survey study found an increase in sexual stamina among men who consumed marijuana. This is certainly a reassuring finding for most of the males out there.

    However, the above studies did not explicitly address the condition of erectile dysfunction.

    On the flip side, a recent systemic review in 2019 was published in the American Journal of Men’s Health regarding cannabis use and erectile dysfunction.

    Preliminary results suggested that erectile dysfunction was twice as high in cannabis users relative to the control group.
    It should be noted that this was a simple matter of association without any specific causal link.

    An interesting study of 2016 highlighted the positive role of cannabis in the sexual motivational process with an implicit assertion of treating sexual dysfunction through marijuana intake.

    This link was found through the introduction of THC to the body’s endocannabinoid system.

    What About The Dosage?

    Researchers believe that dose has a significant impact on the efficacy of marijuana to treat erectile dysfunction.
    Lower dosage of marijuana is generally recommended because it has two major results:

    • Lowers inhibition
    • Stimulates desire

    Meanwhile, uncontrolled consumption of marijuana can lead to multiple problems that can easily be avoided through thoughtful intake of the drug.

    Your aim is to get a buzz, not receive a high.

    Best Cannabis Strains For Erectile Dysfunction

    Various health benefits of cannabis products can be found in the treatment of common ailments such as anxiety, inflammation, chronic pain, and even erectile dysfunction.

    Cannabis strains are used for both medical and recreational purposes.
    We have specifically curated a list of 5 best cannabis strains that can prevent erectile dysfunction.

    1) Harlequin

    Harlequin is a Sativa-dominant strain with a consistent amount of CBD and low levels of THC. This combination makes it the perfect strain for medical purposes. The THC level is only 4% while the unadulterated amount of CBD makes Harlequin a top-tier medicinal strain.

    The ability to induce relaxation and relief without sedation makes it a perfect strain to have before getting into bed. The subtle high followed by a cerebral awakening ensures that you have enough stamina to spend an active night.

    It can help men who suffer from erectile dysfunction because it is known to alleviate feelings of stress and anxiety so that you carry on with the interrupted sexual activity.

    2) Blue Dream

    Blue Dream is one of the most widely used cannabis strains. It was found in California and is regarded as a Sativa dominant hybrid. Blue Dream is a mix between Indica blueberry and a Sativa Haze.

    It contains THC levels in the range of 17-24%. The higher-end is particularly sought after by veteran users. It provides a relaxing and stimulating effect on the whole body. Luckily it does not induce sleep instead it is known to relax nerves. You can reasonably expect an uplift in your mood.

    3) Hawaiian Diesel

    Labeled as a giggle-inducing Sativa strain, Hawaiian Diesel is a descendent of the infamous Sour Diesel and Hawaiian strains. You can expect to feel happy and relaxed after consuming this one.

    The THC content is at the higher end of 22% so you can be sure of its potency. The consequent aroused state of mind can be particularly helpful in a sexual setting.

    The citrusy and sweet profile is relatively new in the cannabis community, but it has grown to make a big name for itself. The calming effect can manage your stress levels so that you can focus on the task hand at hand, no matter how difficult it may be.

    4) Super Sour Diesel

    Sour Diesel is a Sativa dominant hybrid cannabis strain that can leave the user euphoric, energetic, and excited. Containing around 22% of THC that leaves a strong effect on the mind, Super Sour Diesel is not for the faint-hearted.

    It can help people with the condition of erectile dysfunction, as a few puffs of this strain can facilitate men to enhance their sexual experience.

    Super Soul Diesel has a long-lasting effect on the mind of the users. This makes it a preferred option for many cannabis users. It is known for instantly uplifting mood and leaves the user in an energetic mood. Of the many positive results, the strain is proven to fight off stress and tiredness.

    5) OG Kush

    As one of the best-known cannabis strains available in the market, OG Kush is renowned for its amazing THC levels that can go up to 26%.
    OG Kush has a peaceful and relaxing impact on the mind, and it is also known for stimulating intense pleasure and euphoria.

    The increased psycho-activity levels of this strain have significant medicinal benefits as well. It has helped patients with depression and pain relief. This makes OG Kush a popular option among cannabis users.

    Taking Vitamins For Erectile Dysfunction

    Our detailed guide on the link between erectile dysfunctions and cannabis has a silver lining. Research studies suggest that vitamins can also help in treating erectile dysfunctions, as they can lead to men having healthier erections.

    Taking vitamins regularly will keep your body healthy and energetic. If you happen to be vitamin deficient, it is important to take supplements that will improve your overall health.

    A 2014 study conducted in the Journal of Sexual Medicine illustrated that an increasing number of men who suffered from erectile dysfunction were Vitamin D deficient.

    This finding reflects the importance of getting periodic blood tests to find out what vitamin supplements you should be taking to enhance your health.

    Final Thoughts

    We empathize with those who suffer from erectile dysfunction. But there is always a way out of such troublesome conditions. Apart from taking vitamins for erectile dysfunction, marijuana might help you manage erectile dysfunction.

    But it is always recommended to have the doctor’s opinion before taking any decision. We are confident that the information given in this article will be valuable to you. Just be sure to always opt for credible marijuana brands.

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