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    Mitragynine | 7-hydroxymitragynine | Corynantheidine (Rauhimebine) | Mitraphylline

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    Clay green | Earthy and moss fragrance | Bitter taste

    About Riau Kratom

    Riau is a relatively new type of Kratom that has taken the western botanical industry by a storm. This particular type of Mitragyna took no time in becoming a user-favorite because of its astounding properties. It’s a hot-selling product recently introduced to the western market and has gained a lot of admiration in recent times.

    Riau Kratom was previously named as Sumatra Kratom. Most of its effects resemble the effects of Sumatra Kratom, but some qualities distinguish it from other variants of Indonesian Ketum. Later, this strain got its name so it can be easily differentiated from the other types.

    The name of this strain is simple and indicates its origin. Yet, the phenomenal qualities of Riau Kratom make it stand out and be one of the most sought-after strains of Mitragyna, attracting new users every day. Its one-of-a-kind alkaloid profile and unique genetic makeup make it a subtle, feel-good strain that can be a great addition to your day!

    Let’s find out more about Riau Mitragyna leaves and what makes them so unique!

    Where did Riau originate from?

    This type of Mitragyna has emerged from Riau, a small part of Sumatra Island in Indonesia. Riau is a breathtaking place located on the central-eastern coast of Sumatra near the Malacca Strait. A large part of this place is covered in wild and vibrant rainforests that have a lush green plantation of wild Riau Ketum trees. It is known for its wet, tropical climate for most of the year. The soil of the rainforests of Riau is rich in minerals and moisture, making it fertile enough to grow trees as high as 100 feet naturally. The rarity of this strain is due to the fact that the highest quality, genuine Riau Kratom can only be obtained from here. Fresh, high-quality Mitragyna leaves with a mind-blowing aroma are derived from these trees grown in the flourishing rainforests found in this part of Sumatra. Riau harbors a tropical climate, torrential rain and increased temperature that makes this area unique for growing the most effective and strong Ketum leaves that provide unique combinations of different sensations to the user.

    What is the procedure of harvesting and producing Riau Kratom?

    The Riau Ketum trees are grown and matured in the natural environment without any additional factors that may influence the growth. When they reach maturity, the farmers evaluate the plants for quality and begin the harvesting procedure. After harvesting is completed, the experts take the leaves for the drying process. This is a critical step, as any variation may affect the consistency of the final product. The harvested leaves are dried in the sun for a set time limit and further processed using modern techniques to preserve the sweet, unique aroma and beneficial ingredients of its leaves. The dried and processed speciosa leaves are then sorted and distributed to the manufacturers who conduct lab testing to ensure purity and potency. The leaves are then given different forms like fine powder or capsules. The lab-test products are then labeled and packaged.

    What makes Riau Kratom so unique?

    The unique flavor of this type of Mitragyna makes it stand out from the other kratom strains. Typically, Kratom leaves have a bitter taste, which may make people feel nauseous. But, this strain is famous for its sweet flavor and breathtaking aroma, which is why it has become a favorite choice of Kratom users. Anyone who has tried a variety of Mitragyna leaves can easily tell Riau Kratom apart due to the sweet flavor and calming aroma it has. Another thing that makes this type of Mitragyna unique is that it has the beneficial attributes of Indo Korth leaves and Sumatra Kratom. The trees produce fine quality leaves that are well-balanced, providing a wide range of benefits to the users.

    What are the different types of Riau Kratom?

    Riau Kratom comes in five different types depending on the shade of the leaf veins. These types include:

    • Red Riau Kratom
    • Green Riau Kratom
    • White Riau Kratom
    • Yellow Riau Kratom
    • Gold Riau Kratom

    The most common types of Mitragyna from Riau are the red and green ones. All types are packed with remarkable qualities that can act as a treat for your mind and body. Let’s find out more about how these types of Kratom leaves found in Riau are different from one another!

    Red Riau Kratom

    Red Riau is a wonderful and sought-after type of Riau Kratom that has distinctive properties compared to the other red vein Mitragyna strains. Red Riau has subtle effects on users. It has great pain-relieving features, and it tends to relax the muscles making the user feel calm and happy.

    It is great for people who generally struggle with anxiety. Red Riau has remarkable mood-enhancing properties that can take away your stress and anxiety and leave you with a feeling of euphoria and tranquility. It is a great type of Mitragyna, which is very less likely to make you feel unpleasant and nauseous because of its sweet flavor and aroma. You can use the powder of Red Riau Kratom casually whenever you like.

