Is Buying Kratom On Amazon A Good Idea? | Is It Possible To Buy Kratom On Amazon?

    Mitragyna Speciosa, which is better known as Kratom, is gradually becoming more and more popular. As the general public is learning more about its health benefits and uses, they are beginning to try out the various strains and forms of Kratom available in the market.

    This growing demand for Kratom has also resulted in an influx of Kratom vendors in the market. From offline brick and mortar shops to online vendors, there are Kratom retailers springing up left, right, and center.

    Alongside the influx of vendors, more and more Kratom strains are also being discovered and manufactured. Kratom is currently available in the form of powders, capsules, and tea.

    At the same time, there are multiple strains and veins of Kratom, all of which have distinct effects and purposes. In times like these, people always look for accessibility, and there is no more accessible way of shopping online than Amazon.

    Amazon’s Stand On Selling Kratom

    Amazon is one of the most efficient e-commerce retailers in the world. It delivers products to 100 countries, with 17 countries having access to Amazon prime services. The reason why Amazon is this popular and successful is it’s highly efficient delivery services.

    Not only does it offer shipping, which is perhaps the fastest out of all e-commerce retailers, but it also offers multiple payment options and superb customer service.

    The wide variety of products available on Amazon is why many people looking to buy Kratom turned towards Amazon. Unfortunately, as vast as Amazon’s product range is, it does not sell Kratom products, whether powders, capsules, or Kratom tea.

    Many Amazon users have urged the online store to stock on Kratom so that their purchasing can be made easier. However, to date – Amazon does not have any Kratom powders, tinctures, capsules, or other Mitragyna products present in their product range.

    Why Does Amazon Refrain From Selling Kratom?

    When it comes to the products Amazon stocks, there are a lot of considerations involved. Naturally, shipping to a hundred different countries is something which can’t be done without a well thought out selection of products.

    As Amazon delivers to countries worldwide, it is not viable to sell botanicals that have varying legalities across the world. This factor is not only inconvenient but can have legal repercussions as well. Similarly, there are various reasons as to why Amazon does not dabble into the Kratom market;

    FDA and DEA’s Disapproval Of Kratom

    In the United States alone, two of the most important agencies dealing with substances have strongly advocated against the legalization of Kratom.

    In 2012, and then in 2014, the FDA halted all Kratom shipments, claiming it to be an illegal substance with harmful side effects. Consequently, Kratom products belonging to various vendors were all confiscated, and even Amazon had to de-list Kratom from its website.

    In 2017 the FDA categorically stated that irrespective of Kratom’s possible health benefits, the FDA will not approve any use of the said substance.

    Similarly, the DEA also viewed Kratom as a problematic substance. Since 2016 the DEA has been advocating against Kratom’s use with plans to ban it across the country. Before this strong disapproval of Kratom shown by two relevant federal agencies, Amazon used to stock Kratom supplements.

    Since Amazon promises to only sell safe products to its customers, this disapproval by federal agencies was enough reason to stop selling Kratom products.

    Many customers did not appreciate the discontinuation, as Amazon’s platform is one of the easiest and navigable ways of getting things delivered to your doorstep. Furthermore, many people preferred to buy their Mitragyna from Amazon and now had to seek alternatives.

    Legal Status of Kratom in Different Countries and States

    Amazon is an e-commerce retailer, which ships globally to 100 countries. The legal status of Kratom in these countries and states, however, is not that favorable. In the U.S alone, six states have banned Kratom completely, while several cities have heavily regulated it.

    Similarly, Kratom is banned in 16 countries, including Finland, Denmark, Israel, Russia, Myanmar, and other countries belonging to various continents. Simultaneously Kratom is a Schedule 1 substance in Australia and New Zealand.
    This ambiguous, fluctuating, and unfavorable legal status of Kratom is one major reason why Amazon does not sell Kratom.

    Amazon’s international operations and reputation are more important for it than any benefit it will get by opening its doors for Kratom. By selling Kratom, it will be jeopardizing its strong footing in all of these countries and states.

    Hence, taking into account the ambiguous position of Mitragyna over the globe, the platform decided to remove all Mitragyna related items from its product range.

    Payment Restrictions of Kratom

    Naturally, disapproval by federal agencies and bans from various countries will result in credit card firms and banks pulling away. One of the reasons as to why Amazon does not sell Kratom is the ban placed by two of the biggest credit card agencies on Kratom; MasterCard and Visa. If Amazon does not comply with this policy, it will be incurring hefty fines as a result.

    What Kind of Kratom Related Products Will You Find On Amazon?

    Ironically, there are certain Kratom products that you will still find on Amazon. However, these aren’t capsules, powders, or even tea. They are books and guides on Kratom use. When you search for Kratom on Amazon, you will find various books and guides on Kratom use, Kratom Dependency books, Kratom for beginners, and more.

    At the same time, you will also find supplements, which are supposed alternatives to Kratom. However, these supplements are not recommended as they are not herbal, and there is no basis for the claim that they operate similarly to Kratom. You will also find certain botanical and herbal products like Kava, essential oils, herbal soaps, etc.

