What Does The New Dawn Kratom Review 2024 Say?

    Traditional medicine has used Kratom for a lot longer. The market’s level of competitiveness has skyrocketed due to rising consumer demand. Customers may now buy Kratom items online from various suppliers.

    Unfortunately, not all of them have established an excellent name for themselves due to poor product performance. Keeping a high quality isn’t possible for all vendors. Despite this, New Dawn Kratom was the superb Kratom product seller in 2021, according to our research.

    Several Kratom review sites confirmed this, and none cited any disadvantages. The internet community of Kratom buyers is now paying unusual notice to it.

    What Do You Need to Know About The Vendor?

    A brand-new kratom supplier, New Dawn Kratom, debuted in January 2021. They quickly became known for their inexpensive kratom costs and excellent customer service.

    There is little doubt that New Dawn Kratom’s scheduling was perfect, whether intentionally or not. Because of legal concerns, they launched soon after Coastline Kratom and Kratom Crazy closed. New Dawn Kratom was the only place they could get kratom from when they couldn’t get it elsewhere.

    New Dawn Kratom was included in an article on Best Kratom Vendors On Reddit released on January 10, 2021, little than a month after they first opened their doors. This was surprising given that they just launched ten days after the post was made. 

    Three brands were mentioned in the article. Kratom Crazy, New Dawn Kratom, and Coastline Kratom were the three most popular brands of Kratom. New Dawn Kratom will be the only surviving entity after the closure of the two peer companies in 2021.

    Even though New Dawn Kratom is a relatively new business, Reddit kratom forums often mention them as a retailer. New Dawn Kratom does not have a lot of material on its website. Thus, buyers have gotten extra details from Vladimir, the co-founder.

    Do They Offen A Wide Product Range?

    Kratom powder and capsules are available for purchase on the website of, and the variety of strains is relatively wide. According to their website, their kratom is natural, organically produced, and extensively tested for quality before being sent to customers.

    At New Dawn Kratom, you can have a wide variety of popular kratom strains such as:

    • Red Bali Kratom
    • White Borneo Kratom
    • Green Malay Kratom
    • Red Thai Kratom

    How Much Do They Charge?

    Kratom powder and pills are available at various dosages. New Dawn Kratom offers the following kratom products at the following prices:

    • $19.00 for 250g kratom powder
    • $19.00 for 250 capsules
    • $39.00 for 500g kratom powder ​​
    • $39.00 for 500-count kratom capsules
    • $79.00 for 1kg kratom powder 
    • $79.00 for 1000 capsules 

    NDK’s steady price is a welcome sight. Given that a 250g kratom powder sells for an average of $46, New Dawn Kratom’s pricing is quite competitive. New Dawn Kratom promo coupons make them even better.

    Their kratom capsule pricing is identical to their powdered kratom rates. It costs an average of $35.75 to buy 60 kratom pills online. At New Dawn Kratom, you may get four times the kratom capsules for the same money.

    Is New Dawn Kratom Legit Or Scam?

    Because of their high rates, you may be wondering whether New Dawn Kratom is a legitimate company. Why are kratom pills so cheaply available?

    We may get a better sense of New Dawn Kratom’s quality after a year of existence. When New Dawn Kratom was launched, it received virtually exclusively good feedback. It was immediately hailed as the most outstanding kratom supplier of the year in 2021.

    What Are Customer Reviews About New Dawn Kratom?

    New Dawn Kratom continues to get largely positive feedback on its website. When reviewing New Dawn Kratom on Reddit, a user commented:

    They have a premium feel to them.  Re-sealable bags are stylish and easy to use, making them an excellent choice. They seem to have a matte finish. The display is thus lovely, but I do not consider this very crucial. Additionally, packages are delivered in as little as 2-3 days, thanks to the lightning-fast delivery. They provide you with a reference number, making it simple to keep tabs on the progress of your shipment. Vladimir is the proprietor, and he’s pretty helpful and kind.

