Ten Benefits Of Akuamma Seeds Powder: Nutrition, Health, and Use

    People are seeking herbal medicine throughout the world. They are looking for solutions that have minimum side effects. Thus, they are in a quest for the best herbs that have the most medical benefits.

    Akuamma seeds have gained popularity over the years. For some, it is a solution to their excruciating pain, and for others, it is that magical substance that has impressive anti-parasitic properties.

    Today we will have a look at the ten benefits of Akuamma seeds powder related to its nutritional qualities and health-related uses.

    What Is Akuamma?

    Picralima Nitida, more commonly known as Akuamma, is an herb that has a mixture of alkaloids which, if taken, play in important part in human health.

    It has gained popularity in recent years on the internet. It is most famous for its analgesic properties—this plant originates from different regions of Africa, including Ghana, Nigeria, and the Ivory Coast.

    Initially, people used to take it as a medicine to treat Malaria because it helps the high-grade fever associated with Malaria.

    Although very few people have researched this herb, so far, you have come across minimal negative reviews.

    What Are The Alkaloids Present In Akuamma, and How Do They Act?

    Akuamma has several essential alkaloids that are responsible for producing various effects. Let’s have a look at each of these alkaloids and how they act.

    1) Akuammidine

    This is the primary alkaloid present in the Akuamma seeds. According to some scientists, this alkaloid binds with the opioid receptors present in the body, thus mimicking some of the actions of the Opiates, but not all. It helps in the relaxation of muscles, but its main effect is analgesia.

    2) Akuammine

    This alkaloid also produces a pain-killing effect, but it is not as potent as Akuammdine, and it has more affinity to the mu-opioid receptors.

    If a strain has a higher quantity of this alkaloid, on consumption, one will feel constipated as it reduces intestinal peristalsis movement.

    3) Akuammicine

    Akuammicine has a similar action of alleviating pain, but it shows more affinity to the kappa opioid receptors.

    4) Akuammigine

    This alkaloid is known to have an anti-sympathetic or anti-adrenergic effect, especially on the blood vessels and the cardia muscles.

    5) Pseudo-Akuamigine

    It is a potent anti-inflammatory substance and also causes muscle contraction by exciting them.

    6) Pericine

    This alkaloid binds more strongly to the mu-opioid receptors and responsible for the contraction of muscles.

    What Are The Health Benefits Of Akuamma Seeds Powder?

    1) Analgesia

    The different alkaloids present in the Akuamma seeds powder are responsible for reducing pain and coping with chronic painful conditions.

    These conditions include osteoarthritis, rheumatoid arthritis, fibromyalgia, cancer, post-operative pain, pain at fractured bone sites, etc.

    This is brought about a mechanism in which the alkaloids interact with the Opioid receptors, which activate the analgesia pathway.

    2) Anti-inflammatory Action

    Akuamma seeds powder is a potent anti-inflammatory agent that reduces swelling and the discharge of inflammatory markers and cytokines at the site of injury.

    It settles inflammation quickly without the need for any medicine. It does so by preventing the release of inflammatory markers, thus reducing pain and helping in quick healing.

    3) Anti-Pyretic

    This action is an important one when it comes to many different conditions, especially viral infections where pyrexia or, in simpler terms, fever is a common finding.

    So instead of putting all those synthetic medicines into your body, you can try this herb when suffering from fever.

    4) Anti-Parasitic Action

    This is one of the few initial actions, for which it got famous. Not only is it anti-malarial, but it has an intense effect on patients having Leishmaniasis or Trypanosoma. This vital action has helped a lot of people who have gone through these gruesome ailments.

    5) Antidiarrheal

    The action of some alkaloids is to reduce the peristaltic movements of the intestines, helping in conditions like diarrhea and even inflammatory bowel disease.

    6) Anti-Oxidant

    Akuamma seeds powder helps in eradicating free radicals that are present in the body by its anti-oxidant mechanism. These free radicals are very harmful to the human body, so this action of Akuamma is protective of the human body.

    7) Anti-Diabetic Action

    Akuamma produces this action by helping in the transfer of glucose into the cells, which decreases the amount of glucose in the serum and provides energy for cellular activities.

    In diabetic patients, the glucose isn’t able to go into the cells either due to the unavailability of Insulin or the resistance of cell receptors to Insulin.

    8) Ulcer Prevention

    It increases the muco-protective barrier in the stomach and the duodenum by reducing the secretion of extra amounts of acid and pepsin. This enzyme helps in the digestion of proteins.

    9) Sedative Effect

    The calming effect of Akuamma seeds powder helps in achieving good sleep in those who have sleep issues like insomnia and other sleeping disorders. It evokes a soothing effect that allows one to relax.

    10) Mood Booster

    Akuamma seeds powder is a fantastic mood booster that reduces your worries and stress and combats your anxiety and depression. It enables you to think more positively and to be more optimistic.

    How and In What Dose Can I Take Akuamma Seeds Powder?

    It can be taken in powder form by the toss and wash method, or you can brew a tea from powder. It is also available in the form of capsules that are easier to carry and take.

    You can even chew the herb. If you add it into juices or milkshakes, you can get rid of the powder’s bitter taste.

    A capsule of 500mg or 1 gram can be taken to elicit effects, but remember, this is not the standard dosing as there is no research on the dosing of Akuamma seeds powder.

    For pain management, you may require dose as high as 2-4 grams, but ensure that you slowly build your way to such high dosing. The effects appear quickly and last for up to 4-5 hours.

    What Are The Side Effects Of Akuamma?

    People have reported mild side effects with the intake of Akuamma that too rarely. Some of the common side effects are;

    • Upset stomach-bloating and loose stools
    • Nausea
    • Headache
    • Hallucinations
    • Some people say that they feel stressed out after taking Akuamma

    None of these side effects are lethal, but we recommend that you see your doctor if you experience any of these side effects and also stop taking Akuamma.

    What Are The Contraindications Of Akuamma?

    Do not take Akuamma if you have any existing comorbidities. If you are taking any medicine, do not take Akuamma as it can cause adverse drug reactions.

    Do not use it if you are pregnant or a lactating mother or even taking oral contraceptives. If you have an addiction to Opiates, avoid taking Akuamma.


    Akuamma seeds powder has numerous health benefits when taken responsibly. However, we, as users, must identify negligible research on this topic, so we should be very cautious.

    Akuamma is known for its anti-inflammatory and antipyretic action, for which it is famous all over the internet. Its analgesic action is powerful and helpful for many patients.

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