    Red Vein Sumatra Kratom and this type have some common attributes as Red vein Mitragyna from Sumatra Island is also a calming strain that induces tranquility and enhances the user’s mood. The positive and relaxing effects of this type of Mitragyna are guaranteed to make you feel enthusiastic and confident throughout your day.

    Green Riau Kratom

    Green Riau is another fantastic type of Riau Kratom, and it is a top choice of many Kratom users all over the world. What makes green Riau unique is the delicate blend of balanced effects it provides to the users. It is an extremely relaxing type of Riau Kratom that can make you feel energized and improve your focus. It is excellent for people who suffer from anxiety disorders. It provides a subtle sedative effect, calming every cell of your body while making you feel more optimistic and focused.

    Users have reported a significant boost in energy with improved alertness and productivity while feeling calm and relaxed at the same time after consuming Green Riau Kratom.

    Green Riau has soft and subtle effects on the user and works best when taken in small quantities. The impact of green Riau aren’t as long-lasting as the other strains of Kratom, but the sensations it provides are out of this world.

    White Riau Kratom

    White Riau is a rare type of Riau Kratom, and it offers a subtle and balanced blend of both Red and green variants. It is considered to be the most stimulating and potent type among all three.

    The best thing the makes White Riau stand out from the other white vein Kratom strains is that it does not produce any unpleasant jitters in the users and is gentle on your mind and body. It calms down your body and relieves pain improving alertness. It causes slight euphoria that makes the user feel confident and enhances the mood of the user.

    Yellow Riau Kratom

    Yellow Riau Kratom is an engineered form of this herb. It is not natural; it is obtained by following a slightly different drying process than the red and green types. The different drying criterion alters the alkaloid profile in a specific way, resulting in Yellow Riau Kratom.

    Yellow Riau has three distinct effects on the user. It has remarkable stimulating properties with mild analgesic effects. This stimulant will help you get through a rough day without feeling anxious or stressed. It can also be an excellent mood enhancer that enables you to take the edge off after a stressful day. This herb offers a spectrum of effects that intensify on increasing dosage. The results are more euphoric than sedative.

    Gold Riau Kratom

    Gold Riau Kratom is also obtained by following specific strict protocols during the drying and processing to maintain the unique consistency of Gold Riau Ketum. This is a rare type of Riau Kratom, and the effects are magical. It provides balanced results in the users, making them feel relaxed and happy. It has mild analgesic effects that help with the pain.

    Gold Riau Kratom relaxes every inch of your body, calms your mind, and helps you have a regulated sleep cycle. This type of Riau is great for people with insomnia.

    What are the best ways to take Riau Kratom?

    Over the years, regular Korth users have come up with some of the best methods you can use to consume this herb and enjoy it to the fullest. We have discussed some of those methods down below.

    1. Tea

    You can take fine Riau Ketum leaf powder and use it to make tea. The taste of this tea is mild and sweet, and its aroma will remind you of lush open fields. You can add lemon in your tea to enhance its flavor and enjoy every sip of it.

    2. Toss and Wash

    This method helps the user feel the effects of Kratom powder immediately. You can toss your required dose in the back of your throat and wash it down with water or juice. This method works great with Riau Kratom as it won’t leave any unpleasant after-taste in your mouth.

    3. Capsules

    The manufacturers of Mitragyna also provide this product in the form of capsules. You can take the capsules directly, and you won’t be able to taste the powder at all. This method also helps the user feel the effects soon after consumption.

    4. Mixing with Orange Juice

    Some users suggest mixing Korth with orange juice as the acid in it can neutralize the herb’s bitterness and make it taste good. This method of consumption is great for people who find it hard to take the powder or capsules directly.

    Grades that Help You Choose the Right Strain

    The rich blend of fresh and high-quality Riau Korth leaves can transform your wellbeing and performance dramatically. You deserve to enjoy the best quality and effective Kratom powder. Here are  three grades that will help you choose the best Riau Kratom;

    The Aroma

    The smell of high-quality and genuine Riau Kratom is pure bliss. It has a sweet odor, like its taste. Riau Kratom powder has a subtle earthy smell with an enticing aroma that will take you back to lush green fields in tropical weather, leaving you with a feeling of tranquility.

    The Taste

    Pure and genuine Riau Kratom has a subtle sweet taste, which is quite different from the other types of Mitragyna. It’s rich in flavor and color. If the powder of Riau Kratom tastes dusty, it may have developed mold, which is unfit for consumption.


    Genuine Riau Kratom, packed with its unique qualities, is only specific to its origin. The exceptional climate and the environment found in Riau, Sumatra, are responsible for the perfect composition and unique alkaloid profile of Riau Kratom leaves. 





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