How long Does Take Damiana To Work?

    The changing weather brings many physical changes in the body, and people with strong immunity can accommodate it. As people search for immunity-boosting drugs and items to add to their diet, let not forget Damiana Tea.  

    Once people know that a specific product is benefiting them, they want to know more about it. They want to know how to use the product and how one can get maximum benefits from it.

    In the same way, increased usage of Damiana with every passing day has made people question, “How long does it take Damiana to work?” so that they can schedule Damiana with their diet.

    To know the answer to this question, let’s first understand what Damiana is.

    Damiana is a scientifically named Turnera diffusa herb cultivated from Texas, Mexico, the Caribbean, and Central America. Its leaves are crushed to make fine powder and then used in medicines, tinctures, capsules, and tea bags. Its leaves are also consumed to make tea, trifle, ruffles, and other beverages.

    Damiana Tea is considered an Aphrodisiac. Recent studies have shown its effects on enhancing the number and strength of the sperms and promoting the health of the female reproductive system. Damiana is one of the best herbal drugs to increase libido in both men and women.

    It is used to treat many medical conditions like Asthma, depression, anxiety, Constipation, many other psych disorders, etc. Due to the variety of its health benefits, its demand is touching the sky lately.

    It is a medicine in the tea with minimal side effects. You can consume its controlled dose daily without getting addicted to it. A visible shift from synthetic beverages to herbal ones has been seen in past years, and Damiana is at the top of the list.

    Now, coming to question about the time Damiana takes to work, there is no simple answer for it. Damiana works differently for the different number of conditions, e.g.:

    Time Damiana Takes To Balance The Hormones

    Damiana is considered the best alternative for hormonal replacement therapy without affecting estrogen levels. Another study has shown its effects in premenopause, perimenopause, and postmenopause. In all phases of the female reproductive cycle and balancing the hormones, Damiana takes different times to deliver results.

    As a hormonal therapy, to balance the deranged hormones, It takes 4-8weeks to show the desired results. For the first two weeks, it shows minimal effects, which often go unnoticed, but its effects get maximized at the end of the 8th week and optimize the hormonal levels in the blood. So, one can get their hormonal tests done after eight weeks of using Damiana regularly.

    Time Duration Damiana Takes To Help Lose Weight

    Apart from the effects on female and male reproductive health, Damiana has positive results in weight loss. It is one of the best appetite suppressants and can be consumed before a meal.

    It decreases the breakdown of glucose and increases the breakdown of fats, retaining the energy for the human body. So, we can say, Damiana promotes overall body health keeping it raw and natural.

    The results of Damiana depend upon the dose. And many factors affect the dose like age, sex, hormonal regulations, weight, etc. It takes six weeks for Damiana to show the results for weight loss.

    Studies have shown it’s safe to use up to 3 times a day (if you are older than 20 years). Many people take a higher dose, thinking it would give results faster. This is not the case while consuming Damiana. It only shows the best results when taken in a controlled amount.

    Again, It depends upon the specificity of use; When are you taking Damiana, In what form you are taking it, how deranged are your hormones before taking it, etc.

    Time Damiana Take To Work For Female Sexual Health

    If you are taking Damiana for the sexual health of females, It has been reported that Damina starts working after four weeks of intake. The herbal items always take longer to show results, but their effects are always long-lasting. So, for female reproductive and sexual health,

    if you take Damiana once a day with the mentioned amount, it will take a minimum of four and a maximum of six weeks to show the noticeable effects. It increases libido regardless of age, weight, and menstrual phase. But once you see the results, you can slow down its use from every day to thrice a week.

    Time Damiana Takes To Work As a Male Aphrodisiac

    Damiana is most popularly and anciently used as a Male aphrodisiac promoting sperm health. It increases the ability of the cells to regulate oxygen and increase blood circulation in the genitals.

    The alkaloids present in Damiana give testosterone-like effects to promote overall male sexual health and balance the hormones. It takes eight weeks for Damiana to balance the testosterone levels and increase the libido in men. It can be consumed at any hour of the day, depending on your mealtime.

    Time Damiana Takes To Work For Psych Disorders

    Damiana is seen to give excellent and long-lasting results for depression and anxiety. It helps to manage the stress and tachycardia right after taking it. It calms the nerves and promotes sleep.

    If you want to take Damiana tea for anxiety, it will show the results as soon as you finish the tea. For long-term effects to manage stress, you need to take Damiana tea every night as long as you see the results.

    For Constipation, Damiana Works Very Fast

    Damiana shows good results promoting intestinal motility right after the intake. It helps relieve constipation after a single use. It helps cleanse the digestive system and reduces intestinal tension. Using Damiana tea in the long term with a controlled dose promotes digestive health and keeps the stomach clean.


    Adapting to a healthy and natural lifestyle is what a wise man does. Adding Damiana tea and other genuine items to your diet can improve your health within days. Damiana promotes physical, mental, and sexual health, and it takes different times for Damiana to work depending upon various factors like gender, age, weight, BMI, and overall health. For example, if any element has deteriorated your health, it will take Damiana to work accordingly. Damiana might take eight weeks to work if a person has a hormonal imbalance.

    In the same way, if a person doesn’t have a hormonal imbalance and wants to improve his overall sexual health, then it takes 4-6weeks to work effectively. Likewise, it works very effectively for constipation, headache, and anxiety, treating them within a few hours.

    For every condition, Damiana takes a different duration to work.

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