    These products prove that although herbal products are being sold on Amazon, the platform tends to stay away from the sale of legally ambiguous items like CBD products and Kratom.

    Where Can I Buy Kratom?

    Even if you cannot buy Kratom from Amazon, there are various vendors in the market you can purchase Kratom from. Some of the most popular vendors are authentic and stock safe-to-use Kratom products. There are two types of Kratom vendors in the market;

    1) Online Kratom Retailers

    Online Kratom retailers are by far the more popular ones, and there are multiple reasons for that. One of the biggest reasons for this is that any renowned online vendor will give customers access to lab-tests of its products by an independent third party. This feature makes it easier for customers to trust the authenticity of these products.

    At the same time, popular online vendors will have a large selection of products and a user-friendly interface. Choosing desirable strains and ordering them is made so easy that one wouldn’t feel disappointed over Kratom not being available on Amazon.

    2) Offline Sellers

    In case you are not a fan of buying products online, Kratom can always be found in retail stores, petrol pump stations, botanical shops, etc.

    However, before making a purchase or going out to find a seller, make sure to check Kratom’s legality in your state. Even though the plant substance is federally legal, several states have either banned Kratom wholly or is a controlled substance.

    For instance, in states like Alabama, Rhode Island, Vermont, Indiana, etc. you will not find Kratom sold on the streets as it is illegal to be used in these jurisdictions. If you are found possessing the substance, you can be held legally accountable and can even face charges.

    What Should I Keep In Mind Before Choosing A Kratom Product or Vendor?

    Many beginners and amateurs in the Kratom world make the mistake of choosing a wrong vendor because they do not know what to look for.

    Because of this, the substandard products that they buy can have harmful effects, both mentally and physically. We have made your work easier by creating a list of things you need to consider when buying Mitragyna products. Some of these factors include:

    • Always check reviews of a vendor that you are deliberating about. Kratom is a vocal industry, and customers always speak out against subpar quality products or bad services. There are several Kratom forums and sites like Quora and Reddit, where reviews about every significant Kratom brand can be found.
    • Make sure that the products you are buying have been lab-tested. This factor is perhaps the most important when you take into account your body’s health and well-being. Ensure that the brand you are buying from vigorously tests their batches from independent third party labs.
    • The pricing matters. In the Mitragyna world, a high price does not mean good quality. Always look for brands with a good price tag and great reviews for the best bet.
    • Free samples and deals are a big plus when it comes to Mitragyna. Free samples should always be availed because they give you a glimpse into the quality of the products you are buying. Buying free samples can keep you from making a purchase you would later regret.

    What Does The Future Hold For Amazon and Kratom?

    Kratom is currently an unregulated herb. It does not have government officials researching it, nor is the product being endorsed by the FDA. There is a certain grey area when it comes to the legality of Kratom.

    Furthermore, many Kratom sellers do not have their products properly labeled. Amazon promises to deliver quality products to more than a hundred countries.

    The label cannot afford to have products that have legality issues all over the world. Furthermore, until the legality issue between Kratom and the FDA is resolved – it is probable that the product would not appear on Amazon product lists.


    Several questions may arise in your mind when you read about Amazon’s standpoint on Kratom. We are here to answer the most frequently asked questions coming from buyers regarding Mitragyna.

    If Amazon is not selling Kratom, is it harmful?

    The substance is a natural leaf derived powder and does not have negative effects if used carefully. Amazon does not sell the product because of the legal issues surrounding it rather than it being harmful.

    Why is Kratom available online but not on Amazon?

    The Mitragyna being sold online is available on the websites of the vendors themselves and not on online shopping websites that cater to a worldwide audience like Amazon. Even the online sellers of Mitragyna only ship to the states where Kratom is legal.

    Can Mitragyna get me high?

    Although Kratom does not cause a high associated with the use of other herbs, users with low tolerance can get dizzy if they take a high dose. Furthermore, several customers associated the mellow, euphoric feeling induced by the substance as a high.

    Does the substance show up in narcotic tests?

    As Kratom is a relatively new substance in the U.S., the standard tests cannot detect the alkaloids present in the substance. The common blood and/or urine tests used all over the United States to detect the presence of substances do not detect Kratom. However, there are tests present that can. Therefore it is always recommended to come clean about your Kratom use before a attest or discontinue use so that your bloodstream does not contain alkaloids at the time of the test.

    Who is the AKA?

    AKA is the abbreviated form of the American Kratom Association. As the government does not regulate Mitragyna, the AKA has taken steps to ensure that good quality Kratom reaches customers. They have a GMP certification that they award to the best vendors. This abbreviation stands for the Good Manufacturing Practices Certification and makes sure that these vendors have the best quality products.

    Final Thoughts

    Although Kratom is not being sold on Amazon, several online platforms sell quality Mitragyna delivered to your doorstep. However, it is always essential to properly research the vendor you are buying from before finalizing your purchase. Amazon might focus on bringing Kratom back on its product range once the legality problems are resolved.

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