Nuwave Botanicals Review — Why You Should & Shouldn’t Buy From Them?

    Kratom has earned a reputation in recent years for curing many health issues and improving the overall wellness of a user. If taken in the right dosage, the drug can assist you in daily life activities by elevating your mood.

    However, the effectiveness and quality of kratom largely depend on the vendor you opt to buy from. To get the best results, choose the vendor that strictly follows kratom laws (varies from state to state) and has gained several positive reviews from its users.

    Fortunately for you, we have tried and tested many best Kratom vendors online and finally found one of the best sellers in the market, “Nuwave Botanicals – famous as a one-stop-shop for kratom lovers.”

    Even though they are fairly new in the world of kratom, they have made their name in the market – known for selling the best quality kratom. They guarantee safe, clean, and effective products.

    This review best describes the factors you must look for when choosing a kratom vendor, online and in stores.

    The Reason For This Review

    As compared to its competitors, this brand is less known to kratom lovers. And, even if they are aware of its existence, we want to give them detailed information about the products, key features of this brand that could be helpful to them, and its lacking areas.

    So, without further ado, let’s dive into the details.

    About Nuwave Botanicals

    Nuwave botanical is a distribution company famous for selling high-quality products of the Mitragyna plant from different brands. Based in Texas outfit and operating across The Woodlands in Montgomery County, Nuwave is owned by Chris, who ensures that only the finest quality Kratom products are sold to its customers.

    The brand offers the largest inventories of kratom powders, drinks, and capsules with celebrated and rare finds strains like Green Maeng Da and Green Elephant.

    Their extensive collection from various brands should appeal to kratom enthusiasts, making Ketum shopping easier than ever before.

    For some people, kratom might not show magical results. That is why the brand also carries several CBD products. So, if you search for premium CBD products that could help alleviate stress or other medical conditions, Nuwave botanicals is the right place to shop.

    What Makes The Brand Different From Others?

    It is their different approach that sets them apart. Let’s explore the key features of Nuwave Botanicals.

    1) Sells Only Aka cGMP Manufactured Products

    CGMP stands for ‘Current Good Manufacturing Practice’ that assures proper design, implementation, monitoring, and control of manufacturing facilities and processes.

    The FDA enforces CGMA regulations, so Nuwave Botanicals take Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) very seriously.

    How it guarantees clean and safe kratom?

    UV Sterilization and UV Angel techniques on kratom products take out all impurities, making the product suitable for healthy human consumption. To read more about it, visit

    2) Selling Different Forms Of Kratom Under One Roof

    Ketum is available in different forms, but very few brands sell all forms of the drug. Nuwave deals with three different forms of Kratom.

    a) Kratom Powder

    Bali gold powder, choice powder, premium maeng da powder, red vein powder, and a lot more, you can find a never-ending range of powders on the website. Likewise, they are dealing with the same Ketum brands as for drinks and capsules.

    b) Kratom Capsules

    Bali gold capsules, Bali kratom capsules, choice jumbo capsules, empty gelatin capsules, and many more. You can find a variety of Kratom capsules on the website.

    Capsules from different brands are sold in case if you’re not interested in consuming Kratom powder. However, there are some important instructions mentioned on the website for the safe consumption of kratom capsules.

    The Ketum brands commonly found at Nuwave Botanicals are:

    • Whole Herbs
    • Choice Botanicals
    • Experience Botanicals
    • Krave Botanicals

    c) Kratom Drinks

    Chief kratom shot, choice extract shot, double green apple, flow kratom shot, etc. you can find an abundance of drink products on the website.

    Those who’re not interested in either of the two forms (powder and capsules) can enjoy the best-selling kratom drinks from different Korth companies. The most-demanding liquids on their website are from Krave Botanicals and OPMS. However, Nuwave deals with other brands too.

    3) Selling At Low Prices

    The brand offers a treat for the buyers. You’ll be surprised to know that the actual company’s website prices are higher than Nuwave Botanicals prices, which means you can get those products at discounted prices on one platform.

    How is this huge price difference possible?

    Maybe this price difference is noticed because the brand buys kratom products in bulk quantity from the original Mitrygyna companies. They get them at low cost, which they further sell at low prices. Moreover, they keep their profits low for customer benefits.

    For your evaluation of the price difference, we have shared a comparison of a few products.


    The Krave Zen 3x shot original price is $7.99. At the same time, it is available at Nuwave for $6.

    The same is the case with the OPM’S liquid 8ml bottle which is sold for $19 on other platforms, whereas Nuwave sells it just for $17.28.


    Choice 100gr Powder’s official selling price is $25.99, whereas you can get it for $49.99 at Nuwave botanicals.


    Choice Botanicals jumbo bottle at their official website is sold for $69.99, while Nuwave Botanicals offers the quantity of 100 count bottle for $39.99, which is a huge difference.

    Krave Botanicals 150 capsules are sold for $49.99 officially, whereas, at Nuwave you can get the same quantity for $23.98.

    Whatever the reason is, your focus should be on getting the same quality products at a discounted price. Check out the price difference on Nuwave website and place your order happily.

    4) Lab Testing

    One thing that makes this brand shine among the competitors is its regular testing process. Third-party labs test all the products that you are interested in buying. However, they doesn’t share the reports online, which is a concerning point for many customers.

    5) Social Media Presence

    Businesses in the present era greatly benefit from being active on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. Indeed, social media is a great tool to keep the target audience updated and connected 24/7 just with a little effort.

    You can get the latest news and Kratom deals on their website and all social media platforms. They have a huge fan following which is growing exponentially every day.

    6) Shipment Details

    The brand has same-day shipping available on all orders paid by 2 pm EST Monday-Saturday. Orders paid after 2 pm will be processed the next business day.

    Likewise, on Saturdays, orders placed by 10 am will be shipped the same day, and if anything comes later than that will be processed on Monday. You can learn more about the shipment on their user-friendly website.

    Before we sum up, we would like to revise some key details of this vendor.


    • Sell high-quality Kratom products at low rates.
    • 40% off on bulk purchases.
    • Offer an extensive range of products from different companies.
    • Offers sample sizing, so you can try their products before committing to a larger size.
    • Full refund policy on any UNUSED PRODUCT. However, conditions applied.
    • A user-friendly website makes navigation easy.


    As far as product quality is concerned, there are no negative points so far. We want you to know about the flaws in their shipping policy and so in showing lab test reports of the products you’re planning to order from.

    • The brand only ship to Continental U.S.
    • Lab test results aren’t available, which makes it difficult to make a buying decision.
    • No delivery details are mentioned.
    • No information about payment methods is given on the website.

    Final Thoughts

    Nuvawe Botanicals delivers you the best quality kratom at your doorstep. They just need to pay attention to providing more valuable information about their shipment and payment policies.

    Just like the pros, highlighting the negative points is equally important for the growth of the company. However, the positive points are more than the negative ones, which means you can blindly trust the brand for your next kratom purchase.

    For questions related to their products, fill out the form available on

    It’s a must-visit website if you need premium quality Kratom stuff at low prices.

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