VYBE Organics: A Perfect Symbol Of The Reputable Kratom Vendor

    Most of you may have heard or read about Kratom and all the extraordinary qualities that come with it. You may have also heard of its downsides and the adverse effects of misuse.

    There is a common concern that synthetic chemicals are branded as genuine Kratom and sold in the market. This fact is why you, as the consumer, should be extra careful while buying Kratom online.

    Many customers expect to see a colored powder, and they fall for the deception. Every colored powder doesn’t have the magical powers of curing pain, inflammation, anxiety, sleeplessness, or simply exhaustion.

    If you happen to be inexperienced in buying Kratom online, there is no need to worry. We are about to review one of the trendiest suppliers in the market. This checking is necessary to ensure that you’re getting what you deserve as a customer. Thanks to top-quality in all aspects, VYBE Organics is on the rise.

    What Is The Story Behind The Startup?

    Chad Alame is the CEO and co-founder of VYBE Organics. Since he is a strong advocate for Kratom, he has successfully implemented his nine years of holistic medicinal knowledge.

    Due to personal motivation, Chad has shown great dedication to educating the world in the same way. He plans to show everyone the truth behind the wonders of this plant.

    Throughout his life, the CEO had to deal with depressive episodes and troubles with concentration. Ever since the beginning of his problems, he never bought into the treatments suggested by doctors. He just knew there had to be safer and less invasive solutions to his situation.

    After lengthy research and commitment to his morals, Chad came across Kratom leaves. These herbal botanicals helped his life get back on track, for which he started VYBE to do the same for other people.

    What Does VYBE Aim To Achieve?

    The company takes inspiration from Limitless, a 2011 movie starring Bradley Cooper. The film shows a guy who has the option to take a drug that will make his mind razor-sharp. With the help of this mysterious pill, the user can access 100% of his brain potential. Not only does this end his struggles as a writer, but it also makes him a financial genius.

    Even though VYBE’s Kratom products don’t fully unlock your brain, the general idea is the same. The company’s mission is to turn people’s lives upside down by introducing them to Kratom. It doesn’t matter if you have experience buying this product because VYBE wants to guide you even better.

    What Does The VYBE Organics Symbol Represent?

    The leaves shown in the logo are a testament to nature’s healing powers. The company promotes an ideology that you don’t need anyone but yourself to get your life back on track.

    Most of the people who constantly find themselves under stress don’t have enough time to themselves. You can’t have therapy sessions to deal with mental health problems and depression if you don’t have time in the first place.

    However, the answer to all your problems could lie in the natural ability of these magical leaves. Kratom is the tool, and VYBE is its ambassador. Together, they make the perfect partnership to offer people a choice for naturally undergoing personal enhancement.

    The leaves in the logo signify Kratom, which can help you boost energy, relax your mind, and make your concentration razor-sharp.

    The Company’s Raw Material

    As the company aims to give you an authentic Kratom experience, VYBE digs farther than most companies. The Mitragyna speciosa is a tropical and evergreen tree that originated from the depths of Southeast Asia. As its usage dates back to the nineteenth century, its growth and production have become more extensive.

    VYBE kratom is brought directly from the remote Borneo rainforests on an island divided between Malaysia and Indonesia. The company imports different strains according to the needs of the community. The Southeast forests provide three different types:

    1) The Red Strains

    The red strains are particularly beneficial when you have endlessly long days that put you under loads of pressure. As they are a natural solution to sedative and pain-relieving sensations, this is a fan-favorite. You can get this strain from VYBE Organics and feed your mind while having some alone time.

    2) The White Strains

    If you badly need some mental clarity, a white strain is what you need to wake yourself up. As it’s similar to caffeine, this strain can give you an enormous boost to start your day. Regardless of where you are, white Kratom can improve your performance.

    3) The Green Strains

    These are not your ordinary strains as they are a hybrid combination. Thanks to their euphoric qualities, you can get the classic balance of power and pleasure. It’s just what you need when you have to get out of a boring routine.

    How Are The Products Processed?

    After handpicking the Kratom from the rainforests of Borneo, the leaves undergo processing. VYBE Organics have a particular processing method for drying or curing the leaves under the sun or UV light.

    Depending on how long each Kratom leaf is fermented, different colored strains form. The fermentation process also boosts the alkaloid content of the herbs.

    The Available Products

    • VYBE BUZZ White Kratom-150 vegan capsules ($54.99)
    • VYBE MOOD Green Kratom-150 vegan capsules ($54.99)
    • VYBE CHILL Red Kratom-150 vegan capsules ($54.99)
    • VYBE CBD 1000mg-150 vegan capsules ($57.99)
    • VYBE CBD 2000mg-150 vegan capsules ($74.99)
    • VYBE Special-150 vegan capsules ($134.99)

    Apart from the wide range of kratom tablets, VYBE also provides CBD oil (1000mg) for $57.99. The CBD isolate formula in the oil boosts your mood without the use of THC. The 1000mg oil tincture makes you feel good by promoting mental and physical health.

    How Does VYBE Ensure Quality?

    Once the Kratom processing is complete, VYBE forwards the product to reputable third-party testing services. The tests are crucial to confirm if the product is free of harmful additives.

    Due to lab testing of the highest standard, the products are safe from heavy metals, yeast, and bacterial contaminations such as Salmonella. Thanks to VYBE’s strict checking, you can feel safe while consuming this clean Kratom.

    Apart from rigorous lab testing, the manufacturing process takes place at a GMP-compliant facility. The Good Manufacturing Practice regulations demand a quality approach to manufacturing.

    This measure enables the company to eliminate chances of contamination, errors, and accidental mix-ups. Thanks to the controls, the customer always gets safe and effective products.

    Delivery and Refund Policy

    VYBE Organics is willing to ship any state, city, or country that passes on the Kratom legality map. Once VYBE dispatches an order, they send you a confirmation email.

    The email includes a tracking number, thanks to which you can keep a check on your order’s progress. Gone are the days where you repeatedly call customer helplines.

    As far as the return policy is concerned, the company is quite cooperative. Unsurprisingly, VYBE is confident that you will fall in love with their products.

    However, the company’s top priority is customer satisfaction. If you are dissatisfied with the received product, VYBE will refund your money up to 30 days of the purchase.

    Possible Causes of Concern

    VYBE Organics has clearly said that their statements haven’t undergone evaluation by the FDA. This fact can be concerning for some people as the FDA must inspect a company’s regulated facilities to confirm that they’re following GMP regulations.

    Apart from that, VYBE is still a growing company and doesn’t ship products to countries such as Australia, Burma, Denmark, Finland, Israel, Lithuania, Malaysia, Myanmar, Poland, Romania, South Korea, Sweden, Thailand, United Kingdom, and Vietnam.

    Final Thoughts

    Even though the VYBE Organics’ statements aren’t FDA inspected, there is no denying that their products are up to the mark. After ensuring quality control and thorough lab testing results, the company has taken almost every single step to make you feel secure around their products.

    On top of that, VYBE Kratom’s price range is relatively reasonable. All that’s left is to increase their delivery coverage and have their statements checked by the FDA. These measures will unquestionably make VYBE Organics’ popularity skyrocket.

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