    Several additional reviews back this up. Vladimir, NDK’s co-founder, announced himself to Reddit in response to consumer complaints. Given the vendor’s commitment to satisfying the customers, this is a thoughtful gesture that Reddit users appeared to recognize and value. Even the most critical of New Dawn Kratom reviews gushed about Vlad’s dedication to his clients:

    I came across this article while attempting to locate Vlad’s username to ask him anything. However, I purchased various remarkable strains during the Black Friday deal, and the results have been disastrous. Probably not related to the subject, but just in case. I got in touch with Vlad, and he was kind and dealt with me to my satisfaction.

    Are Their Products Lab Tested?

    Their batches are subjected to third-party lab testing processes to guarantee the customer’s safety. Six different lab tests are performed to assure each collection’s quality, effectiveness, safety, and authenticity. These tests are then used to help consumers make an informed decision about which goods they should buy.

    Testing for microorganisms, alkaloids, and heavy metals are just a few of the in-depth procedures used to ensure the safety of their items before they reach consumers. Because of these tests, they can absolutely stand behind their goods and ensure that they are of the finest quality and affordable to use.

    New Dawn Kratom Pros:

    • Excellent customer service
    • Affordable prices
    • Shipping procedure is easy and fast
    • Organic products


    Placing an order is a little hard

    Lab test reports are not displayed

    What Methods Of Payment Are Accepted At New Dawn Kratom?

    They provide their clients with the choice of paying online with a credit card or paying in cash at the time of delivery. However, you can’t offer two different addresses for delivery and paying, which might be a hassle for certain customers. In addition, Bitcoin payments are still not supported. However, the vendor is focusing on this.

    What Sets New Dawn Kratom Apart From The Competition?

    Various features combine to make it a one-of-a-kind name.


    We’re drawn to the company’s website because of its transparency. Unlike other suppliers, they have provided extensive information on their product’s sources and harvesting procedure, seldom discussed on different merchants’ websites.

    Easy Shipping Procedure

    When you buy from this company, you can be confident that your package will arrive promptly. There’s also a “ship it now” option. When you’re so eagerly awaiting a shipment, it’s hard to relax longer.

    Money-Back Guarantee

    If the buyer isn’t happy with their purchase, they may return it for a full refund within 30 days after receiving it. There are no more questions regarding what you’ll receive in your package because of this.

    Protected and Secured

    Customers must be sure that their purchases are secure and of excellent quality. To be sure, New Dawn Kratom checks every batch before shipping it to the warehouse. Third-party testing is done on a 1-tonne set to ensure nothing is overlooked.

    First, the screen for pathogens, yeast, mold, and bacteria since they cannot accept any reduction in product quality. As an added precaution, heavy metals such as cadmium, lead, and calcium must be removed using a different method.

    The most essential of these tests is the alkaloid testing they do. All goods must have an alkaloid content of at least 1.4%. Quality screening looks for 7-hydroxy mitragynine and mitragynine.

    There are two alkaloids in Kratom that influence its potency, which explains why it is potent.

    Remarkable Customer Care

    In terms of reliability, New Dawn Kratom is the best. They’ve made it their mission always to put the consumer first. They’ve pushed things to a new level with this goal in mind. But despite all the competitiveness, they have managed to make a name for themselves, and clients consistently laud them for their work.

    They provide an inquiry form on their website for any questions or concerns. Additionally, you may reach them by phone at their toll-free number or by email, both of which get rapid responses. Their customer service representatives are ready to assist each of their clients and ensure a pleasant experience.

    Our Opinion:

    At first glance, New Dawn Kratom looks promising. Even though they’ve only been in business for less than a year, we weren’t persuaded that they were among the finest kratom sellers. In no way do we deny the quality of their kratom. Simply put, we’re hoping that they’ll step in to help sort things out.

    To make matters worse for New Dawn Kratom, several dubious New Dawn Kratom reviews were found online, including one made by an anonymous author who used an altered profile picture on a kratom blog that only linked to New Dawn Kratom’s website.

    Shady dealers plague the kratom market, but those who don’t understand the regulations are far worse.

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